DeathsAdvocate’s Master Thread: Trials of Mythron


Do you have any plans for putting up a non-Strategos Brome swarm deck, surgeforgers et cetera? Or a Vetruvian golem deck? I’d like to see how the updated versions of those lists fare in your opinion against all the other scary stuff kicking around now.

Also, have you considered any Mythron Wanderer decks for your armory, or do they just not interest you? I’d like to see your take on those things if you’re so inclined.


Skipping strat in brome just feels bad, particularly now that surgeforgers are not counterproductive with the deck anymore. But I just have no interest in refining/experimenting with strat currently. As for non strategos stuff for lyonar in general, yea its on my list, but it may be awhile.

Vet Golems will certainly get an update, likely before lyonar, but vet is also lower on the list due to being so meta right now.

I really dislike everything about wanderer, plus refining highlander decks takes a long time. I will likely get around to it eventually but its pretty down there.

Everything else > Vet > Lyonar > Wanderer > Songhai/Unlimted


If you are looking for wanderer decks then these three are pretty refined and also super strong (in order of strength I would go brome, rag, reva), I am currently s-2 with them and also came 4th and 1st in tournaments on saturday. ryv came first in the one I came 4th in and he was also running wanderer rag, and I think his list is better than mine, his list should show up on the cast of the tournament, which should be on tm87’s channel.


:stuck_out_tongue: Songhai is still on the bottom of your to-do list. Eternal last place.

Would “everything else” include Unlimited decks, by the way? Or would those fall somewhere below Vetruvian in the hierarchy?


Ah right, I guess unlimited comes after Songhai, or on a case by case basis.


…After Songhai. Well, crap. I was looking forward to what you’d come up with, but, uh, that ain’t happenin’ any time soon.

Oh well. I guess I’ll show you what I’m working on right now anyway. I’ve taken to calling it Sixdie.

The idea is pretty obvious, make my dying wish stuff one to two mana cheaper, and dump minions onto the field until their general dies. Any obvious improvements you can see? Maybe spelljammers instead of void hunters since this thing eats its action bar pretty fast under ideal conditions? I’d be up for changing basically the whole deck, including the general. I’ve asked other people about this deck before, and tried several versions of it, but I’d like to see your take.

If you don’t feel like messing with it, that’s fine too, I’ve lost count of how many decks I’ve had you build/fix/fine-tune for me already. Either way.


Desu-advocato-oneechan’s hatred of Songhai is so

Ka (◕ﬦ ◕✿)
Wa (◕▿◕✿)
iiiii (◠‿◠✿)
~ desu (◕ ꒳ ◕✿)


When you use an optional honorific that really doesnt mean anything as a stand in for " death" :facepalm:
Its “shi no shucho sha-oneechan”
Also japanese has no word for “advocate”
Exactly. The closes I got was claimant of death.


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Do please post Bagom links when you want deck doctoring :stuck_out_tongue:

Spelljammer is an amazing aggro tool or a combo with things that want your opponent to draw cards, but outside of that I do not like it at all, and it has no real place here. Your version of the deck is really solid as is, if anything I would consider cutting the void hunter for dispel or healing as its already got a medium curve and card advantage from nekoma/desolator.

I do favor Lillith for dying wish in Standard due to providing fuel for darkfire and ritual, but in unlimited I lean more towards Maev with soething like this:

But this is all just theorycraft for now.


Not that its my sphere of experience or anything but personally (and after collaborating with some other S’ers) I like Sellsoul in these type of contexts. Sellsoul is a 3 mana 4/5 and with Collector often a 2 mana 4/5 or less which is absolutely massive early on and often gamewinning when paired with a Azure Horn BBS turn. Granted this is more applicable to Standard as my hold on Unlimited is shaky at best (also because that format is a dumpster ground as far as testing is concerned)


That is pretty neat. I had not tried him yet, and completely forgot he was dying wish. I may end up making a standard version for Maev after all when I find the time.

Rough draft theory craft:


I was messing waround with aggro Cassy, and came up with this. The idea is: Can we actually just spam piles of minions until they die?

I borrowed from your current version, your Immortal Vanguard version, and the conversation you and @eurasianjay were having about sellsouls.

Side question, why do your builds favor void pulse over grasp of agony?


Grasp is unreliable. Pulse is healing that does damage and thus lets you beat aggro/burn decks while still being aggro. If I am a slower deck I will usually get my healing from two drops, if I am aggressive pulse is perfect. I do include grasp sometimes, but when I can find another source of AOE I will often skip it. My Intensify version has AOE from Riftwalker so it skips it, the darkseed version does run grasps.

Your current list is solid enough, it has an aggressive but healthy curve with the card advantage to support it. Since your not running healing I would swap flameblood into primus fist, and I would try to find room for either grasp or another AOE source as thunder alone does not usually cut it.

Main issue with this deck is while it is very solid it has very little out of hand push leaving it very vulnerable to decks that pack a lot of answers. And without healing its going to struggle against burn and stuff like aggro vet. And with even less AOE its going to have a bad time vs swarm.