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DeathsAdvocate Stream Info


Early trend continues, starting within the hour.


Fuck, I’m late!


Stream is buffering every 10 seconds for me. Fuck my internet.


same for me… maybe its not your internet


It is my internet.


Early trend continues, starting within the hour.


May be taking a break until the season ends, meaning likely skipping today and wednessday. But then I will be back to my regular days after that. Things are super busy for me, Wednesday is Halloween, and servers are a bit of a crapshoot at the moment.

I have considered streaming some other things like Darksouls, Super Smash Flash, or Chess Evolved but I am not sure if there is any interest for that, nor am I that great at them, and again time is limited.


Luckily the servers are fine again.


Starting within the hour. Sorry for missing the last couple days and starting at an unusual time.

@bepoest hope you make it.


Starting withing two hours.


Between the demise of Artificer Academy and the lack of a much needed patch, I no longer feel pressured for that twelve hour minimum. I am going to cut back just a touch. I will still stream every Wednesday likely earlier in the day, but I am only going to stream every other Sunday now. As I do work every other weekend so its always been awkward to Stream on the Sundays I work.

Given I may still have unscheduled streams, or if someone actually asks me to stream I likely will. So anyways, this is my work weekend, so no scheduled stream today.


Stream starting shortly.


Stream starting in roughly an hour.


Hehe, time to ride my meme decks to diamond while he’s preoccupied with work :japanese_ogre: :smiling_imp:


I have also just been playing jank as I can’t stomach the meta right now.




WAIT! In this one Maehv only has 1 nose, where did the other one go???


She’s NOwhere to be SEen


Stream starting shortly.


Possibly live-streaming some team wars stuff but that won’t be for another six plus hours. If we decide against it will just do a regular stream at some point before then.