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DeathsAdvocate's Master Thread: Eternal Trials of Mythron


I’m tempted to burn my spirit and build it. I’ll probably end up short and replace sexy Neko with fat Necro for now though. :disappointed_relieved:

EDIT: I built the Lilithe version in its complete awesomeness. It’s pretty fun and packs a punch. My first match was against Starhorn, card draw was a bit overabundant. :wink:


Nekoma is pretty crucial to the deck, but its got such good card advantage already it would do at least as a temporary placeholder.


Btw, I summon @atheistmantis, he may be interested in this discussion.


god i just realized letigress will give abomination rush + ranged. I used to run jaxi + bunch of arcanyst, now im tempted to try the dying wish one.


@bepoest @alplod

Have had only marginal success with the Lilith variant. Its competitive but struggles keeping up with the meta. It is a ton of fun though, and I may have had just a bit of bad luck as my games were always close, I will test it more later.

Moving onto a Maev variant using my S rank Dying wish shell, just subbing out dagona/bender tech for the unbirth tiger combo:

Not sure if what I dropped is the best choice, but going to give it a whirl as is.


Oh! Abhorrent Unbirth with just 1 minion and Chakram, this really highlights the power of this deck.


Oh man, a really satisfying first game for the Maev Variant:



Have you considered SILVER, Bonecrusher and Wild Tahr for a Lilithe (chakram) variant with Mechs over DW?


I dont quite follow.


If you decided to commit to Mechs over Wish wouldn’t you want S.I.L.V.E.R. in order to get an extra win condition with rush via Metaltooth more consistent thanks to committing? (Still using Abhorrent) Alternatively both Wild Tahr and Bonecrusher can pump extra damage to Abhorrent too.


I do have a dedicated mech variant in the master thread, but I don’t run silver as its rather slow and awkward. Silver sort of requires its own build with darkfire and what not, and would be a touch redundant with unbirth. Now perhaps I am underestimating its potential and there could be room for it in my dedicated mech version but I am skeptical.

I dont see Tahr or Crusher really fitting, getting anything on the field to stick is pretty tough as it is and they are neither mechs or dying wish so they it just doesent really fit, plus tahr can be played around and is redundant with chakram.


Speaking of Abhorrent Maehv, I played a couple of games with your version. Maybe I’m doing something wrong, but

  1. Without shaman nothing sticks.
  2. Chakram is awful when nothing sticks.
  3. Don’t have enough 0 mana cards in hand to summon an OTK at 7 mana with tiger.
  4. Lure hinders my own combo (oh, blasphemy!)

So I play the following (remade my version a bit):

2-3 mana DW minions allow us to have 0 mana opportunities on the crucial turn, early Vorpal is a threat which allows us to distract opponent early game, or a part of OTK if we are lucky to preserve it until 7 mana (or 6 if firestarter sticks). Refill with rite is often very valuable if you managed to ramp at least twice before.

Most things we summon have high attack, so if pretty anything sticks - it helps.

Didn’t play enough games to present any statistics, but my version has more consistent Unbirth combo and seems to suit my playstyle better. It’s less control, less versatile, more all-in. Still going to run more tests with both versions.

Thanks for the discussion! I’m also going to try triple ramp Lil version, seems fun!


Over around 10 games my Maev Version is rocking a perfect record. If you caught last nights stream I played a bunch with it in the last half, you can always check the Vod as well. It will make it into the thread proper soon.

You don’t need 0 cost things to do a dedicated combo, the fact that you throw out two or three decent sized threats nearly every turn means your eventually going to get a decent board to stick, or just kill them long before the combo. Chakram is also amazing here again your rarely without board, it’s good with tiger, and it’s great with unbirth.

How I play is digging hard for ramp for your opening play or turn two, combo tends to get replaced this early as seven mana is the earliest you will use it plus it’s a back up plan not the main focus. I rarely play more then two Ramp cards unless I have been blessed with excess Deso/Nekoma, and finding at least one deso/Nekoma is a high priority at all times.

Yours looks sollid allthough skipping deso and lure is criminal, I think rite is fairly bad here and deso is almost strictly better. Maev (and unbirth) wants bodies so Azure herald and or Deso should go in before pulse.

Being combo focused certainly works, adding in a touch more card advantage with void hunter would let you Ramp at will. I love traditional Ramp with big units but it has not felt good in today’s meta, but other then Vet/Vanar it’s still very sollid and fun.


I should really watch your VOD then. You know I tend to do a couple of misplays every game. I guess, I just didn’t feel your deck properly.

Pulse is here due to being cheap, btw, for more effective rite usage.

EDIT. Watched your VOD. I now see the light. I’ll retry your deck.


Well its officially in the thread now. Have you had better luck with it, or any new insight on it or other variants?

Help me build my ultimate shadow creep deck

Well, somehow I just seem to suck at anything not being ArtiHai recently. Any deck. I’m hardstuck Diamond 5.

It just proves your point of solo decks not being Duelyst :confused: Seems I just forgot how to play Duelyst properly…

But I’m still eager to therycraft more :slight_smile:

BTW, I’m really glad you liked it :slight_smile:

EDIT. @deathsadvocate, can you name a couple of specific matchups, where Azure Herald is useful in this deck?


Vs all things songhai or starhorn, and just aggro in general which has been on the uprise due to wanderer. Plus due to maevs self harm its just great for her, plus it has a perfect body to trade with once then use for her BBs.


So, basically, don’t replace ever?


I almost never replace it versus those match ups, but I usually replace it (unless its my only opening play) when it is not those as its better late game if needed at all.


I have a couple of questions regarding specific matchups, which seem harder for me, if you don’t mind.

  1. Any Arcanyst, especially Hai. (yeah, I meet them)
  2. Grow Magmar (many wanderers in Diamond seem to have a meaningful grow suit, which I seem to autolose against.)

Basically anything demanding dispell, as you see.

I think inserting lightbender back could help, but what to get rid of? It may lessen the number of DW minions, which makes the deck less effective overall.

That DW dispell is also an option. Or not?