DeathsAdvocate’s Master Thread: Rotating Trials of Mythron


It’s not bad, Jay is right on the money. Unless your build focused or you want to run all three neutral healing two drops it’s just not usually worth it. And even then there is usually in faction healing that gets chosen before it. It’s not bad it just has fierce competition and is last place.

Most decks also want to globe contest with two drops, plus rescue is just an awkward open in general.

As for MecHorn Variants you have a couple options. Mitoitic Omega, Apex/silver/omega, omega hatefurnace, or deci/spikes which can also probably fit silver. Or sometimes just silver. But basically it stays the same as I have things set up with just changing the alt win con packages.

Looks like your just trying to take midrange magmar as your alt win con which is sollid. But I would trade rescue and Haru for the golem package if thats your plan, so something like this:

If you want to keep Haru rather then going more midrange then this is probably what you need:

Or a Silver Deci/Spikes Variant:


I ask, Death delivers. My second-favorite part about this post, after all the decks, is that you edited it six times.

Guess I’m gonna go take the top one for a spin. Thanks for the ammunition.

And thanks to you and @eurasianjay for your analysis of the good robodoctor.


Alright, so, I’ve been running the first of the decks here, the golem/mech one, except I swapped the kujatas for EMP’s (they work well with the golem metallurgists and flash reincarnations, and give me another threat and answer), and…I’m now realizing that, having never played a Mechazor deck before, I don’t actually know what I’m doing. How should I be playing the deck?

Should I be mercilessly digging for mechs to the exclusion of all else? Should I be trying to get two Mechazors in one game or is that just a pipe dream? Should I try to save Mechazor until they’ve burned removal on an EMP or lavaslasher or something, or should I slam mechs out as fast as I can and not worry when Mechazor gets answered? Are the mechs really just here to combo with the seismoids for swarm and draw?

I’ve just been awkwardly flailing through my matches, mostly resorting to my “replace cards to look for lots of removal” tactic, and winning with golems and warbeasts with the mechs basically just used as distractions, space blockers and draw, with Mechazor either not hitting field or getting answered.


Honestly I just think that Mechaz0r is pretty weak at the moment. The mech units are weak statted for their cost which tends to lead to losing tempo and the Mechaz0r itself is too easily answered in most cases, or comes out too late.


Mechazor is not the win condition it once was, it can no longer be the sole reason your running mechs as it’s just to easy to remove now.

For the midrange Variant adding EMP is a good idea, but I wouldn’t cut Kujata. Kujata mixed with siesmoid can do some crazy things while also giving you turn 2 slashers and early makantor/emp. If anything I would cut Chasi as that version really does not need him, Chasi is mostly for silver combos or omega progression.

Aside from Seismoid/Kujata abuse double mechazor is mostly a pipe dream, it can happen and it’s neat when it does, but it’s not a goal. The midrange Variant mostly wants to just play Midrange Magmar like you have been doing with mechazor as a draw engine and for its high roll potential with a bunch of cheap early mechs or as a backup win con.

Another fun thing to do is rebuke frenzy abuse, it’s particularly nasty when combined with mechazor airdrop/frenzy. One of my favorite seven mana plays is to play sword as the final mech part, air drop mechazor in, and then rebuke to make them both swing with frenzy. But again it’s something that’s nice when it happens but it’s not it’s primary goal.

The other variants have extra decimus abuse thanks to seismoid, and play a bit more mech focused transitioning into deci/spike finishers. Where as the silver one wants to combo silver with metaltooth, but is also good with ranged and forcefield.

(Yea I am an obsessive editor, there is always a second and third thought plus spelling/grammar. At seven on the other one :P)


I think I just need to learn how to kujata, then.

(takes deep breath)

As player one do I place it to take a mana spring, even though that can leave it vulnerable to being killed by player two turn two, or do I put something else down instead, or do I put kujata down but leave the possibility of retreating it instead of taking the mana open in my mind?

I’m already bad at (and trying to learn more about) opening as player two, what should I be doing with Kuja in that case?

If I get it on a later turn, when should I hold it, when should I play it, when should I replace it?

What about the huge nonbo with seismoid, since Kuja kills seismoids dead?

When should I go for the golem metallurgist instead?

In spite of the amount of time I’ve been playing Duelyst, I’m not all that good at it, so thanks for all the help.


As player one contest globe for if you need it, if you do take it you usually try to body block kujata with what you summon, but yea a good chunk of the time you will contest the globe but then just back off with it. As player two you almost certainly have a better opening play then kujata, but if thats all you have position it defensively, but not so far away it cant come up a trade if you want it to.

