DeathsAdvocates Fan Made Balance Patch


Mantra does use board. I recently watched a replay between you and a mantra player. I suggest you do too, from both from his side and yours, as you had many ways to beat him handily and failed to do so because:

1- you have failed to learn the matchup up
2- positioned and replaced poorly despite knowing his gameplan t2 onward.

I’m sorry, you got some cool decks and are an awesome influence on the community, but Christ- this mantra hate is a meme at this point because you refuse to learn the fundamentals.


Ok first of all super uncool. Personal attacks and straw man arguments are not ok. This just makes you look really bad man.

Ahem. I have a very high winrate versus it because I know the match up very well and tech for it because I loath it.

I suspect your referring to my livestream matchup with my really off meta aggressive cass list. If you actually watch the stream I explained everything I did as well as did a lot of quick math and statistics as I went. Jay was also there giving his advice. Was the match winnable? Sure. Did I make some mistakes? Yea, I am extra prone to doing so on stream because I am spending a lot of time interacting with the audience, and yea sometimes people just mess up.

But there were quite a few moves that may have seemed odd but they were a combination of playing a bit of an unusual deck and playing around several more statistically likely outcomes when I was put into the position of there are four things I need to play around, I can play around three of them and be vulnerable to one, or play around the less likely one. And in that match not only did I mess up a little but also I lost the 1/4 statistic chance. Going after me for one game is not cool

I have never complained about Spellhai being unbeatable, only that there is very little interaction as the only thing you can do is apply pressure and either be aggressive or conserve health but it’s often a crapshoot of which is the better option. Skill is indeed a factor on both sides, but in this match up particular there is far less involved on the non Spellhai player and largely based on the excuting players abilities and hand.

Point is, yes there is interaction, however Spellhai has both the least amount and is in general just an unhealthy, highrollly deck, with little to no counterplay other then some very basic fundamentals. It uses the board the least in what IMO is supposed to be a board game.

I am even going to go so far as to provide direct evidence and examples instead of just resorting to calling you a huge jerk for that post like you just effectively did to me. You are welcome to disagree with me about wether it isn’t fair or healthy, but everything I have said is accurate despite portions of it being opinion based:




Do i like faie? No. Do I have a problem with her? No. Because other then Faie her self the rest of Vanar is all about board and counterplay.

Would I complain if all burn, including Faie was removed? No. But that’s drastic and not happening. So instead I am trying to push burn in that direction as a whole.

I like your post, and realize it was intended as satire, but it’s is actually a good point.


I hope you’re taking notes, CPG.


Well I read the Mag and Van portions and the proposed ideas for Wanderer and Ka and I agree with all of it so I gotta say DA is definitely onto something.


I am a very direct person. I Call out shit and expect others to do the same. I did not attack you at all, and if you took it personally, know that I am sorry.

Again, that does not excuse the fact you are not only speaking mistruths about a toxic deck you obviously do not understand, but also attack it on the grounds of it not being board-based when you lose to it by and large due to inferior positioning and turn-planning (going balls to the wall aggro— particularly the 6 points of face you gave for free— against a deck with finite burn while piloting a deck with 10+ points of healing on average draw is proof enough. Note- macro replace decisions with mantra should focus on forcing reactive play early, while holding heal as burst for 5-7 mana, as it screws their two turn lethal calculations).

I actually agree mantra is toxic, but not for your reasons. Rather, the heal allows it to outsustain decks which should beat it, enabling grindy spiral/ barrage lethals. Branding it “not board-based” takes away from this argument in the same way complaining about wanderer ragnora takes away from the brokeness that is flash reincarnation.

Again, watch the replay. Understanding the match up will cut away most of your frustration.


actually takes notes

(Don’t mind me, I’m just a memer who dislikes Mantra)


yes thank you, this is better suited for vanar.

however - frostfire and vespirian might just got super scary.


i for one welcome both frostfire and vesperian might destroying us all :v


ohh yes please:)
i would love it if vespyrs rule the dooly world


This version of faie would be the nuts


I would love to see it as an Awesome BBS.


If Awesome this birb should have rush.


And go full watergreatballmachinegun


And Celerity. :smiling_imp:


Greater birb
3 mana
Drop waterball on evry opponent
Reactive your bbs
It now cost 0


not sure if greater waterball or dropping greater turds. :thonk:

well to be fair scarring your opponents like that is surely worth 4 damage at least. :sirpenti:


You are doing it wrong. It should be “your BBS is always active”.


your wrong as well it should be
“your bbs activates any time you take any action”.