DeathsAdvocate’s Master Thread: Rotating Trials of Mythron


It’s decent, but there is some real tough competition. Early darkfires are key.


I tried it in my lilithe wanderer list, but found running it was much too slow. The tempo loss is too much imo for an effect that doesnt happen or affect board in any way immediately, and dfs is really best as a one of in wanderer and is always used FOR wanderer.

So while I think variax is usable in stronger control decks, but it loses easily to combo and aggro, and most all late oriented decks are have strong finishers that come out and finish from the gate.
If the meta slows down or combo becomes less viable (there are various ways this can happen) then I see variax being a powerful possible niche, especially with shadow creeps loss of a reliable finisher in ghost azalea and obliterate.


Yep Variax has never been bad, it’s just that all meta decks have wincons that (almost) always come out way earlier than an on-curve Variax and bbs next turn. We’ll see how it turns out when the meta shifts.


Thing is even though stuff like oblit was awesome and comes down as late if not later than v is because they always had immediate effect.

An example of why galaxy dueler will always be sad


@deathsadvocate will there be a zir’an tab coming any time in the future?


If it happens it won’t be for sometime. I have just never really liked her and often find I can just take a Deck I would play with her and perform better with one of the other generals.

That is not to say she is not good, I have seen her do some terrifying things, but it’s just an archtype I’ve never quite wrapped my head around. Ziran healnar is just so different then any other deck. I’d recommend chatting with Pow or Kieran for advice on it.

My priorities for deck building: Everything else > Vet > Lyonar > Wanderer > Songhai/Unlimted/Ziran


These decks are so helpful, Zirix is winning me so many games with the Fault deck. The Khamuun-Ka is so good with the fault. I can kill magmar generals in one turn with it (if they have the buff) :slight_smile:


The patch hit and I am sitting on 4500 shards what to do with it?


Ok to be a bit more constructive when can we expect an update to the lists?


To answer your questions that’s going to be awhile. I may have to start a new thread alltogether. This is a huge change, everything will have to be heavily re-evaluated, on top of I have had little free time lately. The meta will be in a bit of chaos.

I am thrilled about the death of rotations, I was devastated when they were introduced after fighting against them for so long…but now I am a bit sad as I already dusted most of shimzar, and put a heavy focus on standard play due to being the ranked ladder, and I am not super pleased at many of the other changes.

I don’t mean to be hard to please, this is an amazing move on their part, and broad sweeping changes were much needed, sadly I think they missed a good chunk of important things and hit things that probably shouldent have been or at least not as hard. But I am probably just knee jerking and in shock, they really did cover a lot of ground for better or for worse.

Still no spell sentinel fixes, still nothing on the wanderer plague, and I am worried about the meta now with shimzar back in, but we will see. As much as I am a bit discouraged with such a massive upheaval, I am very happy about the direction. While a bit of a daunting task to pretty much start from scratch again, I am thrilled about the many new prospects.


Thanks for the quick replly!


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