DeathsAdvocate Stream Info


Mate - forgive me if this has been asked before; are you based in the USA/Canada, and if so E/W coast? I only ask to try and work out the timezones my side of the pond to try and catch your stream to support…


Did not go well, but I said I would do a short one at that time so I did. Orb give away moved to five hours from now, stream probably starting a bit before that.


USA EDT timezone, I also try to just say “X hours from this post” so timezones are not a factor.


Cool, thanks (should have guessed from coffee shop reference I suppose!!)


Short one starting shortly.


Nothing tonight, still recovering from the dentist. Should be good for tomorrow evening.


Short one starting shortly.

OBS troubleshooting, attempting to update.

OBS is only displaying duelyst as a white screen, with cursor showing. Others windows do seem to work.

Screen capture works, not ideal but it works.


Budget Edition stream starting within the hour.


Not sure if its me, OBS, or twitch. but OBS cant connect.


Should have at least a short unscheduled one this evening. Will be putting together another orb giveaway soon.


Usual Wednesday broadcast tomorrow afternoon.


May actually end up being a morning broadcast in an hour or so.


Orb giveaway this sunday at 7:00, I may have some unscheduled time during the week where you can get an extra chance.


Usual Wednesday evening stream starting soon.


Usual sunday stream starting soon.


Usual Wednesday stream starting in ten minutes or so.


Usual sunday stream starting in less then four hours.


Wednesday stream starting soon.

Just as soon as the client starts working.


Any Songhai tonight?


Short of subscriber requests, probably not.


how long till todays stream?