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DeathsAdvocate's Master Thread: Eternal Trials of Mythron


Yea, was just a rough draft, card advantage was a concern without Nekoma/Desolator. Tried to cover it with replicant, void, and ink. Sentinels are a pretty sollid budget card advantage engine.

Another quick draft:


If the curve is to low shoving replicant or inkhorn back in would probably do the trick.

@masterhuehue yea I really loath wanderer. The lack of consistent gameplan, and the high variance just feels like to much of an RNG crapshoot propped up by an overturned card. I can’t argue that wanderer is very strong and as long as you build with a proper curve and redundancy it works just fine, I have a few drafts floating around but no real interest in promoting it.


That’s pretty close to what I ended up with. Mine is a little more aggro, with tigers and void pulse. Went on a bit of a win streak with it, so am happy to take it to my budget account in a week or two. Thanks for the help mate.


If you had to compare’em, which deck would have less of a hard time vs Wanderer Reva/Ragnora, Aggro Songhai and Combo Ragnora?


Compare all my decks vs those four? Unfortunately that is a bit of an issue right now it’s hard to be good vs both wanderer and Aggro, but most of my S tank lists tend to fit the bill.


Have you considered adding a single Twin Fang to your modified mech Dance deck? It can serve as another wincon and probably wouldn’t brick the deck too much (considering its inconsistency)


I have not tried a split between them, but I suspect your better off going 3x on one and committing, the deck is pretty stretched thin as it is and using fang or mandrake have very different styles. Mandrake tries to combo asap and backline your general, Fang bides it’s time trying to stay alive and keep your general in range.

Either work, but I do not think both is a good idea.


@deathsadvocate, your Arcanyst unbirth deck lacks one card. What is it? :slight_smile:


Ritual, has been fixed.


I guessed so :wink:


Hi again, @deathsadvocate!

I constantly have a creative urge lately, and now I’m trying Abhorrent Unbirth.

Classical swarm approach lacks the necessary persistance of bodies for the card, so do mechs. So I decided to try double Ramp DW Unbirth deck.

Unobvious choices are Cacophynos, who is usually bad, but here it’s a high attack card with built in hard removal (which seems good for Abhorrent) and Ironclad (but he’s again good against Ragnoras and Revas, dispelling eggs or heartseekers, and also has a body).

Vorpal is also a notable inclusion. Having Rush-Celerity Abomination is usually an OTK.

Do you have any suggestions? I was never fond of DW archetype, so I’ll be glad for any advice.


I would swap Cacophynos for Furor Chakram. Your Abomination would be stronger, and with so many Rush minions I think Chakram makes up for the loss of close quarters removal.


I am concerned you dont have enough mechs to make metaltooth/unbirth work, if your not arcanyst Letigress tends to be better then firestarter, and 3x tiger should be the first prioity (although fire is solid if its a budget issue), and 3x sources is likely overkill unless your just dedicated combo control without another archtype like DW mixed in.

I am also concerned about splitting your focus to much as your trying to build a double ramp dying wish deck but with very few dying wish units. I am also a tad skeptical on Maev over Lilith for Unbirth but I could be completely wrong there.

Here is a quick draft I whipped up that tries to keep the spirit of what you are doing:


Dying wish is not the main win con, but it can provide a ton of tempo, and more importantly an insane amount of card advantage/digging power and the ability to throw down a ton of free bodies the turn you want to unbirth. Chakram is a pretty big staple and not only is it super scary with how it interacts with Unbirth its also great with your rush units. Mix a few staples in there and it actually looks really dang good, I will have to give it a shot.



I also would have used Letigress over Firestarter, but I happen to have 0 copies of the former, so

I think to avoid using mechs altogether though, opting for Firestarter+Tiger as a combo enabler.

All in all, I like the ability to summon lots of bodies, which are hard to remove, and convert them to Abomination.

BTW, I don’t like Deso in this deck. Too little offensive power. If it was 3/1 though…sigh…


Yea tiger/fire is fine if you want to skip the mech package allthough the mech package does suit the deck well. Fire/Tiger are a bit more expensive so you would probably want to rock darkfire if thats the route you chose, and then you could also make it sort of like a ramp deck with stuff like vorpal and what not.


@alplod Ended up not finding room for the fire starter here either, primary wincon is just TRIPLE ramp, plus awesome fancy unbirth combos as a secondary. Unfortunately dedicated ramp lists like this have been struggling in todays meta, and its curve is way more awkward then the cheap metaltooth variant. Its neat and has potential, could probably be refined further, and or you may be able to cram firestarter in there somewhere.


Thx, I’ll definitely try both of your suggestions and report what’s going on :slight_smile:

Still not sold on Deso though. It’s a staple, especially in Maehv, and for a reason, but its stats make it an underwhelming choice for Unbirth decks, IMO.

Also not sure if the draw is enough, but I’ll definitely have more thoughts about this after actually testing.


Ah jeez just came up with a great name but it may be a bit inappropriate:

Aborted: Cus you know…dying unbirth…


Also Deviation.

Cause you know, Abhorrent Wish :joy:


I like it, a little more of a stretch, but less inapropes.

@alplod IMO Deso is still just to good to pass up. It is such a staple and is the decks only source of healing/ping, plus card advantage, plus dying wish, and low attack hardly matters as the decks whole point is its ability to toss out a lot of things.


I really like that we’re back to Lilithe here. I feel this version is very solid but boy I wonder how the card draw balances out.


I will give it some testing but I figure replicant, void, deso, and nekoma should be quite enough, we will see though.

Ramp version can just play on curve.

@bepoest @alplod

Can confirm card advantage is no issue at all, in fact its a touch high :p, I am burning cards if I don’t open with early ramp. But I don’t think I would want to cut back as it lets you really go crazy with ramps as it stands. So far loving the deck, it just might actually be top notch. (Have not tested the darkfire variant and may not get around to it.)


All kinds of fun this game.