DeathsAdvocate's Master Thread: Eternal Trials of Mythron


Hey Deathsadvocate,

I’m trying to concoct a Vet Keeper deck but I’m not sure how to go about it, if possible could you create a keeper vet deck or a baseline to help me get started?


I have always been quite fond of Keeper of the Veil. Running it in vet is a bit of an odd request but I will see what I can do.

The key to keeper is to only have high value units in your pool. The classic example is running no cheap minions and mostly rush units in magmar.

Keeper does not summon tokens so they are a great way to generate an early or even lategame field without polluting your keeper pool.

For vet it will be a little odd due to having no in faction healing and their control tools being a bit expensive. But you can either build with artifacts for your low curve, or perhaps some bizarre spin off of a fault deck.

Keep in mind these are just quick untested rough drafts, and I make no promise that these will actually be good, these are just the best ideas I can come up with on short notice.


Made room for aoe/tech and made us less reliant on artifacts.

Artifacts and cheap spells make up your low curve. High value dying wish units make for excellent Keeper targets and also allow for some fun Unseven abuse.

A very expensive deck, that in theory should be pretty solid, unfortunately though the Fault matchup is going to really suck due your stuff getting transformed/bounced rather dying, and Kha being super rude to artifacts.


Oserix and Auroras Tears can lead to some fun artifact abuse as well. But they felt like they were stretching the deck a bit thin, and if you want to run tears you should also likely run malestrom but that stretches it even more thin so I opted for the new version.

This version really goes all out on having loads of tokens that wont pollute your keeper pool as both iron/wind dervishes are tokens. And most importantly Khanum Khas rush and ability to die many times makes it a wonderful keeper target.

For the low end of the curve we do choose to run a couple somewhat low value units with dusk and dust. Dusk is just a solid card providing wishes to abuse with your dervishes and card advtange so its not half bad even coming off of keeper. Dustdrinkers intensify, unlike opening gambits, does work with keeper so hes not half bad either. And of course we are running the two biggest value Oblysks but skipping the weaker ones. Aside from that it is the usual fault abuse and staples.


A friendly bump and a review question.

Looking at your very streamlined Mechanical Abomination deck, I noticed that it had Inkling Surge thinning, meaning that it has room to spare (an incredible feat for a Mech deck).

Always attracted to fringe cards, I’m thinking about more Mechaz0rs! in this shell. Nekomata could provide the draw instead of Replicant & Inkling Surge. Maybe the following deck is playable?

S.I.L.V.E.R. is optional. I’m just looking for opportunities to play it because I like its sprite and effects.

How badly have I maimed your excellent deck? With S.I.L.V.E.R.? With Inkling Surge instead of S.I.L.V.E.R.?


Nekomata seems me weirdly out of place, as you’re bringing so relatively few DW cards. One might argue you may end up only using her to bring up the other two, depening on how bad/good is your luck. Fringest thing i could say here would be swapping her for, of all things, Necroseer. Sure, his DW isn’t as powerful as hers, but it may draw anything - including the possible Z0r your Operant generated - and his body is fairly harder to remove, not to tell more punishing to trade into.

I’ve been liking Feralu a lot in mecha decks as one more layer of mass buffing alongside a fairly hefty body, and Replicants also makes sense here as you’re mostly swarming with robots (and double as deck thinners). The other option could be taking away the Nekomatas, 1 Chakram and either one Operant or one Lure for two Feras and the blue bois can always be fun.


3x Nekomata, 3x Nightmare Operant, 1x Desolator is actually a design to maximize my chances of putting MECHAZ0R!s into the deck. I’m using Nekomata more for the tutor effect than for the draw, if you will. I’ve been playing with this piece of setup for a while and I think it does its thing - whether it’s an optimal thing is entirely up to debate! :slight_smile: It’s probably not.

Feralu could be in, replacing S.I.L.V.E.R. since they both require a board and aim at boosting it…


Thanks for the bump :smiley:

Silver has its own appeal, swapping it for inkling is an ok choice. I’m personally not a fan of him, and I think you stretch your self a bit thin running him alongside unbirth. I would probably cut unbirth and Replicant in order to make room for silver/nightmare if that’s the route you wanted to go. And maybe even take it a step further and try to find room for darkfire sacrifice for more efficient silvers.

I really like inkling and fit it whenever I can, it’s not a mandatory slot but one I think is good. However I do not think adding Nekomas in here is wise as you don’t need that much draw, and especially not at the expense of Desolators which are your only heal/ping and do a great job at card advantage.

Although I do personaly love Nekoma as a controlled tutor more then as just draw, but still don’t think it’s a great fit for the current set up. But a dying wish hybrid mech deck could possibly be a thing.

I look at the deck as a cheap swarmy combo deck. Inkling and replicant both support that plan by pushing cheap bodies and deck thinning. I don’t tend to think of them as filler. Silver is certainly an option but I think you need to gear the deck around him a bit more if you do want to run him.


