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Master Thread
It is getting to the point that I have to many threads to update separately so I am collecting everything here. I will continue to post new threads, which will then be copied and updated to here. Old threads tend to get lost and forgotten anyways, hopefully I can keep this one circulating.

Expansion update coming soon.

Current S Rank Decks:
For those that just want the best of the best, right to the point, what I currently ladder with, here it is. You can look up the details on them in the master list below. These have all been very well tested and were either used to get to S rank, or in the top 50.

Watch the Master, Lilith: Control/Combo

Antidraw Starhorn: Aggressive/Midrange Combo:

Eternal Army, Lilith: Combo:

Hybrid Vaath: Aggressive Control:

Highly Competitive Decks:
These are either Meta decks that I don’t play very much but have tested a little to optimize, or are S rank decks from previous seasons that I have updated and should still be competitive. Again, full details on them can be found in the master list.

Keeper of Dragons, Vaath: Control:


Fast Cass: Aggro:

And here is the master list complete with long winded posts on each. I never make a bad deck, I put a lot of work and love into each one, many will never be tier one, but they should all at least be quite playable. Some really old stuff may never make it in if it is to dated.


[details=Summary]Watch the Master: S rank

Currently top 50 and climbing:
So, this one I have dubbed Watch the Master…because it’s all about deathwatch and the grandmaster.
It is very similar to my Master Challenge deck, it just drops the Burster package in favor of some classic Abyss picks Priestess, and Kelaino. Still not running crescendo or anything like that because it’s a bit too hard to set up between how fast the meta is and how many aoes there are.
The game-plan is pretty simple, it’s all about getting your Grand Master out, hopefully early with darkfire, and just abusing that BBS. Variax is very strong but you need to be able to survive doing nothing for two turns when you summon her, unless you’re lucky enough to drop her early with darkfire, so the deck is just crammed with healing making it very hard for aggro to deal with you. It’s got a bit of removal/dispel to deal with slower decks. Once you have your awesome BBS unless you have a big lead, you usually want to retreat to a corner so you can wall yourself in, and slowly overwhelm the board with your 5/5s.
I know it seems odd to run three copies of an expensive card you never want to cast more than once. But trust me, you want it for the consistency, it is the backbones (Heh cus ya know she has a bunch of those.) of the deck.
It’s a very strong deck, the healing makes aggro fizzle, it has good removal, dispel, and unlike a normal swarm or death watch deck, this does not really need to develop much of a board nor is it very weak to aoe.
Priestess is usually a more defensive card to make a wraithling shield then it is a primary win con.
I choose Sphere of darkness over something with better draw power as it is a solid card and helps us consistently get out Variax. Once Variax hits we don’t usually need more card advantage, and the decks curve is high enough to usually keep us from running out before that.
I picked whip over punish. Punish is a great card, but even with the blood tear combo it is too often a dead card. Backline units have low health so whip does a good job finishing them, and once this deck pushes into the late game you’re usually going to win, so whip gives you all the stalling time you need and wont proc dying wish.[/details]

Eternal Army: S rank

The Bloodborn update for my Eternal Army deck. Not a whole lot has changed. After the Skorn and Rite nerf the deck slowed down a lot. So, to help make up for this I dropped both rite and darkfire in favor of punish and L’kian. This lets us just play the tempo game instead of trying to go all in for combos leaving it a little less flashy but more stable. With darkfire out our curve is now high enough that L’kian does the card advantage job better without losing tempo like rite. Our eternal minions that pop up on all parts of the board and of course Skorn make it very easy to use punish. It can still pull the same tricks as the old version just usually requires a little more set up in trade for more stable tempo. It’s about on par with the pre-nerf Skorn/rite version.
Anyways onto the deck. The name is fairly simple, just a reference to Sarlac the Eternal and his little brother Gor.
Skorn has been a nightmare for swarm decks for some time now. Lyonar is regularly running tempest, plasma storms and mankantors are everywhere, ghost lightning is seeing play, stars fury is back in play now that vet has to try extra hard against range, even vanar got an aoe card. Sarlac and Gor are natural counters to all of this. They also serve as dispel bait.
Now for a long time they have both been considered pretty bad, slow, and awkward. It was not until I started running skorn alongside them that I discovered just how strong they can be in this meta.
Sarlac/Gor +Blistering Skorn+ death watch does insane things on top of it just being good ping. Skorn plus sister is insane healing. They provide reliable sacrifice fodder and thanks to rite/rev the deck is not afraid to dump its hand early with darkfire. They give you the ability to place important units in safe places even if your boxed in.
There are many combos with the deck. It has threat after threat, hand refilling, good removal, great healing and a sticky field. Being effectively immune to aoe on top of having your own makes for a very deadly deck.

