DeathsAdvocate Stream Info


Crashes do tend to happen when your computer is a panda with a hat.


I vote for Thursday! :wink:


Looks like I won’t be able to do Tuesday’s anymore, so I will likely do Thursday instead. Won’t have time for more then twice a week so it’s probably going to be Thursday 7-10 and either Wednesday or Sunday.


So the tentative schedule is 7-10 (at night I presume) Thursday and Wednesday/Sunday?

How can you handle 3 straight hours of Duelyst (or any game for that matter)? I’m always getting bored or burned out after the first 2 games!


I love the game, I love the meta, and I also thrive on trying and creating new things, and thanks to the new xpac I have had a lot to work with. And the new one seems to be coming just as I was starting to run out.

I also usually enjoy pushing to top 10 with unusual things. I very rarely play what is considered meta unless it happens to be something I made that caught on, so it just never feel stale to me.

It’s another reason I want to stream as I enjoy helping others, and despite being introverted I like the attention, and that alone can provide additional motivation to play. I also have no clue what a normal streaming window would be so I just sort of ran with the amount of time I would usually play.

I can’t find enough time to play and update all my stuff as it is. I wish I had more.


I’d imagine it’s also more fun to play when people come together on stream and hang out. :slightly_smiling_face:


I won’t know my consistent schedule until mid week. But I do plan to stream this evening for an hour or two starting about 5 EDT (5.5hours from this post.)


Live, and I think I worked out all the kinks.


Moderately successful stream tonight, thanks to everyone who stopped by. I am slowly getting better at this and having fewer technical difficulties each time.

Its tough playing and streaming at the same time, I find myself making way more misplays, its an interesting challenge that I am enjoying despite the various hardships.


Had planned to do later this week, but this new general hype has got me all excited, gona try streaming tonight, very shortly!


Shout me out thanks :V and good luck :3


Another Unscheduled stream now! More ragnora stuff.


Streaming very soon.


And we are back on.


Going to stream in an hour or two.


And we are live.


Going live soon.


Going to do at least a short one this afternoon.


Going live shortly.


Should be doing a long stream in about 11 hours from this post.