DeathsAdvocates Fan Made Balance Patch


Yes but both lili and reva need other sinergy card to make bbs worth it. Ripper is just too good on his own AND broken if you use other sinergy card. Rebirth alone is annoying cause you have to take care of it twice, celerity is pure nonsense imho, i dont get why people feel it should have some kind of compensation if they remove celerity. A 3/1 rebirth, where you can also target the position is already more powerful than zirix or lili bbs imho.

Maybe 2/1 rebirth is a bit too harsh of a nerf, but especially if you compare all the other general bbs it still would be on par


I really want to buff Sajj more towards the control direction. Notion of Starless Eternity Sajj is fine and all, but some defensive cards can really do get good:

Atom Klinger
3 mana
Whenever you equip an artifact, gain + attack equal to its cost. When this deals damage, restore that much health to your general.

Change cost to 4 mana, or make Bloodfire Totems steal 1 health instead of dealing 1 damage.

3 mana
Frenzy, Bloodsurge: Give your general Frenzy until end of turn.


Klinger seems me excessive. I like the idea of giving her some more sturdiness but overall i see the beauty of Sajj in roughly the same concept as Ilena’s: they’re obsidian blades, frail but terribly sharp - giving them ways to heal can be dangerous and i’d rather reinforce their ways to evade damage.

What would you say of…
Grove Lion
Cost down to 5, effect changed for “While this minion is in the battlefield, reduce the first damage dealt to your General by 2”? Yes, Regalia, but neutral, more expensive and relatively easier to remove.


The problem of Sajj is Sajj. Her bbs is just trash and shoul have been reworked a long time ago imho


with celerity, of course.


I’d say poorly supported instead of weak on its own. She’s one perfect ‘clear with face, set stuff up’ general but things recently made doing so rather… Suicidal. I was having a blast a while ago with a Blast/Reliquarian setup but man, game’s been cruel recently.


That can’t work, though.
How do you clear a regalia, then? Lyonar will run regalia 100% of the time.


No its weak on his own. Think about that ,its the only bbs that requires an additional action (attack with your general) to do anything. You can take any sajj deck and switch with zirix and you Will get the same result if not better


Regalias don’t multi-layer in that way. Having two means you reduce the first ping you take by 4, but subsequent blows go through as normal. Anything above that threshold also damages it.
The Grovegalia gets ‘dispelled’ the moment big guy is gone as well. Lyo plays it, you remove it, you remove both.

@project2el Shidai, Kara, Kassyva. Most others requires setup, have relatively disadvantageous obligations or sets you back by potentially favoring your enemy (Starhorn and Zir’an).


Is Vaath also weak?


Shidai put a card in your action bar, cassyva deal damage to minions. With Kara you must summon something thats true (and look Kara is also a weak general) but is still easier than attacking a minion with your general .
@niklaren vaath bbs gives you +1 attack regardless of what you do and its permanent, the differences are clear


Doesn’t do anything if you don’t do an attack action with it though is my point.

I sorta disagree with your phrasing. Sajj BBS is weak on it’s own, but not because it requires an additional action. If it worked on generals it’d be very scary.

it’s weak because it’s too conditional for if it’s actually useful.


I probably said it wrong but you get the point. If a bbs is too situational no cards can make it better


The way i see it, it would be akin what if Ilena hadn’t Gauntlet, but in the other way around: she gets the hyper-removal but lacks the stable safety measures to bring forth the best out of it.


Vaath BBS is very strong in a vacuum, but hot garbage in the current Meta. Have fun getting killed by Ka-Ka



I added “I would like to see some buffs to the minions that support Artifact Sajj but not necessarily NOSE, but as for what they would be I do not know.”


I’ll work my hand on that loadout.


so just a thought on faies bbs that could change or perhaps make it stronger (is just an idea ive been playing with and just felt like sharing it)

summon a warbird nearby your general

1 mana Vespyr
when this minion moves deal 2 damage to enemy units in the column it moves to.

on a sidenote if nothing else this could also be worked for illena’s bbs changing the 2 damage into a stun when it moves near a unit.


I love it. Man your suggestions are great. While I take no issue with faie as she is, I would love this much more.

Not quite sure I want to add it in though as it may be a bit strong, where as zanes may be a touch weak.


I don’t like the permanency to it, tho, but the idea is noble and similar to stuff i once thought of.

1 mana vespyr 2/1 Flying and Frenzy?

@deathsadvocate i’m in peace with that seeming weakness because it restructures how Faie is built a lot. Having an assured vespyr sets her to go for Vespyr builds so this fellow can get quite strong by sheer buffing, i think, not to tell minor synergies like Elemental.

Edit: have it - the grand SajjFact support fiesta a la Zanes


Some of the oddest choices are mostly on how i like to mix Artiftruvian with Thefttruvian a little.