Master Challenge: Competitive

I call this deck Master Challenge. This one’s name is a bit more obscure but I am rather proud of it. Challenger Deep is the deepest part of the ocean and is often referred to as the Abyss. Horror Burster is based on a deep-sea Scorpion. So, Master Challenge implies a very difficult quest to the deepest part of the Abyss, the place where you will find such deep-sea creatures such as Burster, led by the legendary Grandmaster of the Abyss.
Onto the deck. Early on it looks to drop cheap utility minions that are hard to wipe with aoes or pings, all of which help stall the game for you. They are all prime targets for Burster. You can either drop a couple things and suicide with Burster, or if you have an active minion and or your worried you can’t keep your board you can sacrifice your Burster instantly for crazy early game value.
Then the primary core of the deck is Ramp+Grandmaster Variax. The deck is built on a control shell packed with healing to help drag the game out to get maximum value out of Variax. Of course, ramp makes Revenant shine as well, and provides combos with Burster or Shadow Dancer.
Variax is very strong but you need to be able to survive doing nothing for two turns when you summon her unless you’re lucky enough to drop her early with darkfire, which should just about always be a priority. Once you have your awesome BBS unless you have a big lead, you usually want to retreat to a corner so you can wall yourself in, and slowly overwhelm the board with your 5/5s. I know it seems odd to run three copies of an expensive card you never want to cast more than once. But trust me, you want it for the consistency, it is the backbones (Heh cus ya know she has a bunch of those.) of the deck.
It’s a very strong deck, the healing makes aggro fizzle, it has good removal, dispel, the potential to close games super early with Burster, or to go to the unstoppable late game with Variax. Unlike a normal swarm or death watch deck, this does not really need to develop much of a board nor is it very weak to aoe.
Shadow Dancer provides ping, healing, and often time just an alt win con. Between dancer and our cheap healing minions, which we run because of Burster, there is no need or room for Kelaino.
Between a medium curve, L’kian, and resource management card advantage is rarely an issue, especially even with an empty hand all we really need is our awesome BBs.
Punish is a great card but does require some thought and planning to use. Between our small swarm of hard to remove but low attack critters, and Blood Tear wounding things is pretty easy.[/details]

Swarm Variax: Competitive/Gimmicky

Very loosely based on Kolos list. I feel this is a much more optimized approach of what he was going for, and while very strong it still feels a bit gimmicky. It wins big and often, but when it loses it loses hard. It can either go old-school swarm/death watch with the new crypto/furosa tech instead of trying to win with a clutch crescendo, transitioning into Variax who turns your hordes of wraithlings into monsters. My issue with the deck is its very vulnerable to aoe, and instead of packing healing and utility minions to help vs the aggro meta we are trying to go wraithling swarm but without most of the usual pay off cards for swarm. On those hands where you don’t get a ramped variax and or you get hit with an early aoe you just curl up and die. But the rest of the time you utterly crush your opposition. A very strong deck, but its swingy nature makes it a tad gimmicky.[/details]

Reanimator: Average

One of my older decks that was S rank back when kron was in his prime. When he got nerfed, and aggro got sped up and took over the meta it fell out of favor. Variax filling in krons slot does a lot for the deck. It’s now competitive again, but the meta is probably a bit fast for it.
As the name implies the deck centers around things just not staying dead. The deck looks to ramp into big minions so as to get a lot of leverage out of keeper/nether.
For those that don’t know, keeper/nether don’t summon tokens, wraithlings are tokens, and don’t get summoned by keeper/nether, so your always guaranteed to bring back something big.
Notes on playing: typically, you want to use keeper early, and nether late, since neither can muddle up keepers summons. Typically, you replace pretty aggressively early on to try and start with a low-cost hand to get you rolling, then promptly start replacing low cost stuff. Usually I like to hold onto at least one keeper/nether as they really can seal the game.[/details]

Paranoia: Average/Gimmicky


So, the name is based on the three cards the deck is designed around, Lurking Fear, Horror Burster, and of course Variax. Two cards with an emphasis on fear, plus the inevitability of Variax. On a slightly more abstract level it’s a shout out to those paranoid people who fear the apocalypse, aside from the obvious fear/paranoia correlation, Burster can represent the explosion or burst that people fear, and the apocalyptic setting is represented by the situation created by Variax or a successful burster combo.
This is the bloodborn update for my lurking fear decks. Its similar in principal to my consuming burst deck, but instead of trying to combo consuming we are just going for full on ramp with a constant slew of dying wish minions to help flood the field and provide hand advantage. Horror Burster just might bring this deck up to a competitive level but ultimately, it’s still gimmicky because it lacks the removal of the others and requires a good starting hand to get rolling properly. However, unlike its previous incarnations if it can get lurking fear OR Darkfire/Variax it can really snowball out of control really quick.
For those who question 3x Lurking Fear there is actually a really good reason. You almost never want to cast it more the once as it hurts your hand. It may seem weird running a playset of something you only intend to use once. But the reason for that is its only good in the first couple turns so you need 3 in the deck to get it at all consistently, because after the first couple turns its just replace fodder. It’s awful at one, meh at two, and replace fodder at 3. But to be worth the slot at all it needs to be a playset. For the same reason, we run Variax as a play set despite only wanting to cast it once, is the same reason to run Lurking at 3.[/details]

