December Card Design Contest: Finalist Survey


Hello and welcome to this month’s survey thread! I and the other jury members have deliberated, and we’ve managed to narrow down your submissions to the Top 10. We want to sincerely thank all of you for participating; it’s an absolute pleasure to see and discuss the fascinating and fun designs our community can come up with. Our individual rankings/comments, along with a refresher on the finalist’s card descriptions, can be found below.

Lastly, we’ve altered the voting to a 2:3 min/max format. This will (hopefully) help strike a balance between voting gradation and disparity. As such, please vote for your Top 3 designs (or at least your Top 2). Thank you!

[details=Jury Comments]


10 Points: Deathfire Cannon by oranos

I thought this was a great concept. When the blast minion hits the board everyone spreads their minions to play and around it. Next turn stars fury punish SeemsGood.

9 Points: Mist Dragon Initiate by ticklemypelvis

Decent stats on this minion and being able to play it defensively knowing where it will appear. With the ability to use your blink on another minion placed out of reach this feels right and home with Kaleos.

8 Points: Brazier Spirit by thefirstgokun

Songhai having a minion that cannot move sort of limits this to Kaleos. But it would have to be dealt with asap. Stats are on par with Four Winds Magi more of a Reva minion so it would give Kaleos another option.

7 Points: Growing Horror by thorrk

Having named this before Rise of the Bloodborn came out I find pretty impressive since we now have Horror Burster and its 6/6 effect Horror. Giving Lilithe a battle pet option since Ooz synergies with Cassava and keeping the pets part of the game.

6 Points: Rasha’s Tomb by Sorostaran

Another obelisk for Vetruvian while it has the same dervish spawning mechanic. The adding of a Rasha’s Curse to your hand can prove helpful next turn or give you the option to replace it for something you might need while holding the cards you wanted to keep[/details]


Ancientmage - Windcliffe Operative
Lyonar Minion
4 mana (2/6)
Infiltrate: After this minion attacks, the next minion you summon has Airdrop.


It is a an interesting design - it’s stats are underwhelming but it’s utility is intriguing. This minion allows for new placements for a faction that is benefits from adjacency. This opens so many options while having two major limitations - the minion must first deal damage and the bonus only applies to the first minion cast, creating issues with order. The greatest concern is how it enables holy immolation. (10)

Huliganjetta - Wind-Kissed Scout
Vetruvian Minion
3 Mana (2/2)
Flying, Infiltrate: Spaces around this minion count as spaces around your General.


I like the Veteruvian Faction (Sajj in particular), but the Siphon nerf hit hard and the faction has suffered greatly since then. This promises to assist with this, if it can be kept alive. Which, of course, is the question - is it possible to keep a small utility minion alive in today’s meta? Unlikely. An interesting point is the way this is worded - since it says minions around it are considered adjacent to the general, does this mean that you can attack minions adjacent to this one or is it just for targeting purposes? While it is most likely that this is for spell targeting purposes only, it would be amusing to Frenzy minions on the opposing side of the board. (9)

Dewize - Blazing Behemoth
On turns when this minion doesn’t attack, it gains +1/+0


Blast is the Vetruvian keyword, unique to the faction, but it shares an aspect with Magmar - namely mass annihilation. Here we see a that cross over and it seems to fit extremely well. Yes, it is fragile but it does work as a utility/support minion. The second line is intriguing - it limits how often it can attack and requires some forethought to bring it to a useful level of attack. An unusual restriction, but a rewarding one if used correctly. (8)

Eternamemoria - Calamitous Scavenger
Magmar Minion (Arcanyst)
5 Mana (3/4)
Deathwatch: add a Natural Selection to your hand.


This card is an interesting investment, seeing this design is too slow for aggro but also dies to Plasma Storm. At 5 mana it is well below curve but potentially generates an absurd amount of Natural selections. With some buffs it could easily combo with itself, creating scenarios of 2 mana: remove target minion. Granted, the question would be whether it could survive but 4 hp is a very nice breakpoint. (7)

Cold52 - Blighting Thistle
Abyssian Minion
4 mana (3/5)
At the end of your turn summon a Blighting Sprout on a nearby square.

Blighting Sprout
Grow: +1/+1
If this card has at least 2 attack, and 3 health transform it into a thistle at the end of your turn.


