December 2016 Heal Ziran decklist


This is a deck I’m currently testing its alot of fun slo acts as a ramp/stun card but with a body no dispel in this list as the aim is to be aggressive and not reactive opponent will fear you more than you fear them and those 4 drops avoid magmar turn 5-6 board clear
have fun n enjoy :slight_smile:


Now when the other thread is closed, time to continue the discussion in this one.

I really like this aggressive deck. Rejuv is my favorite card in it, it really is underrated in aggro decks. Sure it heals your enemy, but it also heals you which is important when you always go face. And when you’re applying pressure, healing won’t really benefit them all that much in the first place.


yup i will start to ignore comments from trolls from now on making admins close threads smh


I don’t think Kevin meant aggressive as in aggro, but as in developing board state aggressivelly and maybe trying to buff Zi’'ran and your minions as fast as possible. If you are always hitting minions with your general and wants to proc Lancer, Emerald makes sense.

Plus, this deck has a sane curve and a plan (turning Zi’ran into a monster with Lancer and Artifacts. I am not saying it is going to be the new Zi’ran sub-meta, but it looks better than last thread.


If you want to use this as an aggressive list you’re going to want to drop Rejuvenator, Sterope and Decimate. Afterblaze should really be run with at least 6 Zeal minions.

I’d go
-3 Emerald Rejuvenator
-3 Sun Sister Sterope
-3 Decimate
+3 Windblade Adept
+3 Silverguard Knight
+1 Sunforge Lancer
+2 Lucent Beam

I also think you’d be fine with swapping your Grinchers with 2x Circle of Life; I don’t think you’ll benefit from more Artifacts.

I’m not sure how effective something like this’ll be, but at least it fits the more aggressive approach you say you’re going for.


But no one was trolling fam.


How am I trolling? :confused:
You said it was an aggro deck and I just made a comment on one of the cards you run in the deck I found to be underrated within that archetypes. I figured you agree since you’re the one who’s running it after all.

@kevin2hard, is this true? I just want to avoid any misunderstandings.


thats fine …aggressive as in by turn 4 dropping 4-4 and 5-4 while having regalia equipped… going turn 3 u can ramp with slo into 4-4 regalia turn 4 the pressure would be too much… its a deck that doesnt have one style of play which is to rely on heal effects the true nature of the deck is ziran having regalia clearing board and putting on threats


I agree on dropping Sterope and Decimate, they are too slow. But if you go face, as rayquee said, Rejuvenator can be a life-saver.

Edit: and yeah, the Grinchers are too much + random isn’t welcome in aggro decks.


wasnt refering to you trolling just responding as to what lead other guy caused my thread to be removed


the thing ive noticed on ladder tho whenever i face a vath and he drops grovelion i tend to lose because the damage and burst is just too much so its me playing against vath made me conjure this list


How does a card that heals both Generals help out an aggressive deck? You’re trying to lower the enemy’s Health faster than your own goes down; how does Rejuvenator help out there?


That’s my own experience with the card in Vaath and Kara face decks. More often than not you are only 5-6 points away from death yourself, and when you can burst 10-15 the 4 health points you gave out to the opponent don’t matter.

It depends on the opponent but I generally found it useful.


its all good. the admins are very sensitive so whenever something is said it should only be said once


That honestly surprises me, I’d have thought you’d be better off spending 4 mana on more tempo cards. Rejuv always seemed like an exclusively control-oriented card (since the change). Cool.


rejuvenator should only be played if u already have either sunforge lancer or lightchaser on field to do massive damage same turn. Other than early game slo into rejuvenator its only used for a mid to late game combo card… also if low on cards… turn 8 sterope rejuvenator and its on again :slight_smile:


People don’t have enough love for Rejuv :<


Not to mention it also grants a 4/4 body which forces them to pay 4 health and a minion or lose 8 health to clear it. So relatively often, they won’t even get to keep the 4 health and in this kind of deck it can serve as 2 heal triggers and a Zir’an with a Lancer on the board and consequently 4 attack can trade hits with enemy generals much more aggressively.


ye but turn 4 regalia turn 5 grincher get 0 mana frenzy or heal on kill soo good


remember guys this list im just testing… didnt say it was meta changing i will update or change as i go along to refine the list just made it today