DeathsAdvocate’s Master Thread: Unearthed Prophecy


It’s a 3 card combo. And divine bond works with nothing else (except for kinda peacekeeper). No.

But really, I should switch battlepet spell for smth.


That was a very long day, I unfortunately live on the southwest coast of Florida where the Cat 5 hurricane has decided to hit. Spent 14 hours driving away.

For those curious I live right between Tampa and fort Myers:


New version of Vets Pets:

Still a work in progress but I have not given up on the deck yet!

This version solves the Pets into thunder/rev problem by not actually keeping them on the field past the 4 mana turn. Mantela is a body we can put out that will put a pet in our hand for calculator and or to be replaced but not played.

Arid unmaking has a great combo with Rae or Aymara, or if you know rev/thunder is going to happen you can proc your Fault and then get rid of a pet.

Sol gives Ghoulie Rush, and Ghoulie counts towards Calculator. Sol can also be used to make cool pet plays, you can put a pet out, then summon a sol next to it away from everything else and let the activated pet do it’s job and kill its self off so it’s not vulnerable to rev/thunder. It’s also another way to make Rae a proper dispel.

Don’t usually put up works in progress like this just trying not to derail someone else’s thread.


Also putting my other work in progress from that same thread



Deepfire Provides an exelent way to self proc a bunch for grimwar, we sport two cycles and and 8 dying wish minons to be used with Nekoma. Thanks To nekoma/desolator we sport superb card advantage despite the low curve and darkfire. Azure is a great two drop that is very strong with swarm or of course the turn two deepfire.

We can of course furosa/crypto into an early swarm, and or cache in on early swarm with Devour or use Devour to manually proc grimwar. Darkfire adds another fun way to accelerate the deck and proc Azure who is just fun with swarm anyways. Nekoma adds extra consistency to the combos.

This has some serious potential! Wish I had thought of the base, but I think I put all the parts together in a way that will work, going to go give it a whirl.

I really want to fit mindlathe here as I just love the card, but its so awkward for this meta as there are so few things to use it on and it would cut into the valuable tech the deck has, as you really need healing vs aggro cass, and aoe vs walls/flying.

I am really loving my version of the deck. I have had some epic games with it, this one in particular was tons of fun, despite getting hard countered a couple times it still pulled through:

I have named my version Inferno because of Deepfire and Darkfire, and also a shout out to Dantes Inferno, as this deck very much has a fires of hell subtheme.

And my Echo decks in progress from a different thread:


It’s a variation of my eternal army deck, I really think trying to force both echos/consuming just is not a great plan, but just echos goes a really long way.

Echos or Skorn+Grimwar will do some very scary things. Skorn+Grimwar or Dancer is also pretty scary. Of course echos can just serve as a field multiplier, or a way to undispel things. Combine that with some dying wish synergy to help flood and provide card advantage and you have something that is pretty effective.

Here is one of my alternatives.

Cyrpto/furosa package give you the early game that the deck was lacking, artifact hunter provides card advantage and tutors for the most important card in the deck, grimwar. It takes a page out of my “famine” deck’s tricks with tracer to combo with grimwar or just be a good escape. Gor went to two to make room, as 3x felt a touch overkill now that the deck has some other good openers.

Its more consistent, but also more gimmicky.


Happy Cakeday, @deathsadvocate!

Your threads are a great source of information, and I think I can safely say many of us here really appreciate your dedication. I look forward to seeing what’s next!


I just want to second @isbee - you know I appreciate what you’re doing for the community and you’re a source of inspiration not only to me but (pretty shure) to all the Duelyst players out there.


I wish I could play it but I don’t have Aymaras;;


Thank you so much for your work on this list @deathsadvocate! It is both beautiful and overwhelming lol. I absolutely loved the idea of Dagona, but didn’t want to craft him for 2700 Spirit if I couldn’t find a viable place to use him. Your “Final Destination” deck convinced me. I’ve been playing it for a couple of days and it has just been so much fun! There is nothing quite as relaxing as having a playable Dagona in your hand.


no astral flood in pet deck :zirixconfused:


I tried it out, just did not like it.


It is pretty much the only place I have found it to fit. Even in that deck it gets replaced alot early on, but man its good to have.

Its extra funny when you follow it up with an EMP.


wait a minute

does deepfire combo with azure shaman?

does the deepfire get buffed by the shamans dying wish?

does this extend to dancing blades?


Deepfire does indeed combo with shaman, its my favorite turn one into turn two play. And I would assume so with blades, although I would not waste blades effect on shaman.


I’m going to try an old Zen Rui deck with Dagona in it just for fun. Stealing minions and chomping them makes for good tempo, although I’ll wait til I’m back in Silver to have a better chance at it.


Has anyone tried the Kara Reflection theory craft? I’ll give it a shot!


I still lack flawless, and that list is certainly a bit unrefined. It forgot chromatic cold which it needs to fit, pretty sure I am going to switch shivers/cryo for wisp and chom. And it also just doesent feel like it has enough targets for spirit so its probably better off as frostburn.

Then still trying to figure out a version that would fit spirit. Leaning towrds EMP over gravity, and some other small changes.

But as I cant test it yet, its all just theorycraft still.


@deathsadvocate Just saying you’re my hero for replying to my thread and helping me learn how to play Big Abyss, thank you!


I tried Aggro-Abyss and was destroyed a few minutes ago. One year of nearly Magmar only was making me unbelievably bad with other factions it seems.

Magmar = Big (Minions)
Big Abyss

Sounds like I have to try. :rofl:


Yea, abyss is both one of the most expensive and difficult to play factions, baring some aggro variants, but they are a ton of fun and very rewarding, and of course my favorite aesthetic choice.

Goodluck with Bottomless!


Jeez…Lillith cant even fit in a post alone anymore without exceeding the character limit. And I had planned to try and cram in a couple more things shortly. I also added a Doom and Variax control deck to Lillith today.


Awesome guide! just started getting a hang of this game and you are being so helpful. So happy to see awesome people like you in the community :smiley: