December 2016 Ziran Decklist current rank 2


Here is my decklist I’ll be laddering with as we wait for expansion. Second Sun will be replaced by excelsious in case you all wonder :slight_smile: Have fun

this is a serious thread was meant to share and educate no trolling or closing please n thanks.

updated deck just hit rank 5 i must say 3 sunblooms are a must won me games where i had 1 hp when facing cass … also while testing second sun as replacement for excelsious second sun actually put in alot of work because if … thats if they dispel or remove it i either drop ironcliffe or stormblade and they cry everytime. as for 4 mana slot self explanatory more impactful and immediate and overall opponent finds it very hard to play around 3 sunbloom 3 immo 3 decimate… and for those who wonder…u lack two drops to trigger holy immo turn 4 to 6… my answer is this turn 4 regalia value turn 5 ironcliffe value turn 6 stormblade value then turn 7 use 3 drop then holy immo… the way i use holy immo its mostly a late game closer especially turn 9 combo with inroncliffe it turns the game around immensely.

like i said just hit rank 5 i will continue to work on this as i climb

updated deck since rise of bloodborn. i only had 900 gold because i spent my gold buying packs before they announced no crafting. I’m a free to play player and have just clinched rank 2 with just trinity oath just wanted to share decklist as i progress to s rank. By the way these decks are for experienced players who already have these cards and a guideline for new players to learn the archetype the full deck will be updated with all new cards as i grind gold. the deck main weakness is lillith nether summon variax decks with all legendaries because they just remove for days summon variax and sit in corner.

very strange decklist i know all i can say if u got them try it out and you will see how surprising this deck is. it even surprised me to be honest just dump your spells early game free slo holy immo and redraw heal and remove as you play i once healed 25 against a very aggressive faie until she had no hand. here is my current streak upon reaching rank 2

[9.12.2016] Unorthodox Tempo Faie!

Here’s a Bagoum version for you:

It also shows Excelsious!

The deck looks pretty inconsistent though, tbh. You have a lot of 1-ofs and 2-ofs, and this really harms how likely you are to draw the cards you need. In addition, you’re going to want at least a few early sources of healing to benefit from Excelsious. You have a lót of large threats so you might be okay nót running Aegis Barrier.

I’d go:
-1 Suntide Maiden
-2 Aegis Barrier
-1 Sun Bloom
-2 Decimate
-2 Circle of Life
-1 General Z’Ir
+3 Azurite Lion
+3 Azure Herald <-- healing
+2 Divine Bond
+1 Holy Immolation <-- healing

I actually like Sky Phalanx more for this deck than Excelsious, but I can understand you wanting to try it out.

You get something like:


thanks for the update to my deck looks nice however how do u plan to deal with abyssian shadow creep minion and sister and songhai buffed ranged/not to mention the sudden rise of kaleos backstabs with no decimate


oh i see… burst with early game n finish with divine bond… i tend to stray from relying on divine bond to win


updated rank 5 guys hope u can test it out if you are in gold playing ziran


updated rank 2 hope you guys like it i am just using from what i pulled


Did you try the new 8 Drop? Everyone was saying it was gonna be bad but I was wondering how it actually ended up in testing. It would probably be one of the best feelings in the game to drop that bad boy down as a 17/17 after a long game after the opponent has run out of removal


I managed to stick it once but my opponent just conceded :frowning:.


yet to have it at full potential as i only have him and trinity oath… im doing loads of test with him now tho


A single 2 drop. I think this list is receding, rather than advancing :3


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