Undying: Gimmicky

Sadly, no bloodborn update, it’s a neat deck but it’s a tad dated, it currently can’t really change without completely scrapping the idea.
This one I call Undying Abyssian, as things tend to just not stay dead and also undying…dying wish…heh.
Notes on Playing: Use keeper first, and nether second, as both nether and Nine moons can mess up keeper. You almost never want to cast two lurking fears as it hurts your hand, you want one early, and then its replace fodder later. Other than that, the playstyle is pretty similar to the first one.
While it may seem odd not to run Unseven in a dying wish engine I found that he really did not add much and just ended emptying out my hand. Instead of trying to force draw into the deck by running the awkward as ever Rite, or the subpar undying draw minions which muddle up my keeper/nether plan I took him out and found that the deck ran much smoother.
No klaxon? Outside of a creep deck it’s pretty meh, deck already has enough high costed minions, needs the lower cost options and various utility I have instead. I also find creep to often be a draw back because of things like nimbus and fox.[/details]

Flood Protection: Gimmicky

No bloodborn update. With this first list, we can really capitalize on low cost flood things like Wraithlings and Zyx without nearly as much fear of Aoe thanks to Lady Lock, Mirkblood, and yes even Bastion! Then we add void steal and puppy dragon to give the deck some real killing power. No death watch? Nope the whole point of this build is to value your swarm, you don’t want it to die, you want it to multiply! I currently have chosen Inkhorn over whip just because it helps support the flood, the deck gets rolling pretty fast, and Voidsteal also doubles as a soft removal so I think it is surprisingly well covered on that front. Sister gives the deck some much needed healing and with that huge swarm it gives a lot of value. Try it out, you may be surprised at just how well it performs.[/details]

Angry Lord: Gimmicky

This one I call Angry Lord. Furosa=Fury=Angry, Baronete=Baron=Lord.
To end today’s post, I bring you a proper wraithling swarm deck. It’s pretty competitive with its Furosa+Crypto combos, on top of having insane burst out of nowhere with Baorenete combos. It can either swarm and overwhelm or turn a single wraithling left alive into a game ender.
It plays every single wraithling card. I was not too sure about some of them, like Necrotic, and Horn, but they all come together really well. It can dump its hand early like swarm does and later refill with rite. Or switch over into control mode with its abundance of removal while it waits for the moment to one shot your opponent with a baron combo.
There is no death watch or sacrifice effects to be had here because this deck values its minions and does not want any of them to die. It can be pretty aggressive, and has a decent late game.
I have put much less testing into it then the other two, because despite that it is not as vulnerable as traditional swarm to Aoe, especially small pings, a well-placed tempest, immolation, Frostburn, or frenzy still usually cripples us beyond recovery. This discourages me from playing it competitively because I dislike the Rock Paper Scissors effect of do you have Aoe? Yes? I lose. No? I win. But it is a lot of fun, and if your tired is the usual death watch or Big Abyss and just want to play proper swarm, this is probably the best way to do it. Perhaps it would be better with classic picks like Revenant and Blood Priestess over some of the more clunky wraithling cards, but I like it how it is.[/details]

Control Variax: Average

Just a dedicated control set up, even more healing, even more removal to just ensure that you will be able to get the late game and abuse your Grandmaster. I have not tested it very much but I suspect it may be a little slow.[/details]

Consuming Burst: Gimmicky

So, after Burster got hotfixed my Master Challenge deck just was not quite as consistent. I still really like burster and wanted to try and make him work. What better way to do that then to combine it with another card I really love Consuming Rebirth. This is effectively an update to one of the other off decks that were part of the Eternal Army Series. It’s a bit gimmicky, but it is a lot of fun.[/details]

Zenruai Swarm: Gimmicky


Bloodborn Update: As usual Variax makes most Lillith decks better. Between a high curve, and Variax it does not need any draw power.

