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DeathsAdvocate's Master Thread: Eternal Trials of Mythron


Just a bump :wink: I think this thread could use one.

Brewing anything new, deaths?


A few things here and there, should all be in the changelogs. Mostly just been cleaning the thread up, adjusting ratings, and making sure everything is in a final draft spot.

I also have not been playing nearly as much lately due to the combination of wanderer and burn, so that has slowed down content and discourages me from tinkering with things that cant handle those.

Thanks for the bump.


Btw, I like sideboard approach to some of your decks. Gives better insight.


Thanks :smiley:

Largely thanks to Meltdown League.


Bump. Please don’t close my thread.


I think until there’s a replacement for Thanatos there won’t be new threads that are made eternal any time soon… :confused: just need to keep on bumpin’


Wrong thread? :thonk:


(Mostly a bump)

Huh you were able to see the deleted message that was indeed posted in the wrong thread?

On a side note there have been tons of updates to thread, it’s still an ongoing project. Check the change log for details.


Congrats on achieving immortality


question, for your VVall deck, why don’t you have ice age? it seems great in the deck, but who knows, im a nooby


Ice Age certainly has its place in dedicated Ramp Wall decks. But I am not a huge fan of it, and I do not think it belongs in VVall.

If you have to choose between Iceage/Grandmaster I prefer grandmaster as she has loads of immediate impact, cant be ignored even if you dont have wake, and is much harder to clear where as iceage does little on its own and just eats it to AOE/EMP.

Iceage tends to be a very powerful answer or die due to wake, but it also tends to be a bit of a winmore card as there are many cheaper ways to make walls and threats and kara is really good at getting walls to stick so iceage gets a bit redundant. That particular deck enjoys its Vespyer synergy and Kara’s natural combo with walls to win, it basicly picks bonechill over iceage for the better synergy due to Iceage just feeling like winmore.

Now the faie and ilena variant of my wall decks do go for iceage as they are not nearly as good at making walls stick as Kara, plus they do not run bonechill. Basically my decks choose between ice/bone depending on the general/composition of the deck.



This is the best place to get a hold of me/I like the visibility bumps.

This was the recent expierment which I have not got around to publishing yet:


And then there is also Mechanical Abomination Lilith currently in the thread.


Thank you very much! And for the future I’ll try to remember to ask you about lists here in the forum :wink: .


In my last match wih Ice Age my opponent was running Xor with Tiger. It was a perfect counter in theory until he ran out of time.


How would you compare Pestilence and Tormentor creep in regards to current meta? Is there any chance for Variax Cass, btw?


Tormentor has a high skill cap but is fairly decent all around. Pestilence is strait forward but is match up dependent.

Neither of them are great for the meta. The Tormentor variant is where I was running Variax during rotations, and its still a decent one of along side Azelia as an alternative to Obliterate.

I had dismissed Variax as an option now that we had Shim back, but perhaps I should give it another go for the Tormentor list as that may be exactly what it is missing. But I have my doubts its actually good. If not as a focus, perhaps going 1 and 1 between it and oblit.

(I just posted the tormentor list like an hour ago to :P, as I had finally given up on it as likely not getting any better, you have good timing. Or do people actually read my change-long?)

Edit: In fact I am just going to cut an obliterate for a Variax right now, as the entire point of the deck was to explore some of the less played options and I like the thought of the split.


Lucky coincidence :slight_smile: I just was making my own creep list, and looked in your thread for some ideas.

That said, I use a bit different approach, will probably post it after some testing.


If only nova costs 3. That would make cards like darkspine and tormentor so much better


I’m surpised you don’t run night fiend in any list. From my limited experience it seems pretty decent now with 4/4 stats.


I run it in Reap. But never found the need for aoe or face damage in the others.