DeathsAdvocate’s Master Thread: Rotating Trials of Mythron


Ayyyy :sunglasses:


The deck has a fairly decent winrate, somewhere around 66% which, considering I’m running a version without the Khanuum-ka’s, is pretty good I’d say :grin:

Good positioning and knowing when to pull back and drop your Thunderhorn are key to winning with it. The repulsor beasts are pretty versatile too, allowing you to set up for a Thunderhorn attack, LitD or even just getting rid of a large threat for a couple turns.


Do you think the Hatefurnace Decks above are still playable after the nerf?
Or more general: Is any Hatefurnace Deck playable at the moment?


They may all need some adjustments. It was a brutal and crippling nerf to an already struggling deck type.

They will likely still work if you shoehorn crypto, Vindicator, and Redsteel Minos into Starhorn, and Thraex instead of Vindicator for everyone else.

But I have not had the time or motivation after the demoralizing nerf to readjust then.


T2’s updated list via discord, just as a reference point.


dat 1-off Zyx tho


How effective is Cassyva now?


Aggro cass is actually really steong rn because it can take out the mythrons before they go off, and contest well with early boards.

Creep and other versions of cass are much worse because now the powerful lategame of the mythron heavily overshadows her.


I’ve got some Khaanum-ka’s now :smiley:


I like this deck! (Cassy - Pestilence) It’s fun to play. I personally value void pulse higher than painful pluck.


do you guys ever felt that mythron trials and destiny kinda like a cheat system ?
already bored with it and play with it

once it activated … yep … just like god mode trainers

sorry mythron lovers … .this is just my 2cent …
i even already bored with my cass/maehv trials … lilithe is a bit challenge

but yeah … how effective is abyssian now ?


they’re like, good for 2-3 games tbh :confused: it’s either mythrons or crazy stat sticks these days.

abyssian 's “okay” as always. memes that keep getting better but never better than vet or magmar or whatevers meta.


thx for the deck list kind sir its really nice :slight_smile:


I really like what you’ve done with Maehv tempo deck with Underlord as a secondary wincon.

I mean that’s not the type of deck I’d like to play (not gimmicky enough), but I believe it is the best or even intended by devs use of Xor - as a backup plan for Maehv’s otherwise crappy lategame.


Is hideatsu the ebon ox viable?


Short answer: No.
Long answer: Midrange Kaleos is the deck you want to fit it in but the thing is, you will win more without it then with.


I have not tested it my self, but it has potential because you do not need to change much about midrange Kal to fit it in. Its just the question of wether its worth it or not those changes are worth it. I have a few rough drafts floating around and I may try it at some point, but I think epicflygon is right on the money.


Thanks to Deathsadvocate for this help for making a decklist, i have fun with this deck !


So what would a Starhorn Mech list look like without Hatefurnace, Project Omega, or mitotic induction? I don’t want to use the first one and don’t have the latter two.

Edit: Hacked a crude decklist together.

Related note: I don’t think I’ve even seen you use rescue-RX’s in your decks before. Do you consider them particularly bad?


“Bad”? Maybe, maybe not, but surely inferior to options such as mystic/herald outside of dedicated build lists.