It’s a little bit gimmicky, but it may have more potential then I give it credit for. Since Void Steal is now absolutely mandatory for swarm I thought it would be fun to build around it a little. I missed Assassin, even though it’s sort of a mini Zenrui after its many nerfs abyss just couldn’t find room for it. Speaking of Zenrui the deck fits him as well. The idea is with Void Steal, blood sire, and darkfire sacrifice it becomes easy to abuse Assassin and Zenrui. We have some traditional swarm tools, and by skimping on healing and draw power the deck has a couple unique tricks up its sleeve. [/details][/details]


[details=Summary]Fast Cass: Competitive

Really not much to say about it, pretty standard. Go face, make creep, heal, win. It’s the standard competitive Cass deck, this is just my take.[/details]

Midrange: Competitive

Way too much Aggro in this game, always makes me sad to see Cass get watered down into yet another aggro deck. So much potential to play the long game with a lot of powerful synergy.

While the list is not to different from Fast Cass you will notice, it has a slightly higher curve and more focus on the long game. This decks goal is to drag the game out, as the longer the game goes the more devastating your creep synergy cards are.

Focus on keeping the board clear and do not go face. Tiger is a very good removal card when combined with your BBs. Klax is great for being on the defensive and if her effect procs its usually game over. Blade provides both healing and pseudo removal. Remember you are relying on curving out not draw power so conserve your resources don’t vomit your hand.[/details]

Control: Competitive


Just a truely dedicated control set up, slow and steady wins the race. The midrange version sometimes can pull fast wins out, that is very rare with this one. Sometimes you can win fairly quickly by just keeping the field clear and going face while outhealing your opponent, but that is not the goal. [/details]

Hybrid: Competitive


So, this version looks to combine Death Watch and Creep.

Gor is surprisingly good, he makes your deck effectively immune to natural selection, and is always available to hit with your own bbs to create creep, proc Death Watch, damage stuff for punish, or as constant healing with Kelaino.

Our two death Watch units, Shadow Dancer and Blood Priestess are classics. Very powerful and reliable. We do not run crescendo or anything like that because it’s a bit too hard to set it up reliably, besides we have obliterate as a wincon.

Thanks to the medium curve L’kian provides all the draw we need and with how the deck is set up pretty much anything she pulls will be useful.

Now the weirdest part of the deck is three Obliterates! Yep that’s right, and no it is not overkill. Running three lets us replace it every time we see it unless we are ready to use it, and feel pretty confident we can find it later. Because the deck has the alternate win path with Deathwatch it’s safe to just use Obliterate as a board wipe rather than a finisher, and when using it like that we want to have more than one on reserve.[/details]

Variax Cass: Gimmicky


While Variax is not good for traditional Cass she does open up a new way to build her. More control/ramp, no obliterate, Azalea optional. Will it be top tier? Probably not. But diversity is good.

The deck runs a lot of one and two drops for Darkfire Sacrifice targets, combined with draw to try and find your win cons Juggernaut and Variax. While cryptographer does not combo with Variax for Cass, the extra ping and creep generation is very valuable plus its great sacrifice fodder.

It also sorts of helps bring back budget Cass. Sub Rite of the Undervault for Soujner, sub Sister for Healing Mystic, and Revenant for Azure Herald and now you have a fairly cheap and competitive deck. Yea it takes a little to invest in bloodborn orbs, but it’s still cheaper than normal Cass, and a lot of fun.[/details]

Fester: Average

Bloodborn update:
This one I call Fester, because it is a slow creeping infection that revolves around tissue dying. So, we have both creep and dying wish referenced in one word :D.
An interesting take on Cass, it still runs the essential creep tools for the late game but the dying wish engine fits in nicely providing draw and some fun early/mid game tools. Klaxon being dying wish is the main attraction for this archetype. No Juggernaut? Yea I know blasphemy, but it’s tough trying to fit both the creep engine and the dying wish engine. Juggernaut is very strong, but he is slow and easy to answer. I would rather play off of dying wish and use Azealia/Obliterate as a finisher that can’t be answered. Not running Juggernaut also creates a neat scenario, people tend to save removal/dispel for him and are less likely to use it on your other threats.

Iron Clad is still an experimental pick. This deck lacks ritual/darkfire, but Cass can get pretty good use out of him by pinging him with her BBs and then having him smack the general.[/details][/details]

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[details=Summary]Antidraw Starhorn: S rank


So, to start off this is the Anti-Draw Starhorn deck I took to S this season. Once the patch dropped I put the deck together and flew with about an 80%-win rate from low diamond to S.
It uses ramp to speed up your clock and pull off Decimus/Vindicator+Tectonic/Entropic Gaze combos early, and of course speeds us into Mandrake. It has the usual thumping/rush Package but without Lucy since the 4 slots are busy. Between Starhorn, Tectonic, and Gaze we are perfectly happy to vomit our hand.
The deck just has so much out of hand burst potential, yet is a bit more stable and can play the long game better the dedicated aggro list. It can either be hyper aggressive, or go passive and wait for its big combos to finish the game later, constantly spilling out threats or removing your opponents with rush.[/details]

