DeathsAdvocate Stream Info


Usual sunday broadcast, around 8 hours from now.


Going live shortly, and on a related note, anyone know why twitch is deleting my older videos?


Should have a decently long stream about 10 hours from now.


And we are live.


And we live again.


Will be doing at least a short one today in about three hours.


Unscheduled stream starting shortly.


Late night stream starting soon.


Stream starting shortly


Streaming in about three hours from now.


Will have at least a short stream in around ten hours from now.


And we are live.


Probably at least two hours.


Dude! I just broke the 20 post combo, and apparently that’s a good thing :sirpenti:


Delete your posts (and I’ll delete this one)! We can extend the combo!

Aw… No fun :frowning:

That being said, I do enjoy your streams when I get the chance to watch. If there are any lurkers around here on the fence, do it! Watch the stream!


Plan to stream tomorrow, about 14 hours from now.

(@longshot405 @excogitator please stop removing those…the more posts from other people in the thread, the more likely it gets a visibility bump :(.)


Really ? :wink:  


And we are live.


Do you have a link you can pin on this thread so that people can click on it whenever they want to watch?


Im pretty sure I do have that? The video box in the Op is also a link to my channel/live stream.