DeathsAdvocate's Master Thread: Eternal Trials of Mythron


The last time I was in your stream I noticed you didn’t have a Songhai ribbon yet, which is why I suggested Ox. Plus, I haven’t seen Ox get played so it was a nice change of pace to see it in action.


And man was it fun, I ended up taking it to top ten, before switching back to Dying Wish Maev to push further.

And ah I track what you were saying now, slick. I tend to avoid Songhai on principal…despite that I love them. Like card games they are totally my jam, but I try to practice what I preach and play duelyst like the board game I want it to be. But Kaleos is awesome and I can get behind him.


Friendly bump!:slight_smile:


Nice thread! Really nicely made. However, may I suggest that you also include a deck import link under each list so you can easily export to duelyst? That’s all I wanted to ask. Thanks for sharing the lists.


that literally already exists. you see the bagoum link? copy the string after the hash. voila.


Oh that works? I opened up bagoum and exported it from there. Thanks.


Glad you liked it :D, I’m on a bit of a break at the moment, but I will probably pump out some new stuff next season.


Hi @deathsadvocate, quick question about Furry Faie. I have been wondering recently about the usefulness of early plays such as:

  • 1-drop into Cryonic Potential (P2T1)
  • Gravity Well into Cryonic Potential (probably T2, even if Hearth Sister could move the 6/7 Provoke around)

It seems Furry Faie would be the ideal deck to host these. If an early 4/8 Husk from Maehv is considered good, could the above also have value?


That’s a really cool thought. It is a card I have not messed with much due to the fact that it breaks the general rule of “never use a buff unless you can get immediate value or you risk losing two for one.”

Gravity well is definitely the ideal target for it, and a deck that somewhat resembles that list is certainly a good shell to try and fit cryo in, but I fear there may not be any other good targets. I will do some brewing/testing to see if I can find a spot for it and make it worth it.


Did a little tweaking to get it to fit. Cut aspect/shim for Blood and CP. Blood Tear, Chaser, and Gravity are all ideal early game targets for it and good cards for the deck. Currently card advantage is a concern but between chaser, mentor, and being very aggressive so far I have not run into an issue.

While C-Potential is risky in the mid/late game it can often largely be responsible for wining a game if its part of your turn one or turn two play. So while testing has been limited so far, its feeling like its early game power plays may indeed make it worth the slot.

Thanks for the inspiration, I will be giving it a thorough his testing.


Awesome. This looks like a very fine deck, my current vessel for testing the combo is currently low budget and not as convincing on the top end.
I’m going to watch some of your replays and see how you do.

PS: In the event of a potential enhancement with Cryonic Potential, I think the Ravager Aspect could be better than the Bear - This is what I went with anyway.


I still prefer Bears to Fox’s. Bear is a stronger offensive tool and is very scary when mixed with gravity, and then on the flip side you can usually kill it without taking any damage or maybe only four compared to the usual six fox does. Wisp has also turned out to be a halfway decent Cryo target allthough a touch risky, not worth it in many matchups.

Sadly I had to cut cloudcaller, its a good card but I just cant seem to find room for it in this meta. Cryogenesis still continues to be such an underated card as it largely solves our card advantage issue since we were already running chasers, and gives us a reliable early game removal.

Ive also been tinkering with trying out skorn or paragon as the loss of aspect/thunder leaves us a little lacking on AOE, and both of those are great for the meta. They compete with Enfeebles slot quite a bit. Enfeeble has stronger wall combos and can answer EMP/Wanderer, but is not AOE. Paragon is AOE and can Deal with EMP/Wanderer but has no combo with the walls. Skon is AOE and can combo with luminous but cant answer Wanderer/EMP. Its a tough choice but I am currently leaning towrds enfeeble since we do have a little aoe with luminous and or Mountain.


Cryogenesis is a clever inclusion. I’m sort of glad Cloudcaller can be sideboarded as it’s currently not in my collection :slight_smile:

I’ll check your replays.

How do you think this version with Cryonic Potential compares to your previous Furry Faie?


Feeling pretty good. I have not played Furry Faie for over a season now so it may need some updating, thus making comparison a little tricky. Whether this is going to be the update to that list or just a variant of it I am not sure yet. Its definitely a fun deck to play with an insanely high skill cap just like the OG furry.


Good idea, @bepoest, to involve DA in your endeavours to make Cryo Potential work :slight_smile:

Deck still seems pretty expensive but I think most of these cards you already own, don’t you?


Yep! See @Boronian it wasn’t a hopelessly goofy idea this time :slight_smile:

After our games I switched to hyper-BBS Faie because she needs less brain power than Kara. I’m just lacking the Aspect of the Mountains which are going to be crafted this month.


Has there been some discussion elsewhere of this? I missed it.

@bepoest Mountain is probably the most important card in the deck :P.


No, I had just asked @boronian to spar with me for my “new deck”, which was a Kara Vespyr Wall + Cryonic Potential openers.
Then I took the idea to your thread here. :slight_smile:

I think @cloudfrog already used Cryonic Potential as he mentioned it a couple of times in the forum, but no decklist or further discussion that I could find.


It is :slight_smile: I could be running Saberspine Alpha as a substitute but I know this will feel terrible.


I’m surprised that no one has suggested mark of solitude with this concept yet. It’s cheaper than cryo and doesn’t get dispelled off as it’s a transformation effect (actually benefits from it really).

I’ve tested it with swamp entangler not too long ago (didn’t have access to wells yet) and it performed fairly well.


Well the whole purpose of the deck is to be able to go face with aspects/potential, solitude can not do that and its already got plenty of control tools. That being said Mark is a fun oldschool card that definitely works if you build a deck with provoke and or ranged units, but I don’t think it really fits this list.