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I’ve been at this for awhile now, I still love Duelyst and want to keep at it, but my time is limited. Currently I plan to stream every Wednesday around noon, and every other Sunday.

As for potential time slots: EDT:
Monday 6 pm - 10 pm,
Wednesday 12 pm - 10 pm,
Thursday 6 pm - 10 pm,
Friday: 6 pm - 10 pm,
Sunday: 4 pm - 10 pm. And every other Sunday I have off so anytime.

I obviously cant do them all but those are the only times I could squeeze it in, If there is a demand for any of those other times let me know and I may be able to squeeze an usncheduled stream in. I apologize for the general low quality and bare bones nature of the stream, but I lack the technical skill, funds, and time for a more high quality channel, but I have been improving slowly.

Feel free to put in a request for a deck you would like to watch me pilot, go over, or build.

I finally managed to get OBS to capture my entire screen, which is certainly not ideal since I tend to multitask, but any time I try to window or game capture I just get a white screen with the Duelyst Cursor. Window capture on duelyst seems to be indefinitely broken.

I have made it to S rank for many seasons now, with frequent top 50s when I have the time to play competitively and occasional top tens. Since I have not had the time to stream as much as I want, I figured I would just share some of my stuff each week and get my name out there so the community knows me a little better for when I do eventually get around to it. You can check out the rest of my stuff here:

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Oh man, I’m gonna

-finish this post now. Good on ya! It’s always nice to see more content creators for Duelyst…well good content creators, which I’m sure you’re gonna be right?

What kinda stufff will you be streaming? Deck play, replay analysis, tips&tricks?


All the best, hope you hit the ground running.



Getting started is definitely the toughest part. But best of luck building up viewers. You know I’ll be tuning in! :wink:


Can’t wait!
Any timeslots planned? I’m asking because I live in Europe - but you seem to be online 24 hour a day. :rofl:


Might be good if it would tune in after or overlap with Hsuku’s stream.


You’ve got a friend follower in me. I’m lookin’ forward to seeing you online!


I browse the forums/reddit on my phone most of the time, and I can play duelyst while I am at work on slow days, thus why it seems like I am on most of the time. Not nearly as many opportunities to actually stream.

And first I still have to get OBS to work, something about windows 10 just make it refuse to cooperate, I spent several hours with someone trying to get it to work. The only thing that does work lags miserably.

I have a back up plan, I dug up an old computer that has windows seven on it…as long as it can actually run duelyst and OBS at the same time it should work.

As for potential time slots: EDT:
Monday 6 pm - 8 pm,
Tuesday: 12 pm - 4 pm,
Wednesday 12 pm - 8 pm,
Thursday 12 pm-10 pm,
Friday: 6 pm - 10 pm,
Sunday: 6 pm - 10 pm.

I obviously cant do them all but those are the only times I could squeeze it in.


Will you be uploading the streams onto youtubs or exclusively twitch?


Whichever is easier/likely to reach a wider audience.


Why not both? Doesn’t seem too much work to cut 1-2 highlight games from the stream and upload them.

I also already followed you :slight_smile:


Going to try and go live again.


Still working on getting streaming to work, making a gameplan for it, and I will have a mike next time, but I did my first successful live stream with a couple games here:


This looks awesome! I know that I may have been a little… cheeky… regarding your decks in the past, but I would love to watch someone who’s trademark is deck experimentation at high ranks stream!


I think I am going to make 12-3 Tuesday a consistent thing. Don’t know about the rest yet.


General plan is to show case one or two of my many decks each stream, take requests for what I should play, and just try to really thoroughly narrate my thought process and turns while including general tips and tricks as I go.

But I am still figuring all of this out.


Likely going to try again this evening for a couple hours around 8.


Online, with a new mic, I think its working, but I am not sure.


Couple crashes and connection issues resulting in a bunch of separate videos but went fairly well beyond that. Think I will make Wednesday evening a regular thing to.


Finally solved the windows 10 OBS issue, so no more dino computer crashes for next time! Although the good mic I was using with the old computer is oldschool and wont work with the new one -.-. Although the built in mic quality on this one is much better so I may not even need it.