DeathsAdvocate’s Master Thread: Unearthed Prophecy


I want to appreciate the deck lists, but all I can think of are taunts based on their names:

“Is that deck called ‘Splice’ because it is full of junk cards that need to be spliced out to make a functional deck?”

“If I wanted to ‘Watch the Master,’ why would I be bumming around on the Duelyst forums?”

“‘Bottomless?’ More like Bottom (tier) List! … hA… nailed it…”

I’ll be here all night folks.

In all seriousness, it was Death’s Advocates Vanar list way beck in early beta that got me big into Duelyst to begin with. While I may mock these deck names, I hope they inspire creativity a new generation of players the way that Vanar deck got me into the game.


Can’t tell if these are insults or just intended to be humorous, or if you like them or hate them.

I am glad I provided inspiration and helped bring you into the game.

Thanks I think?


he likes them i can tell

maybe he’s like phayze, he insults people he likes


Didn’t know @phayze loves so many people :slight_smile:


It’s not like I like your decks or anything ba-ba-baka!


I have come up with another version somewhere between splice and return of the queen. I am still testing it but its been doing pretty well so far, currently not sure if its a weird gimmick or actualy really strong.

I added it to the return of the queen section along with a small write up.




No galaxy, that’s just your wishful thinking.


Already missing dagona, although it is likely worthwhile to still make room for chromatic as its always felt bad playing with out it. Unsure on what combination of 2x or 3x of dagona, shroud, chromatic, and spirit. But I do like shivers at two.

As much as it pains me it may be time to release dagona back into the water. He was the original inspiration for my final destination deck. When the meta was first developing it actualy looked like it might be a slower meta so dagona was really doing a lot of work. The meta has cemented now and it is fast and combo based meaning dagona does not often pull his weight.

Cutting him and going to 2x on the more situational cards lets us fit in the classic staple vanar cards chromatic cold and frigid corona. I am not ready to officially replace the deck in the OP, but it may happen soon.


After some testing I think I have settled on two dagona, two shiver, and two chrome.

Still working on getting streaming to work, making a gameplan for it, and I will have a mike next time, but I did my first successful live stream with a couple games for it here:


I recently noticed, that I stopped making my own decks. Why bother, if I can always go to your thread and choose something to play with? I’m a very lazy person :slight_smile:

Thanks, I guess.

Edit. Vet replace deck is awesome!


@deathsadvocate, do you still play Phantasm in your decks?


Some of them yes, but I am holding off on a major thread update untill the expansion and just focusing on new generals right now.


Okay cool! I would love to see your take on a Maev! So far, every time I’ve played against her, her self inflicted damage seems to have swung too much value my direction.



If this is for me, I’m a bit confused. You may have me mixed up with someone else.


Didnt you just ask for this?


Whoops, correct link there now.

Edit 2:

@knowhereman Ok seriously, the link to my Maev thread is actually there now. It was correct the first time, it just linked you to the bottom of the thread rather then the top.


Excellent! Palm of the White Hand is a great insight!


Any budget recommendations for Vet golem decks? I’m spirit-poor.


Well assuming you have the bonds set, golem vet is pretty budget friendly, just drop in Sandswirl and the astral/crag package in place of various legends and epics, and it should be pretty effective.

Something like this should do the trick.


Could I tech in Nosh-Rak? I have him.


He makes a good one of, could drop an EMP for him.