Deathwatch seems strong?


I’m not very high rank yet but as I climb I’ noticing how strong Deathwatch seems as a mechanic. Wouldn’t it still work well if Deathwatch only triggered when ANY nearby minion dies? Maybe I just need more removal to deal with those Shadow Watchers, but nearby minions makes more sense to me and could open up the path to making new deathwatch cards that can be interesting without being entirely broken.


What faction do you play? Once you get AOE and removal swarm decks are a joke.


Deathwatch minions, while powerful if left alone with a full board, are useless by themselves. That’s why you won’t see them very often once you reach the higher tiers.

There are too many ways to instantly clear the board or to simply remove the deathwatch minion. Deathwatch minions are understated for their cost. I mean 4 winds Magi who has the exact same stats and parallel ability to shadow dancer is 1 mana cheaper AND you can easily get value the turn you play it without any set up. Deathwatch is a snowball mechanic, once it gets going it’s hard to stop, but it is very easy to stop early on and every faction has a way to stop it in its tracks.

Siphon energy, chromatic cold, aspect of the fox, martyrdom, thumping wave, plasma storm, tempest, Phoenix fire, ghost lightning, heck even shroud, tiger, and skorn. To name a few.

If deathwatch only triggered when a minion was nearby, it would be bad enough to make into a neutral keyword and nobody would play it. It would have to be completely reworked like shadow creep was. And then it would just be an inverse zeal that is a lot easier to work around. If the minion with deathwatch dies, the effect doesn’t trigger. Then you would need cards with really high stats on both sides just to make the minion survive long enough to use the ability as well as being able to kill whatever tries to kill it. And at that point you are just running golems with dispel bait.

The effects you are proposing would have to be broken just to compete. I mean just look at vanars infiltrate. Before shimzar gave extra synergy and better cards, Nobody played any infiltrate cards except snowchaser and crystal cloaker. And that’s because they have really good abilities for 1-2 mana. And at worst they are no worse than healing mystic and bloodtear alchemist, which were already widely used.

Sorry for the long post, just a salty abyssian main wishing for more than 5 cards with this ability.


@oranos brings up good points. I’ll make comments on the deathwatch cards you’ll likely see:

Bloodmoon priestess is probably the most common one. It’s the bread and butter of swarm. While it won’t be played on curve, you don’t really need a huge board to set up a strong priestess. It’ll likely be played on a turn where they can trade 3-4+ minions and build value, which is fairly plausible. That said, it’s far from being broken. It’s vulnerable to AOE, dispels, and removal. Phoenix fire, or battle paddo + inner focus for Songhai. Magmar’s plasma storm or makantor do well, too. Lyonar can drop ironcliffe or can use holy immolation shenangians. Vanar has cryogenesis/chromatic cold. Vet has siphon energy. Abyssian has dark transformation/daemonic lure.

Shadowdancer is fairly strong, too. But as long as you keep the board clear, they can’t really swing heath by too much the turn they’re played. When they play it, they’ll likely put it in the back, so punish them accordingly by pressuring their general. It’s an understatted body that you can easily trade into or remove.

Soul grimwar/Deathfire crescendo: These aren’t very popular anymore, since they require a substantial board. Since the inclusion of Skorn and battle paddo and other AOE effects, swarm struggles to do so. Still, watch out for these cards, and clear the board as always. An unaware player may be caught out by surprise for a 10+ attack swing.


yeah, abbysian is really strong. just not deathwatch. just wait till you get to higher ranks and see creep cassy which just sits back and spawns creep all game then blows you out with so much out of hand damage you can’t survive it


Thanks for the replies dudes. I’ll consider some of these strategies when tuning my deck and facing those cards in the future.


Yea cuz that makes only the enemy have like five wraithlings the most dangerous thing in history.


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