Not that Abyssian needed more swarm cards, but this is a fairly large minion that creates copies of itself. It is literally a hostile plant from the underworld that needs to be kept in check or it grows out of control. Far too slow to be of much use but left alone it creates a mess for positioning which brings back memories of the original intent of Shadow Creep before the rework (intent, not implementation!). Very cool in my opinion. (6)

Oranos - Deathfire Cannon
Vetruvian minion
4 mana (0/4)
Deathwatch: +1/0


A very simple design that greatly benefits from Veteruvian’s token sub-theme. This minion appears to be able to close out games quickly if left untouched, but it requires a board before it becomes good. At 4 mana it can come fairly early in the game, but 4 hp is fragile especially with when by default it has 0 attack strength. (4)


10 points: Corruption Obelysk by zer0billion
Vetruvian Structure
4 mana (0/4)
Summon Dervish
Deathwatch: Give all wind dervishes +1 attack for the turn

I think this card is pretty balanced and flavorful, but it is hard to get really good value out of it. I don’t think it is necessary to break the line of Obelysks having 6 health in order to balance it as it dies too easily right now.

9 points: Sealed Mist Technique by kingw
Songhai, Spell
2 mana
Summon two 0/1 Mist Illusions near your General.

Mist Illusion
Songhai, Token
1 mana (0/1)
Zeal: Cannot be attacked. Cannot attack.

On the first look I was a bit confused by the purpose of this card, but it can create great synergy with Onyx Jaguar and Ancestral Divination. However, I don’t think it will see use right now, but maybe when there are more archetype cards released. I like the name but as we already have Mist Dragon Seal it could lead to confusion.

8 points: Rasha’s Tomb by Sorostaran
Vetruvian Structure
3 Mana (0/6)
Zeal: At the end of your turn, put a Rasha’s Curse in your action bar.

For 3 mana you get a really substantial card draw here, but it is conditional as you have to be near the obelisk and it always gives you the same card which isn’t always helpful. However, I really like the flavor here.

7 points: Essence Freezer by anastenazontas
Vanar Minion (rare)
4 mana (2/3)
Deathwatch: stun a random enemy minion or general.

While I like the addition of Deathwish in Vanar and I know how powerful Stun can be, I think the minion is too weak right now. As it creates value over time I would have preferred a 1/5 or something similar.

6 points: Royal assassin by j0naggg
Songhai | Minion
3 mana 2/4
Infiltrate: can only be damaged by the enemy general

Interesting design here, but Songhai has already too many 3-drops, I would rather see this being a 4-drop. The card is still flavorful, but the name is misleading. I imagine someone who prefers attacking the general when hearing Royal Assassin, but instead it is the opposite. This minion avoids facing the general and wants to take out minions.[/details]


10: Genkei’s Commander El’an
Yeah, I can see it - the mental image of her neck-deep in enemy territory, and is really cool. Nice combination of keywords.

9: Mrmana3’s Slithar Guardian
THIS is the kind of support eggmar truly needs, not 4/3 veterans. It’s also really well thought-out at having zeal and 3/2 in a faction of dinosaurs that like going face, though it might be ridiculous to see when swarming the board with rexes.

8: Sorostaran’s Rasha’s Tomb
After the nerf to Siphon energy which I disliked, there’s this. While restrictive in playstyle, it synergises well and allows for some fun playstyle. Also, structures for structure vet.

7: Cold52’s Blighting Thistle
Swarm? Growing corruptioned wildlife? Count me in, this sounds really cool.

6: Oranos’ Deathfire Cannon
The synergy with dervishes and having more actual blast minions is pretty fun. I might also be biased towards wanting to see much more deathwatch in the game.

5: Akurane’s Metal Mender
Step aside Imperial mechanist, meet your much better cousin. Unlike mechanyst this guy provides an actual way of protecting your precious artifacts, it’s cost makes sure you don’t abuse it early or in tandem in the same turn with stuff like spinecleavers.

4: Archer4’s Silverguard sniper
Putting Zeal ontop of a Ranged unit is interesting to say the most, especially when Songhai provides a lot of means to move said unit.

3: Jaybirdmcfee’s Mokvalor Warbeast
That sounds really cool. Bonus points for the artwork. I would have, personally, not made it ranged though and give it provoke or something to really give that sense of “impenetrable bastion” that’s immune to arrows.

2: MCToxic64’s Rol
I don’t think I’ve seen a lot of battle pets before in the forums. Anyhow, while this minion looks a lot like Gro, the concept of it and the name is really cute.

