DeathsAdvocate's Master Thread: Eternal Trials of Mythron


@deathsadvocate Can you describe the game plan of Black Magic?


Hum I did leave that out of its write up. I mostly talked about the combo and the card selection rather then the general gameplan.

" The key to the deck is to aggressively dig for your combos and save nothing, other then aegis. The whole deck is built to do basically nothing but cycle, control, or combo, meaning you either draw into your combo or into more cycle, hoarding stuff is no good. Absolutely just play an Aerial rift for just the cycle, heck I basically never use its effect, and that gameplan is precisely why I opted out of things like lifestream instead favoring proper cycles so you can just dig dig dig.

If you have a spare aegis or owl feel free to be reckless with the first one, If aegis is lacking you try to get another arcanyst to stick letting you super buff owl/something else in one turn so its unlikely they can deal with both. Certain match ups you either wait for Aegis, or for you to have another arcanyst, but others you can pretty safely just toss out an owl without protection and just super buff it. Whether you backline or frontline your owl depends on if you have a magnetize or a frontline arcanyst, if you lack both then its generally worth the risk to frontline owl. "

I went ahead and added that to its write up.


Testing an aggro variant as potential just makes sense there.

Feels pretty good so far. While I am no fan of aggro, its hard to argue with its effectiveness and it may be the better of the two versions. I also don’t think Furry Faie does need an update its still just really solid. Looks like once I am finished testing them I will likely publish the aggro variant and the aspect variant together.


nothing worthwhile. just cheesing hearthsister and minijax for low investment but high returns. snowchaser was nice too, what with t2p2 opener and maintaining hand size


Nope, I don’t see a place for it all. It’s mostly a budget tool or part of a shroud list. I have been trying a third variation which has been fun. I think the first list based on Furry Faie is still the most overall successful though, but the others all certainly have their own merits.


Thanks! This is very close to what I was playing against @boronian in our test matches.

I’m running your aggro variant until I can craft Aspect of the Mountains, I’m quite impressed by its speed.
Conceptually I prefer Faie’s BBS alongside Cyonic Potential, it’s a attack tool that doesn’t suffer so much from opponent dispel (not putting all eggs in the same basket).

Thanks a lot for thoroughly testing the idea! :blush:


I enjoyed it quite a bit. I think Vanar is really underated at the moment, they just have a really high skill cap and require some creative deck building. I threw up the vod on youtube:

Decks are also in the master thread proper now, likely in final draft form. The aspect variant has even earned an S rating already after soaring through the ladder with it. (Side decks are still shoddy at best though.)