AggroMar: S rank

Here is the new and very cancerous AggroMar. Rancour+self-damaging effects can lead to turn two wins. Add in some standard aggro tech, the old rush/thump package, the insane and out of hand damaging draw power cards to sustain the aggro, and the anti-draw synergy cards, and you have an aggro deck that is about as bad as Reva Spellhai at its strongest.[/details]

The Dentist: Competitive/Gimmicky

There was a time when this was a competitive S rank list, but between the skorn nerf and the power creep of the Bloodborn expansion the deck has become dated. I have done my best to update it. Its powerful combo is amazing when it works, but its back up plan of flood into mandrake is now a tad slow for the meta, leaving it solid but gimmicky and reliant on its combo.
I fondly call it The Dentist…you know because twin fang=teeth…and then add in lots of pain.
So, my silly names aside, would you look at that, a deck besides the Dance of Memes that can really capitalize on twin fang. Game plan is to flood the field, throw on twin fang, and then cast a blistering skorn for a massive buff. Fang can also really capitalize on Juta/Flash summons who combo with Taygete, and of course help flood the field which can make fang strong on its own. Rex while usually bad does exceptionally well in this deck thanks to it being a one cost flood enabler that combos with Kujata, Skorn, and Fang thanks to rebirth keeping it from just dyeing to self-inflicted ping.[/details]

MecHorn: Competitive/Gimmicky

This one is just named MecHorn, heh, see what I did there? The deck aims for lightning speed Mechazors fueled by ramp and made consistent with draw power. It loves to puke out its hand and punish the opponent for drawing. It’s not quite as fast as aggro, not quite as stable as my other stuff, and it does not have many answers to your opponent’s threats, but it is quite deadly. It supplies numerous massive threats from both aggro, anti-draw synergy, mechazor, and mandrake. It’s a tad gimmicky because if your opponent can answer mechazor, and take good advantage of the cards you give them you can have some issues, but the rest of the time it’s a monster of a deck.[/details]

Fractal OTK: Gimmicky

There was a time when this was competitive, but it has not really gotten any new tools, and the meta is just way too fast for it. Perhaps one day in the future there will be a control meta, and then this can shine.
Abjucator+fractual+2 of either fortitude or amplification+Flash+Elucidator is 28 out of hand damage for 7 mana.
Of course, it’s fairly rare I do the whole thing. But at 8 mana flash+elucidator+fractual is 15 out of hand damage and is very easy to pull off. If you have an abjucator instead of flash its 9 mana. Multiple abjucators on a fractal reduce it even more. In a pinch, you can fractal a tiger or mank instead. The deck pretty much without fail wins on the 9 mana turn, frequently at 8, occasionally at 6-7 and with the perfect hand it can win at 5.
Besides the combo its built on a control shell which mag excels at. Let’s the deck usually stall without any issue and then win out of nowhere. Starhorn makes sure you draw the combo/don’t have to play the combo pieces you’re holding onto.[/details]

Dance of Memes: Gimmicky

Cryptographer is the only recent addition, helps us dig a little bit. Could this be competitive? Maybe. But it is very dated, and if your opponent catches onto what you’re doing it’s not too hard to counter.
Obligatory Dance of Memes post. How the deck works is you get Kujata out, then play dance of memes. Now everyone health thing you play will die to Kujata and cause you to draw a card. You then cycle through your deck until you hit twin fang. Play it and continue cycling through your deck, since Kujata is doing damage to everything you summon twin fang makes your generals attack go into double and triple digits real fast, go over and OTK your enemy.
So, at 7 mana you can play two kujatas, dance, and twin fang all in one turn, this is ideal as it can’t be stopped. Against many decks, you can pull it off, but against more aggressive decks that are not going to let you live that long you can always drop Kujata the turn before you combo and hope it survives. So, you can combo as early as turn two at four mana if you’re really lucky. It’s safer at 5 mana where you can play your second Kujata so your less likely to whiff by drawing two drops. Playing fang is safer since it’s not a big deal of it dies, but it will clue your opponent into what you’re doing and they may just forever stay out of melee range at that point.
Now while I would love to take credit for the deck, and while I may have discovered it on my own many months ago, apparently, others have known of it for longer than I had. But with shimzar out I finally have a chance to jump on it. The introduction of a bunch of new pets has greatly increased the decks consistency. I have taken it on myself to refine it.
So, two big things older versions of the deck forget are Ephemeral Shroud, and Ghost Lynx. These two cards prevent provoke and body blocking from being an issue, and are low enough in health and cost to work with the combo. And to a lesser extent aether master for added consistency. Beyond that it’s just include ALL of the 1 health 1 drops and of course the combo. The decks strength is it is effectively a two-card combo. As once you have a juta and dance you can cycle into fang and Lynx if there is something in the way without issue.
A couple notes on playing. Always recycle 1 drops, as you want to play two drops since they can occasionally mess up the combo. You do not want to flood the board, you want your hand almost full to make sure you don’t whiff on your combo so only play one or two things a turn. It’s usually safe to cycle a fang as well unless you already have your combo and want to try and play it the turn before to go off faster.[/details]

FloodHorn: Gimmicky

An old-school FloordHorn deck, fun but dated.[/details][/details]


Hybrid Vaath (Splice): S rank


Rank/Win Streak:
Drogar was a very nice new tool for the deck. It has amazing match ups against just about everything but aggromar, which is unfortunately everywhere. It previously did not have a name but I have since dubbed it Splice. Since magmar is all about genetic perfect, evolution, and all that stuff, combined with the fact that it is simultaneously aggressive and control.
During its season, it was the deck I laddered with, it has done exceptionally well, regularly putting me up into the top 50 (which I then sadly sink out of when I don’t get to play for a week or so.) It was born from trying to round out and cover the weakness of Midrange and Various control lists. I really wanted to fit dispel, and with the aggressive meta I wanted more healing and it just sort of turned into this.
So, the deck is pretty simple, even a little boring, it’s not quite control, midrange, or solo. It’s just has tons of healing to make aggro fizzle, all the control to force the game to run late so Vaath can become a huge threat, combined with the usual rush/thumping engine.
Game plan is very simple, clear the field, heal heal heal, once Vaath has at least 3 attack start going face with him. You tend to hold onto thumpings for emergency removal, or to end the game, I used to combo them with Taygete, but Lavalasher has taken her place lately. At the start replace all high cost stuff for an early start and to help curve later, don’t be afraid to use your healing units or even a shroud to contest mana globes.[/details]

Aggromar: S rank


Here is the new and very cancerous AggroMar. Rancour+self-damaging effects can lead to turn two wins. Add in some standard aggro tech, the old rush/thump package, drogar finisher, the insane and out of hand damaging draw power cards to sustain the aggro, Vaaths BBs and you have an aggro deck that is about as bad as Reva Spellhai at its strongest.
Makantor is actually a little slow for the deck even with flash, that should speak volumes as to how good the deck is…it’s so blasphemous that Makantor does not make the cut![/details]

Keeper of Dragons: Competitive

It took me to S rank a while ago, and my highest of that season was rank 57.

Qeltar posted a great video showing how it plays out
Keeper of the Veil is one of my favorite cards, last I week I shared how I used it in Abyssian, this week let’s talk about how I use it for Magmar. The first deck here is the control variant. The basic idea is to abuse rush with keeper.
Game plan is to just kill everything your opponent puts out while playing defensively powering up Vaath. Then switch to aggressive Vaath Smash style later on. The deck can go face with rush units early on, but it prefers to go the long game, as the longer the game goes, the more of a threat Vaath becomes. In fact you almost never want to attack the opposing general with Vaath unless it is to seal the game that turn or shortly after as your health is very valuable.
The deck does not run any dispel as between thumping, and egg its usually fine. Even against mechazor you can just rush him down. Plasma and natural selection are a given for a control style game. Last season I took a similar deck to S, instead of Kron, and thumping, I ran the classic metamorph+harvestor.
A few fun mechanics: Since keeper does not proc opening gambits it gets exceptional value out of Elucidator. The deck avoids running any low-cost creatures other than tiger to make sure we get big value out of keeper.
Flash reincarnation is great as it makes the otherwise expensive deck feel cheaper, one of my favorite turn 1 plays is flash Elucidator, run him into a mana orb then throw a buff on him.[/details]

Aggro Keeper: Competitive

The problem with normal Keeper Magmar is the meta is insanely fast, faster than it has ever been. KeeperMar is a very slow deck that gets extra punished by the number one deck Aggromar due to all that forced draw, and then it has an unfavorable match up against the slowest deck in the game Variax Lilith.
So, this one tries to hit a happy medium between being aggressive enough to beat Variax, and good enough at dumping its hand to punish Aggromar. It’s fairly competitive, on paper it looks really good, but it’s a bit draw dependent so the games can be a bit swingy. A crushing victory one match, then a struggle the next.
Game plan is very match up dependent, so there is a bit of a guessing game to what you’re up against. If you guess wrong it’s going to be tough, because you want to set up your hand for either hyper aggression or the long game. The low creature count is not really an issue due to the decks digging power and it packs both wonderful control tools and very aggressive out of hand damage.[/details]

Vaath Smash: Competitive/Gimmicky

The bloodborn expansion gave it some wonderful new tools. Drogars effect is indeed exponential, Drogar+Cryptographer lets you go from 3 attack to a whopping 18. Even if you only have a single drogar and no cryptographer, combing it with a late game Vaath and or with some equipment makes Vaath just an absolute monster. The deck looks to leverage this effect by packing in a strong control shell using Vaath as your primary win con. When you get the deck to combo its really great, but oftentimes it’s just a little too slow for the meta so it feels a tad gimmicky since you need to combo to compete with the fastest decks. If things slow down a touch this could really be top notch.[/details]

Novocaine: Competitive/Gimmicky

I found out that quartermaster does not take damage from either Flash or Kujata so he may finally have a home in Magmar as a sort of better sun steel defender. Thus, the name, since sun steel and quartermaster are both numb to the pain, and as usual Taygete likes it. It plays out somewhere between midrange and Vaath Smash, as the ramp engine also combos very well with the new Drogar/Cryptographer combo. It’s a solid deck but gimmicky as when it pulls out its combos it does great, the rest of the time it is just a bit slow for the meta.[/details]

Queen Vaath: Competitive/Gimmicky

In the brief window, I made it between the Reva nerf and the Bloodborn Expansion it was a very powerful deck as it was a slightly slower meta. Now things are a tad fast for it to get to its big 9 mana combos, so it relies on the horribly designed, ultimate swing card, Chrysalis Burst. When it works and you get it early its devastating, when it doesn’t its meh. It’s very close to being truly competitive but the swingy nature and fast meta make it to gimmicky. It sadly got not good support from the bloodborn expansion, only more gimmicky stuff which I made the Valknu deck around.
Vaath, the (Drag)Queen of the Dragons, tending to her brood of eggs.
So, we start with a Vaath Smash chassis then we add in the devastating combo Kur+Burst. This one also tosses in young Slithar because he is great and adds a little more synergy with Kur, and since we are running Chrysalis another two drop helps get the turn two burst.
The deck has performed surprisingly well. One very important thing about piloting the deck, burst can be an absolute insane game winning card, but the rng nature of it makes gambling with it not a good idea. There are only a few situations when you want to play it. Turn two when it’s going to be super hard to deal with, when your opponent’s field is empty, or to combo with Kur at either 9 mana or by equipping Kur the turn before. The rest of the time it’s not worth the gamble, but in those situations, it can absolutely steal games.

Classic Midrange: Average

So here is good old Midrange Vaath, it packs some of the best two drops in the game, it has the pain/ramp engine which combos really well with Sunsteel, Taygete, and Mankantor, and Lkian combined with a medium curve to keep up your card advantage. Eggmorph plus thumping takes the place of any dispel, and its usually aggressive enough to end the game before you would need dispel for big late game threats and or Mechazor.[/details]

Frenzy Midrange: Average

It’s a tad dated, and I have only done limited testing with it.
So here is my take on optimizing the recent trend of Diretide + Sojourner. For those who don’t know Sojourner can draw you multiple cards from a single attack with frenzy. To top that off we have all the rush units who are the classic combo with Diretide. It could run mandrake, but I have really fallen in love with Grove Lion for Vaath lately, and since it’s not quite a flood deck I find Lion does the late game threat better.[/details]

Valknu Vaath: Gimmicky

It is a variation somewhere between my Vaath Smash and Queen Vaath, looking to play a control game but also including the potentially powerful and swingy combo cards C-Burst and the new Valknu. I have not really tested it yet, and I suspect Valknu just is not worth the slot, but I do want to try and make him work and this seems like the best bet.[/details]

Masochistic Jutsu: Gimmicky

It’s an old gimmicky deck, but still a lot of fun, it has gotten a small update here and there but nothing major with bloodborn.
I fondly call this one Masochistic Jutsu, because it’s all about inflicting pain on my own units for value. Also, Jutsu. Kujata sort of sound alike… I should really stop explaining these.
The decks idea is to really take advantage of Flash Reincarnation and Kujata rather than simply using them for ramp. Both of them proc Rawr, Khymera, and Taygete multiple times on summon. You can of course just use both to ramp as usual to speed in mandrake or drop an early Makantor.
Battlepets can really cause these masochistic cards to be abused. Speaking of battle pets, everyone knows how good of a card thumping wave is…now we can transform an opponent’s minion AND force it to attack one of our masochistic dudes. Blistering skorn is great on its own, but even better when it hits our masochistic dudes.[/details][/details]

Fae: Coming Soon

Kara: Coming Soon

Zirix: Coming Soon

Sajj: Coming Soon

Argeon: Coming Soon

Budget Thread (Updates coming soon): My budget lists and thoughts for new players

Change logs:

March 20, 2017, Hybrid Vaath/Splice: Traded Taygete for Lavalasher
Jan 11, 2017, Watch The Master: Traded Lkian and Punish for Lure and Sphere.
March 6, 2017, Eternal Army: Traded Lkian for Sphere.

