DeathsAdvocate's Master Thread: Eternal Trials of Mythron


Thanks a lot for developing @alplod’s archetype and documenting it.
@alplod, congratulations on your instincts :slight_smile:

@deathsadvocate I’m slightly unclear on why the Maehv version seems so markedly better than Lilithe in your S-Rank tests. Is the ability to control your own minion’s death so important here, is it about the 4/4 husks, is it because of the opposing anti-swarm tech, or how do you explain it?


Yea, those are precisely the reason why I run dagona and bender in my Red Tide variant of the deck as they give stuff like that a hard time.

The Deviant variant banks on just being able to put out more threats early then either of those can thanks to its ramp tempo plan, but it will loose in the long run vs those kinds of things, however the Deviant variant does not need to win the tempo game in the long run, those are the match ups where if you cant out tempo your combo becomes super important because around seven mana you can often just not worry about the board and just win. But yes, I have still been pondering if there is room to fit that tech in somewhere but as of yet I have not found a spot for it. And as for Ironclad I tried him out, but decided bender was still better despite the ramp.

@bepoest I think you just did a pretty good job at explaining it. A combination of those things mixed the the extra abuse of Maev being able to abuse shaman and Gansher just really push it over the edge. Maev plays a better tempo game then Lillith does and this deck is all about getting that tiny leg up in the first couple turns. In metas past lilliths support of darkfire and combo approach was the better bet, but how things are now that tiny bit of tempo mixed with the many small buffs and tweaks to maevs kit has really pushed her above the rest of the pack.


Death, I’m thinking about trying out other factions that have midrange archetypes since midrange in songhai at the moment is too weak. Do you have any suggestions excluding Magmar? Whatever deck you suggest doesn’t necessarily have to be midrange though, but something that is strong and focuses on minions and positioning.


The majority of my decks tend to fit that bill as that is my style and also what I want duelyst to be so I try to promote that. Take a gander, or feel free to ask for someone specific.


I think the most interesting deck I have seen is a tempo lyonar with immo, oath, BTA, etc.

Although it looks fun, I am unsure about how much better it would do in comparison to Midrange Kaleos.


I think you may like playing Titan.


Maybe, but the deck is definitely worse than midrange hai as the meta is very fast.

Maybe Wanderer Brome would be somewhat similar and more viable, but I dislike wanderer.


Here is my current work in progress for tempo oriented lyonar:

I will be filling in lyonar stuff soonish.


Do you think your tempo lyonar list is equal to a healyonar list? It seems like healyonar is harder to pilot but very strong.


Still testing, as for healnar I have never really gotten the hang of it my self. Its a surprisingly advanced deck that plays pretty different then most decks, and I find my self always prefering argeon/brome sometimes with more or less heal focus. I would recommend chatting up powinthekissa or keyrin for advice on it.



Updated the Lyonar section with a bunch of stuff. May still be a few more to come.


Love your Owlbeast Punch deck. I use more Arcanysts though, but your choice seems more original. I’d definitely try that!


Thanks, it’s very all in on its combo, I am rather fond of it. I still need to try out Lifestream, but I can’t find anything I want to cut.


I see you don’t use point removal though. I try to use Martyrdom to counter Wanderer himself. What do you do with him?


Win before six mana. The insane amount of cycles make this surprisingly feasible. Wanderer is also the least likely deck to be able to stop your combo.


Speaking of Black Magic deck.

When you play it, do you waste cycling spells in order to find owlbeast as fast as possible, or do you tend to discount and save them, and look for Owlbeast via other means?

I was trying to save them, but more often than not I find Owl too late…


Hey DA, would you mind attempting to make a modern meta Keeper Vaath? Because seeing a single Vaath deck is kinda underwhelming, when you see the 1 Vaath deck and then look at all the other decks for other Mag generals(especially Starhorn).


Digging for your combo is the highest priority, you don’t save cycles (other then an aegis for owl/pris), but you often don’t play abjucator right away. The whole deck is either combo, cycle, or control so you always dig into more cycle or what your looking for. The airdrop effect is almost never used it’s almost purely for the cycle, allthough sometimes it’s effect is handy.

@alexx55 Every deck I make for Vaath ends up looking very similar to the one I have for him or being better suited for another general. If it has a silly gimmick Starhorn is better for consistency, if it does not have room for earth, nat select, and plasma it tends to be better suited for Rag. Vaath just has so many staples there is little room to mess with his decks.

Keeper decks are having a bad time in the meta at the moment, they can struggle vs aggro, they have a tough time out valuing fault or wanderer, and the excess of transform based removal is really hard on them. The only semi modern keeper list I have is Ragnora, allthough I can certainly do my best to update them and fine tune a Vaath variant if you like. It may take a few days though, or I could just whip up some quick rough drafts if you prefer.

Apex still works decently for Vaath allthough Starhorn is some fierce competition. And a more dedicated golem list can also work but is likely more suited for Rag.


Yeah, it may be kind of a problem.

Im in no hurry, was just asking if I could see one someday, and I am happy to hear that I will.


Here are my rough drafts: