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DeathsAdvocate's Master Thread: Eternal Trials of Mythron


This thread is too good to be that low:)



Iirc this was actually one of the first DA Xor decks he made


Change Void talon to Sarlac and yea that is almost exactly one of my early Xor drafts. Super fun, really wanted the cadence/bone crusher thing to pan out. Sadly I did not have much luck with it and moved on to the more contemporary builds, reserving bonecrushers/cadence for elsewhere. My Lili.incorprated deck which is in the thread was a lot of fun, sadly it was also gimmicky, but I had enough success with it to at least publish it.

Hope it’s working out for you though, it is super cool.


Bumpy bump <3 !


I was a bit bored, I started theory-crafting some deck ideas and I thought about Build Vet.
Came up with a couple lists (sorry Sajj) and wanted to ask your opinion.
Thanks :slight_smile: !

With Zirix I thought of going towards Structures and Dervishes.
Potential additions: Rasha’s, Third Wish, extra Timekeeper, heal (Aymara/Herald).

With Ciphyron I opted for a more control set.
Potential addition: Falcius, Lightbender, Thorn/Thorn+LitD+Kinematic package.

ps. I’d like this thread to be kept alive, though we are living in dark times and maybe you’re bored with Duelyst or just have something better to do. Hope it’s ok to bump like this :smile: .


I certainly appreciate the bumps.

Build has some potential, particularly with plasma being at an all time low. Although I would take a pretty different approach.

The best place for build in Vet IMO is likely in a more tempo or control oriented Ciph list. Sajj and Zirix just have so many more powerhouse synergistic options that eat up to much of their decks, where as Ciph can help defend buildings and other then Grapnel/BOA he is pretty free with how to build his deck.

I like the direction you are heading with your Ciph list. I would make one of two big changes though. I would either skip the golem package as architect plus a high curve or cycles should be plenty of draw freeing up tech space. Or not focus so much on build running Simul/Shrike as standalone decent cards. I do lean towards the build focus for the theme though.

A quick rough draft:

I still occasionally update the thread, I just sort of gave up on laddering as of last season and have kept my focus on Team Wars and Faeria.

I just couldn’t stomach the meta anymore. I don’t mind the lack of content, but unfortunately the game was left in possibly the least enjoyable state it has ever been in, at least for me. So until we get a balance patch, a recognized ban list, or Faeria tanks, my attention lies elsewhere.

(Also my thread is Eternal, it will never lock :P, but it will get lost if neglected. So again I appreciate you stopping by.)


Ooh ok, I thought that the “Eternal” thing was some sort of joke :smiley: .

Yeah Zirix perhaps is not the right fit for BuildVet, or as you pointed out he has just better tools to work with, while Ciphyron feels more fluid thanks to his BBS…

It makes sense to fill the 2 drop slot with healing, and Aymara is a proper answer-or-die/wincon minion when unanswered.
EMP also feels right in this list: perfect Swiss Army knife and an additional big body to force to deal with.

I’m only not fully convinced by Simulacra just because though it interacts well as a Building, I was thinking of some more versatile 3 mana drop like Psychic conduit which is less expected and can do nice tricks. Or even Second Wish to create more threats.
Then again it’s true that it can bait removals and just be a pain in the ass as a 0/10 and as a 0/7 spawning Dervishes.

Well, now I got something to try out now :wink: .

Thank you !


I mean it started as: Eternal format (as opposed to the brief disaster that was rotations.) Extended into a joke with the lack of content, and eventually the mods left me without a lock timer :D.

Anyways glad to be of assistance.


Beware that Scroll Bandit is gonna make you sad with those guaranteed BoAs :cry:.


Bright-side…you know exactly what they have.


there is absolutely no way having 0 x first wish but running 9x 6+ drops is correct. Trim your top end to taste for those.

Also: having run build across multiple factions, T2K5 is not a sufficient draw engine even with a fatter curve. You need at least 3x cantrips, and preferably another draw source. Ideally, you would also have cheap tempo/swarmy plays to keep the heat off your buildings and outramp your opponent. Consider the golem package for this end.

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Usually First Wish is auto 3x. But it is particularly bad on build units so I opted to skip it. It is crazy good though.

I stand by the golem package not being good for this deck. Playing on curve obviates the need for draw completely. Draw power is super overrated, t2k is more then enough.

But yea finding room for first wish would be nice, could easily trim the top end to 2x if it was needed, but I still sort of lean towards this might be a list that it’s ok to skip it in.


Hey, @deathsadvocate! I remember you were playing some kind of intensify Argeon. Do you have a decklist anywhere?

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I have a rough draft of it posted in the comments here somewhere.



Thank you! 151515

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We have new people on this forum.


Thanks :D, I even did a tiny update recently with some of my unfinished projects. I may not really be playing much right now, but I definitely still lurk and enjoy deckbuilding.


Silly question maybe: Couldn’t Zurael have a place in a Strategos deck?

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Just saw someone use this the other day. It’s a bit win more, but was pretty devastating in this particular game