If you have seismoid you just gotta play it before kujata, and if it sticks/you have enough mana to drop kujatas after it then you can go crazy. Past turn two kujata is usualy replace fodder unless you have a seismoid, then you try to stick the seismoid and if you can proceed to do crazy things with kujata, if you cant kujata can be replaced.

Metallurgist is one of the best opening plays for magmar as its a great body and it forces people to be cautious about lavaslasher, other then helm/wings when the situation is right metalurgist tends to be the best.


I have done a lot of updating the last couple weeks. I added quite a few decks: Furry Faie, a Fissure Variant and a tempo/aggro hybrid variant to Faice Faie, Focused Xor Maev, an intensify version to Death Aggro Cass, Necromancy Arcanyst Variants to Lilith, Buff Eggs ragnora, Mechotic MecHorn, and some other mech Starhorn Variants.

I reworked: San Andreas Zirix and it is now S rank, all my hate furnace decks, and my Creep Cass variants.

As well as many other small tweaks to various other existing decks, check the change logs at the bottom for details.

Special Shout out to San Andreas Zirix, Furry Faie and Extinction Rag for doing so well in teamwars and carrying us to finals.


Arcanyst list and focused Xor very much appeal to my style, thank you! Will be trying them ASAP.


yo @deathsadvocate great seeing people running a complex deck to the max like furry faie.
i actually ran a close version and found 3 enfeeble too many and the lack of razorback hurting.
(i don’t like use faie’s bbs as a wincon so i use hunt and chasers as a draw engine)


I found I didn’t like Razor at all, and much preferred enfeeble since it’s removal in pinch. It is certainly a high skill cap deck, can be quite the headache to play with. It briefly broke top ten and thus earned its S rating. I love the deck and had a lot of fun with it, but it’s so easy to screw up it probably won’t be a go to deck for me.

Course if you don’t like using faie BBs as a wincon why not just play Kara and skip enfeeble and Razor? I am quite fond of my Wallet Warrior Kara as list.


main reason - i save kara for vespyr decks : )
also - i do enjoy the of the board pressure faie is putting out and using her like a f16 fighter and soften the opponent for the finishing blow.
but i did find enfeeble as a more then enough aoe, now more then ever for every emp out there.


I there a chance to reliably get two Mechaz0rs by running Progenitor?


not reliably, but there is a chance.


Are there any non-Underlord decks for Maehv you happen to favor? Or are they all just flatly inferior right now? I was hoping to see a plain old dying wish or tempo deck in your lineup.


I find it very hard to believe that the best Maehv list available would be Underlord based of all things. Tempo Maehv was seeing play for weeks in Team Wars for instance.



Well you see that’s the thing, my main Maev list is NOT a a Xor deck, it’s somewhere between tempo and ramp which is where Maev has had the most success. It just happens to run Xor, and the only thing it’s goes out of its way to change to accommodate him is ritual vanishing which is not a bad pick at all, everything else Tempo/Ramp Maev already wants to run. Xor is just there as insurance that you will win the lategame if it happens, he is not the main plan.

Because Maev naturally progresses Xor it seems silly to skip him entirely, as for the cost of a single card and one slightly odd tech choice you win the late game. Seems worth it to me.

For just plain dying wish, Lilith tends to fit the bill better and I have a list for that.


The Dentist is a really fun deck.


I’m really interested by your Lilith dying wish list and the Cassyva famine but i have some questions.

For the dying wish list i’m not a huge fan of EMP, is it really that good ? Or could i cut it ?
Did you consider using Neither summoning ? I’ve never seen the card in game and was wondering why.

For the famine one, i used to be a huge fan of Creep Cassyva and the rotation of the key cards of the deck is pretty hard for the deck mostly to finish games.
Is the deck consistent in closing games ? Or is it really too slow ? Also is tormentor that useful in the deck, i mean it seems hard for me to consider an opponent not playing around creeps and let himself or his minions on creep.


EMP helps shore up a lot of tough matchups like walls, oblysks, Artifacts, Vaath and the like, plus it’s massive body is just always a major threat. Having dispel is always good, and while you can not always fit it in its nice when you can. You could cut it for something to possibly improve some other matchups, but it would leave you with some vulnerable points.

Nether summoning is sollid card, but there is a lot of transform/bounce based removal at the moment so to often it just won’t work, and the decks with transform based removal are already some of your worst matchups.

Creep variants are a bit slow and in general lower tier, but they do certainly work. Tormentor is worth it for a couple reasons. First just the 6/6 provoke is pretty good already, but when you add it’s ability it becomes an answer or die threat, and you have quite a few of those. Your opponent is either going to run out of removal, or is spending all their time dealing with threats buying you time, plus its a death sentence for a reckless opponent. It’s most common use is as a seven mana combo with either nether or pluck as a fairly hard removal. If your opponents run out of answers or the game goes late enough for Variax to kick in your in good shape.