1: Huliganjetta’s Wind-kissed Scout
The name says Lyonar, but the effect goes well with decay and dominate will and siphon energy. It’s pretty nice.[/details]

Deathfire Cannon by oranos

Vetruvian minion
4 mana (0/4)
Deathwatch: +1/0

Rasha's Tomb by sorostoran

Vetruvian Structure
3 Mana (0/6)
Zeal: At the end of your turn, put a Rasha’s Curse in your action bar.

Windcliffe Operative by ancientmage

Lyonar Minion
4 mana (2/6)
Infiltrate: After this minion attacks, the next minion you summon has Airdrop.

Metalmender by akurane

Vetruvian minion
5 mana 2/8
Zeal: Whenever your equipped artifacts would lose durability, deal 1 damage to this minion instead.

Corruption Obelisk by zer0billion

Vetruvian Structure
4 mana (0/4)
Summon Dervish
Deathwatch: Give all wind dervishes +1 attack for the turn

Commander El'an by genkei

Lyonar minion
4 mana 3/6
Infiltrate: Provoke, Your minions with Zeal no longer need to be adjacent to your General to gain bonus effect.

Vornax by agentcamp

Vetruvian Minion
4 mana (3/4)
Zeal: Cannot be damaged by minions.

Mist Dragon Initiate by ticklemypelvis

Songhai Minion
4 mana 4/5
Deathwatch: When a minion dies teleport to that space.

Blighting Thistle by cold52

Abyssian Minion
4 mana (3/5)
At the end of your turn summon a Blighting Sprout on a nearby square.

Blighting Sprout
Grow: +1/+1
If this card has at least 2 attack, and 3 health transform it into a thistle at the end of your turn.
Wind-Kissed Scout by huliganjetta

Vetruvian Minion
3 Mana (2/2)
Flying, Infiltrate: Spaces around this minion count as spaces around your General.

  • Deathfire Cannon
  • Rasha’s Tomb
  • Windcliffe Operative
  • Metalmender
  • Corruption Obelisk
  • Commander El’an
  • Vornax
  • Mist Dragon Initiate
  • Blighting Thistle
  • Wind-Kissed Scout

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Yay I made it in this time!

Good luck, everyone!


I made it! Man, the competition is fierce! Good luck everyone!


Ah. FeelsBad.
Won one, got second place by 1 vote in another. Didn’t even make it to finals in the next two.
;-; Senpai, what did I do wrong?


"Hey, I might have made it in this time too, let’s check that!
Oh. I didn’t."
curls into a corner crying
G-good luck everyone… I… I’ll do better next time.


Mfw I actually make it to the final round. Good luck to everyone :smile:.


Look at all these Vetruvian cards here! It’s almost as if the community is trying to tell you something, Counterplay… (hint, hint, wink, wink, nudge, nudge)


There were also a lot of Magmar ones, amirite?


Shoot, I think my entry’s name is wrong (I believe the should be a space between ‘metal’ and ‘mender’) .

But I mean it does sound better as one word, thanks :wink:


I’m starting to catch on to the fact the Duelyst forum dwellers and contest judges like it when contest cards are dramatic and/or play with some fundamental aspect of the game’s rules. Boring but effective cards will probably not win unless they boost a beloved faction/archetype that needs some love.

I mean, I can’t see myself playing Mist Dragon Initiate but I sure do agree the effect is cool.

Good luck to all the contestants!


Yup, it does sound better the way it is.


With all the variax lilithe going around Mist dragon initiate would be really good in an onyx jag deck


In that very specific matchup, when Variax hasn’t dropped yet and you manage to stick the Jaguar for a turn and then stick the Initiate for turn: yes, it’d be pretty good.


Or in any matchup when you get Mist Dragon Initiate out on 4 and Onyx jag out on 5


sweet, first time my design made it, good luck to the rest of ya who made it :>


Oh sweet I’m in top 10
Lots of vet cards in this one huh?


am i the only one that doesnt like the mist dragon initiate?
i mean imagine the RNG of aoe spells
and how impossible it is to keep off the front lines
not to mention how it might mess with those “destroy a minion, summon something on this space” cards like reaper, spinecleaver, or any rebirth minion.

maybe its just my swarm instincts kicking in, but this thing would never stop moving


When 5 of the top 6 (all but number 1)are vet cards (or at least at the moment I’m viewing it).
Plz CPG, use winning contest designs/top 10 contest designs in future monthly/expansions, I would love to have an expansion of cards soley based on the card made by the community. That way, if their unbalanced you can blame the original card designer.


I guess it counters rebirth minions, spinecleaver and reaper of the nine moons making it an even better card


It’s something I’d love to do but we’ll have to see :slight_smile: