DeathsAdvocate Stream Info


Ohhhh, I saw it, but I thought it was some kind of channel trailer or an old video. Thank you and I may pop in a couple of times to watch.


Usual Sunday broadcast, about 16 hours from now.


And we are live.


Unscheduled stream starting 30 minutes or so from this post.


Short unscheduled stream starting nowish.


Usual sunday broadcast about five hours from now.


Stream in a little over 12 hours from now.


And we are live.


Busy week, suspect I will only have time for the usual Sunday Broadcast.


Getting started a bit early tonight, live right after this post, I am also planning to do a small orb give away after the holidays for Wednesdays stream. Stop by between today’s stream and then for chances to win.


Short stream starting right after this post.


Stream starting about 14 hours from now, orb give away at 3:00 roughly three hours after it starts.


Views, this is how you get them.

And also by being really intelligent, handsome, and rich like @deathsadvocate :slightly_smiling_face:, my IGN is same as username.


Primary motivation yes, but equally to give back to the viewers since the streamer rewards were generous, and strictly not intended as holiday related, but if that’s the interpretation people want I try not to be to much of a grinch about it.


I’m not complaining, get views, get subscribers, get rich, and live the rest of your life playing video games for money. It’s every (wo)man’s dream.

Also, did you read the part where I said you were handsome, intelligent, and rich not to mention married to scarlett johanson?

Orbs, this is how you get them.


Not rich yet! Need those subscribers! I have a grand total of two.


Stream in 3 hours, right?


Streaming now, give away in three hours.


At least a short one about 10 hours from now.


Broadcasting from the coffee shop may be a bad idea, going to try but may have to just move it to this afternoon.

Mostly here to give the orb giveaway winner another chance to show up and claim his prize, if he doesn’t come then I may do another short one this afternoon with another draw.