Thanks, that really helps clear up my perspective on what pushes it forward. Thinking about what you said and my previous experiments, you are right the Nightmare Operant & S.I.L.V.E.R. angle really requires a more control-ish shell (and ramp) to perform adequately.


I seem to find Furor Chakram difficult to play in this Mechanical Abomination list because of its high mana cost. Probably because I’m not familiar enough with it.
I’m wondering if Void Steal, Feralu, or a combination of both wouldn’t be easier to incorporate in the flow of army building.

I’d also love to find a second source of Rush to make the combo more reliable, but there doesn’t seem to be a way apart from replacing X Chassis of Mechaz0r with X Saberspine Tigers… I’m unsure about the benefits of such a change.


Both answers depend on whether you actually manage to have board or not.


That is basically the core of this question: In my opinion it would be best if Furor Chakram or any buff replacing could also double as a way to help build a new board if you don’t have one.

I recently faced a much better player than me and he cleared my board thoroughly at every turn.

Because of the 5-mana cost of Furor Chakram, I feel difficulty in building a board from scratch AND buffing it - doing both on the same turn requires quite a lot of mana.

Hence the search for cheaper multiple permanent attack buffs (Void Steal) or board buff coming with an additional body (Feralu, also cheaper than Chakram).


The deck has three angles. Rush Unbirth, Mechazor, and Chakram Swarm/Rush. Chakram also does silly things with the other angles as well. I find chakram to be extremly powerful. It only costs one more then Feralu and is a lot harder to remove, adds more attack, and more importantly frenzy, while also surviving board wipes. If your opponent is wiping your board every turn that means Chakram survives, and even just Lilith BBs with chakram is pretty scary. And then Desolator is your fall back should all that fail.

If you cut inkling in favor of other buffs the combo and swarm side will be less consistent. Although feralu is a pretty neat option here, but again like the Silver variant you are probably stretching your self a bit thin. If you wanted to go that route I would add Soul Grimwar instead of Void, Feralu instead of Unbirth, and Chakram instead of Inkling.

Edit @bepoest
Unfortunately fitting more rush is not terribly practical. The other options are underwhelming and stretch you thin. However I have had moderate success just running Replicant, Operant, and Metaltooth as the only mechs in the deck alongside Tiger for a more dedicated unbirth list. See my Unbirth Xor Maev list for details.


Right, this is why maybe I’m just not experienced enough with the deck. I might be seeing problems that would just not exist if I was a better pilot and knew how to choose a game plan and replace accordingly.

Clever design with Soul Grimwar here. I forgot that Abyss had this way of turning a crushing defeat into a come back. Thanks! :slight_smile:


:sob: I have a songhai ribbon… Curse you Ox Kaleos. Mostly a bump, have been a few new things here and there…like Ox kal.

Sigh…technically Songhai is my faction with the highest winrate due to being near perfect, have just enough games now to have gotten me a ribbon just on quest days I couldn’t replace and my recent fun with Ox Kal. Very few ranked games, but a decent amount of friendlies/unranked.


you betrayed us. embraced the devil. you shall not be forgiven. you said you would never play this. and here we are.


To be fair I have always said I liked Songhai, I just hated Spellhai, and thought that Zendo, Mist, and Jux were unhealthy designs. I also frequently remind people that I do play said decks just to glean an understanding of them, as well as to help out my songhai pals in teamwars and the like.

What I wont be doing is promoting the unhealthy aspects of Songhai, instead I am promoting the parts I do like (Although I am guilty of resorting to Zendo sadly. And to a lesser extent Ox’s Destiny.)


The only unfair part in OX is T-horn synergy IMO. Other than that it promotes consistency, clever replacement and board play. Even if its Destiny is burn, achieving it without dying requires lots of fair and skillful play.

I see why you like it and why I suck at it.


Accidental conversion, or a sneaky way to get you a ribbon?


Which is why I am generally ok with it, but on principal I dislike RNG/Uncounterable burn and it is technically both. But its sort of in the same Vein as Deci/Spikes, both gross on principal but are more fair then the other evils in the meta, and the decks themselves are reasonable, and thus acceptable.

@gsvalhalla I don’t quite follow?


Guess you should actually better compare it to Meltdown :stuck_out_tongue:


While the effects are similar there is a world of difference. To do good damage with the effect you must plan your hand well, on top of rather then just a brainless on curve coin flip you have to work for the effect.

Deci Spikes requires some hand sculpting, your opponent can punish you for using it if your not careful or don’t use it as a finisher, and if they get you low on health you can’t use it.

I find them to be similarly levels of gross effects that I would rather do without, but the amount of effort and or counterplay that does exist with them mixed with the decks themselves being fair makes them very comparable to me.

Unlike Dedicated burn, 0 effort, or True RNG cards, they tend to be the healthiest examples of unhealthy things.