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Starting within the hour.


Heya! Before you stream Duelyst, be sure to @ us on Twitter and we’ll retweet you when we can!


I do not have a twitter. Nor have I ever quite understood its purpose. But I appreciate you dropping by and if you think it is worthwhile to look into it for promotion I will gladly do so.


twitter? hmmm
well its true that its weird but so is facebook, snapchat, instagram and the list goes on. social media really are weird


Facebook I can understand. What I don’t understand is that facebook can do all of the things these others can and without limitation. So I have never understood why something that has a fraction of the features and userbase and has nothing more to offer even exists, much less is popular.

Niche marketing is a reasonable argument, but then why are people not using the specific venues of said markets like official game forums or websites dedicated to something in particular if that is the case.

But if this is the best way to be recognized by mods/devs and garner attention at the moment then I will acknowledge it.


I never used Twitter (but I have an account), the only reasons I use it is to check what news is happening, and I use the word news very badly/wrongly when it comes to “trending news” and for card spoilers from Duelyst. If Facebook still had the news thing on there then I wouldn’t use twitter at all, except for card spoilers. Twitter is a useful way to get things out there compared to Facebook, since its easier/quicker on Twitter to do things like advertise streams.


i’ll never understand facebook its just so weird to me.


I use Twitter because Duelyst uses Twitter.


streamlining and focus.

  • extra features does not necessarily make something better
  • even if it did, it wouldn’t matter if the added features are not what people are there for, sometimes it’s even distracting

burger king in my country sells fried chicken.
people aren’t there for fried chicken.
a lot of my friends get annoyed that burger king advertises fried chicken when it’s -burger- king.

twitter focuses on quips, announcements, and short musings. the message is clear and it’s very streamlined.

facebook though? you don’t know when the next post is going to be one quip, or one wall of text. the feed is contesting a user’s attention against the chats, the tags, etc. It’s not a bad thing, but it just doesn’t have twitter’s simplicity.


Oh, happy cakeday, @deathsadvocate! It’s really good to have you around, thanks for doing what you do and being you :slight_smile:


Stream scheduled for roughly an hour. My trend of starting earlier continues.


I think I’ll drop by. I have an essay to write, but fuck it.


Running late due to MLD matches, may just end up skipping tonight.


Stream starting in about two hours.


Stream starting in a couple hours.


Stream starting within the hour.


Stream scheduled for whenever MDT finals ends.


A wise decision :wink:


Early trend continues, starting within the hour.


No don’t, you might get a papercut!