DeathsAdvocates Fan Made Balance Patch


Mechazor: To 9/9. Without spell immunity and better mech support it has become very underwhelming even when not answered it is not much of a win condition, this will make it at least answer or die again and make combos revolving around it potent.

I’ve been on the receiving end of a turn 2 Mechazor from Nightmare Operant, yet I didn’t see him in your list to change RNG. I shudder to think about dealing with a 9/9 instead.


I forgot about Nightmare Operant. Yea that’s an issue. Any suggestions for changing operant?


I think maybe Dying Wish: Progress Mechazor by 40%. It’s a decent amount of progress for it’s cost, but it has counter play with transform/dispel.


I’m thinking it could be turned into a Deathwatch: +10% to mechazor progress
or something similar.

The balance patch got a lot of stuff in it, but i kind of don’t agree with white widow/vitriol buff. as much as i appreciate the idea of the receiving end being able to position the minions in a safer formation, I’m not a fan of adding more reliable damage ping to the game, even more so when it’s healyonar (who was a lot of early game damage as it is), and replace(who just got a kron buff. I mean come on. No one has made a replace meme, but it’s a solid meme deck rn. I don’t want it to become competitively viable just because it got buffed hard.)


Yes, Duelyst is by far the most creative card game. But I was responding to this part of your post:

In most CCGs, you can’t respond during your opponent’s turn.


I’ve been wondering what thoughts to post about this balance patch. I don’t want to make it long so I will just say something that I think almost everyone (except for DA possibly) can agree on.

If you are striving to make the game purely balanced around the board and this patch is a good indicator of your design tendencies, Magmar will always remain the top faction.


You, sir, have gone mad. :wink:


Duelyst is a tactical board game. That’s what makes it great, that’s what makes it different. That’s what I would think folks are here for.

If you want to play a card game there are better card games that duelyst has no hope of competing with. If you want to play a board game, there is almost no online, successful, digital, pvp competition.

Yes Duelyst is a hyrbid CCG with many interesting elements of both generes, and is marketed at such. But what makes it great is the board, so I am trying to put the focus on that.


It’s actually crazy, isn’t it? I was also thinking of something like:

3 mana
Abyssian minion
5% mechaz0r progress for every wraithling summoned.


Guys, simpler.
Opening Gambit AND Dying Wish: +20% Z0r.


Except that magmar, and all their removal, have tons of counterplay. Notice that I added a few more 4/5 bodies to the game, as well as left all their natural counters in place, and even targeted them for a few small nerfs. And less board focused archtypes certainly still exist, I am just trying to nudge them into having counterplay/being more healthy.


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But do we really want to lock it into only being played in full mechazor decks? I sort of like the aspect of it not having to be stuck there.

I have no idea what needs to be changed about it, so I just added that it needs a change to my patch.


We don’t have to, but the name and art would look suspicious if it had something unrelated to mechs. It’s probably best to design a new two drop entirely rather than tinker too much with Operant.


Personally yes, Mecha decks should be generally insulated unto themselves and maybe expanded sparingly with further alterations to them, but never using core mechanics to feed them, but perhaps the other way around.

The closest thing to this in my mind could be fiddling with ways to add class-based support to non-Z0r endgame mechs. Stuff like Trials to unlock a thematic hypermech or something in the lines of Pantheran, Taura or Mandrake where the costs are defined by a faction-based trigger.

Notes taken for future dives into the design pit, heh.


why not make Nightmare Operant give additional mechazor progression each time a mech card is played?

whenever you summon a mech, progresses mechaz0r build by 5%.

not sure what youd wanna do to it statwise but that my thought on how to change it.


Flees the theme of death of Abyss.


Thought of a simple one:

Dying Wish: Add a mech from your deck to your hand.

Complete opposite of its current form, and is now like a nifty replicant outside of mechs, or can pull key units.


I saw a part of Scarzig’s stream where he was commenting on your suggestions (he said hi BTW), and there are a lot of those I disagree with, so I’m not going into that. But there are also a couple of general points I’d like to comment on.

I think this is self-contradicting. Answer or die stuff is exactly rock-paper-scissors but with 2 elements instead of 3. You either answer or you don’t and there’s no room for playing around. And to me “counterplay” equals to exactly this - you counter or you don’t. One of the things I criticize CPG for, how they go out of their way to put their name into the core of the game.

Sadly, random is by design, just like the oh-so-healthy frustration. I think it even was in one of the devs’ interviews, how random is good as it works as a leveling field for new players, so they can high roll and win against players with higher skill and experience so not to feel overwhelmed.
This design approach is a cheap trick for both sides.

Finally, I don’t really get all the nerf calls for Blue Conjurer. Owlbeast is the problem, I don’t remember Conjurer ever being one.


Yeah, as for Wanderer, I don’t like the +1/+1 thing at all. He’s already 5 mana in stats by himself, and then he basically gives you 1 mana value for each minion you summon.
I think he should at least lose his base stats and either one of the two he gives to other minions (e.g., 3/3 6 mana Destiny: your minions have +1 attack).
Alternatively, I’d change him to Destiny: the first minion you summon each turn costs 1 less.


Nerf wanderer harder. That boi needs to go.
New Wanderer:

Tino Johnson
6 mana Mythron
Trial Your deck only contains one of each card.
Destiny Good for you.