All Lilith decks to date added. New/Major updates: Swarm Variax, Paranoia, Reanimator, Eternal Army.
All Cass decks to date updated/added.
All Vaath decks to date added. New/Major updates: Keeper of Dragons, Aggro Keeper, Vaath Smash, Novacaine
All Starhorn decks to date added. New/Major updates: MecHorn, The Dentist [/details]



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Man that was a lot of work, and still more to do.

Anyways rather then posting a new article this week, I figured I would share my current progress on updating everything for the new expansion.

Special note to a couple decks which could have just been brand new articles:

Lilith: Swarm Variax, Paranoia, Reanimator, Eternal Army.

Vaath: Keeper of Dragons, Aggro Keeper, Vaath Smash, Novocaine

Starhorn: MecHorn, The Dentist

New and old come take a look, everything is fresh, please let me know if I have any errors, if you have suggestions to improve the thread, and input on my decks is always welcome.


Now that I have completed my collection for the latest expansion, I have spirit to start crafting for experimenting again. I wanted to make something similar to your Vaath Valknu deck, and I would have thought that Wild Inceptor would be a good card. Instant egghatcher that you can combo slightly more easily then the Artifact one, and leaves a decent body on board. Have you tried it and decided to cut it, or just not tried it yet?

Really good writeups and lists, hopefully this will bring a little bit more variety to the ladder after people see some cool alternate playstyles. Glad to see another Vaath running Grove Lion that is one of my favorite cards to pair with him


Have not tried it, figured Artifact would be strictly better and could not find room for both.

Thanks for the input!


Thanks for your post! I was always maining Songhai, but it’s been roughly a month since I switched to Abyssian, and your deck ideas make me think that this faction provides much more interesting concepts than Songhai does. It was enlightening)

I have some questions about Angry Lord deck.

Why kelaino over shadow dancer?
Why dark transformation over ritual banishing?
Why no DFC (can be supergood with baronette)?
Why no bloodmoon priestess?
Is rite sufficient in terms of card draw? I find it not very convenient in the deck, since I almost always have at least 3 cards in hand, namely fury+baronette waiting for the right moment and smth else) Could spelljammer be better? If not, why?
Also, what do you think of running darkfire sacrifice in order to make 6 mana fury+baronette combo cost 2 mana less and used earlier? Don’t know where to fit it though)

I run a list very close to yours and I believe your answers can help to improve my perfomance) Thanks in advance)

[details=My list, just in case]


Also, maybe a noob question. Why are you using links instead of images?)


“There is no death watch or sacrifice effects to be had here because this deck values its minions and does not want any of them to die.”

That should answer a lot of those. This is not the usual Abyss deck where your units are expendable so we are not running sacrifice effects either. Trying to go all in for stuff like that turns an already gimick deck into just a complete gamble.

DeathWatch decks are a very different style there are plenty of them in the list. I tend to find there are better non wraithling units for that style of deck, most of the wraithling cards are better for something like this.

Now blood priestess is an amazing card and may be worth including anyways over some of the more clunky cards.

Rite is very good, the deck has a low curve so it dumps its hand pretty easy, and unless your a brainless face Aggro deck you want to avoid cards like spelljammer and Blazehound like the plague because giving your opponents cars is a very bad thing unless you are sure you are the faster deck.

There was a bit of a discussion of the deck over here:


As for the image thing. I do a lot of stuff from the forums from my phone so anything other then links is a pain, plus I regularly update my lists and changing images is way more of a hassle.


Thanks for a quick reply! That’s clarifying)


Glad I could help. Always happy to convert a Songhai player.


Hey, have you tried a Fractal OTK with Drogon yet?

I’ve been wanting to test it for a while now, but I dusted all my Fractals after the Amp change and haven’t opened any new ones yet…

It seems more reliable then Amp/Fortitude Elucidator on paper.


Fractal Drogar is overkill. Cheaper to just cast two or combo it with cryptographer, geting two procs is usualy enough to finish a game. Fractal is still better with Lucy because of reach, people tend to avoid mele with Vaath.

I do love Drogar and have a couple lists heavily designed around him.


Still checking your thread)

Just noticed that “bloodborn cass” link goes to empty deck. Could you fix it?)

EDIT: Hybrid Cass also.


Should be fixed. Thanks. Let me know if you find any other issues. Somehow an extra “1” got added to the end of their urls.

My budget lists and thoughts for new players

Thanks) More decks to see. Sweeeeeeeet)


You said this for your watch the master lilith deck but I noticed you don’t have sphere in the deck at all. What did you mean by this?



Thanks for pointing it out, corrected the deck. Lkian is no longer in, Sphere is.

I apparently updated the text but not the link when I made the change from Lkian to sphere.