DeathsAdvocate Stream Info


Not one scheduled today, depends on if this evenings plans get cancled or not…I mean I guess I could try to do a short one at work??? Around lunch so like 2.5 hours from now?


sounds cool



At work stream doesn’t look like its going to work out. Unless you wanted a silent stream where I just type at people, but at that point may as well just spectate me.

Maybe after lunch if it stays slow, but no promises. Next scheduled stream is my usual sunday evening one.


Usual Wednesday stream starting soon.


Usual sunday stream starting in less then 20 minutes.


Usual Wednesday stream starting soon.


Usual sunday stream starting shortly.


Stream starting shortly, bit earlier then usual due to evening plans.


Going to attempt to live stream playing in the Meta Retreat tournament today.


I think I will be taking the night off as I am a bit feverish.


Get some rest, man. Its been pretty brutal these past few weeks, no one will blame you.


Going to try and do at least a short stream this evening starting in less then two hours. Still recovering from flu so forgive me.


Are you changing the thread title some day? At this stage it’s probably a rather good possibility that you might indeed be streaming sometimes :upside_down_face:


Usual Wednesday stream starting shortly.


Usual Sunday stream starting shortly.


Aight, i’ll be back to watch on the ol laptop


I was just heading to bed D:, well hopefully catch you next time!


I finally got to sit down and watch a stream since what seems like forever.

I saw your post pop up on his screen. :joy: :sirpenti:


Usual Wednesday stream starting soon.


Usual Sunday stream starting soon.