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DeathsAdvocate's Budget Guide: Immortal Vanguard Update


That was my first instinct, but looking at the lack of bandit, jux, and the fact that IF is so much better for Reva, and how underwhelming Kal is unless he is carefully built around I figured Reva would be a much better place to start on a budget.


@kirabi a good deck, but double the price range of what I was aiming for.

I am also avoiding epics and trying to keep it about 2k spirit, which is already a bit of an investment for a brand new player.


It has nine p1t1 opening plays (I absolutly include mask), and an excessive amount of p2 plays.

Thunderbomb has pretty much replaced Phonex fire, and the deck just does not have the card advantage to lower it further for Phoenix fire or more two drops. But where it stands at the moment it’s curve to card advantage raitio is fairly balanced.

It has a host of powerful synergistic abilities that are realativily easy to learn and affordable. It has performed well during my limited play testing. But I am perfectly open to suggestions as I am far from a Songhai main, heck I mentioned you specifically in the decks description as someone to go to for Songhai advice.

Hundredhands is the slot I am most skeptical on, it has nice mindgames from running two sentinels and its not a bad card, but its eh. I was thinking about putting blazehound there for a touch more card advantage.


My issue is deck composition rather than intent, actual number of 2 drops aside (and not exactly the beefiest of minions at that), the deck suffers from an exceptionally poor P1 gameplan. Bomb might be better than PF, but it cannot produce the same quality of tempo early on, which Reva desperately needs, you have the ability to answer but not ask questions, and for a budget deck this feels especially problematic.

I’m actually fine with 6 2drop minions, as it has been a feature of many of my Songhai lists, but the issue here is comeback mechanics and questionable minion quality and lack of draw.

Why not include Katara over chakri for instance, to compliment your IF/KE/MDS package (while also acting as draw with KE) over the relic that is Chakri Avatar?

Why 100 hands specifically? Not only is he the weakest of all 3 sentinels available to you but crucially doesn’t offer you the same versatility another 2drop such as Shiro, Jaxi, Primus or Healing Mystic would.

Oni is powered to be sure, but far less so in a list without Jux or Blink as it’s less of a value backline generator since you have less options to actually engage in combat. Sojourner on the other hand survives better due to it’s body and is superior at carrying buffs such as KE.

The list has also no top end to speak of and seeing as it has no minions or spells that offer substantial pressure early on that seems like a death sentence, fan of Geomancer that I am, I’d rather cut the the geomancer/strikes and get some Dancing Blades in there to actually provide some much needed tempo as you transition into the mid game.


Yea I mentioned I was probably swapping hundred hands for blazehound, think I will go through with that now that I have some confirmation. Which do you think would fit better Hound or Sojuner? Id consider one of your recommended two drops as they make a lot of sense, but I would be concerned if I lowered the curve without adding draw.

Chakri is such a powerhouse, especially with this spell heavy list that’s primary subtheme is spellprocs, I think he is a much better fit with IF/Ke/MDS and I just don’t feel comfortable going for backstab without at least Jux and or Kal, although I always forget that KE can cycle on backstab.

Because of the decks spellprocing needs and how horrifying Oni is to face I feel its a pretty mandatory card advantage engine for this style.

I feel like the deck actually applies a ton of pressure early on and verges on an aggro list so the top end was much less of concern. Going midrange over spellprocs would just be a very different list altogether, but that does seem to be what your suggesting, which would be a fine alternative, but I shied away from it since most of the midrange tools are not cheap, and I felt this would give a better taste of the factions tools.

Perhaps I should just put a Kal list here, he is the first general after all:


Thoughts @eurasianjay @reignzu ?


You have a fascination with cutting Phoenix Fires from Songhai lists and try as I might, I’m struggling to see why.


Unless your dedicated spellhai I just don’t see it being worth it, I would much rather have thunderbomb nowadays.


PTSD  :fire: :fire: :fire:


Kaido is ok, but idk about chakri tho. Even after CC nerf i still dont like his 1/2 stats, except in arcanyst deck.
Overall looks good, but still i would run PF over Thunderbomb. Not for the burn but for removal, it is cheaper. For example as t1p2, i can summon 2 drop and then clear enemy minion with PF which is usually has 3 health. In other case Thunderbomb doesnt really needed except for swarm (i think). 3 mana best removal is OBS, but since this is budget, 2 mana PF is still better to remove minion with 3 health. Or i could just run both and remove gotatsu, but that will be burn deck.

I still remember played full backstab back then, and deal 10 damage just using Katara+mds+inner focus. Too bad Katara will be rolled out after the rotation. Rip.


i climbed from rank 10 to rank 5 with 15 wins 2 losses with the swarm lilithe deck. i was sceptical of inklink surge, replicant, ritual banishing, furor chakram, shadowdancer and the abscence of zyx but i can’t argue with results. i still think shadowdancer is redundant and may be better cut for zyx, EMP or something else that cycles but the rest all pulled weight in one game or another.
you can make much stronger decks for lyonar and magmar with holy immolation and makantor warbeast for the same spirit cost and the budget faie deck i went 34/14 from rank 4 to S with in november is nearly half the cost of the faie deck you have here but the vetruvian deck looks solid and the budget swarm lilithe feels stronger than the version i’ve been playing on and off for a while. i’ll be trying for s-rank with it this month.


Heh your skeptical about all the backbones of the deck :P. Zyx I would find redundant and he only fits in dedicated hyperswarm which is not a cheap deck. Dancer is still a powerhouse in slower swarm builds. EMP has no real place in Swarm, it’s slow and it conflicts with your important artifacts and field buffs. Banish does not always make it into hyperswarm lists but for a slower one like this it’s pretty important.

My Faie list is a touch on the pricy side, but my goal here is to give something people can probably build in a couple days and feel really powerful, not just make it the cheapest possible. November was a long time ago, game has changed quite a bit since then, but if you have a better suggestion I am all ears.

Of course holy/makantor make those decks much stronger, I mention them under their upgrade recommendations. But epics are expensive and for a new player get you pretty committed to a faction.

I am glad the decks are serving you well, thanks for the feedback.


my budget faie deck https://i.imgur.com/gDCzW6f.png


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