DeathsAdvocate’s Master Thread: Rotating Trials of Mythron


Thank you very much for the hard work DeathsAdvocate! With every expansion those lists of yours give me a ton of fun decks to test. Keep up the awesome work !!


I have done a good bit of updating the last couple days, I added I Hate Green Eggs and Ham Ragnora, Dying Wish Xor Maev, Faice Faie, Midrange Control Ilena, Aggro Artifact Ilena, and The Dentist Starhorn. to the thread.

As well as some other small tweaks to various other existing decks, check the change log at the bottom for details.

Special shout out to my I hate green eggs and ham getting me to S in one day this season. Don’t forget I have my usually scheduled Sunday stream today starting right after the Meltdown Down Team Wars stream wraps up.





Congratulations you found my secret reference for the decks name :smiley:, only took like republishing the deck for three expansions for someone to notice :smiley:


and no bugged cards there. Lots of respect, sir.


what can i replace 1x sarlac in dying wish xor maehv?


Fairly key to the deck, but Void hunter is always a great budget option, or you could toss in a third necrotic sphere.


Ty, im working on the 3rd at the moment. Will have to check out


To be honest, I missed seeing the deck until now…
It was the first thing that popped into my head…likely because I just listened to some of the music from the movie and stage production :smile:


@gsvalhalla Grimes is actually much stronger than he was before. The battle pets in his pool were a bad thing, they were diluting it with trash, mostly. Yuns and rawrs were pretty good results, but all the other battle pets were trash pulls, more or less. Plus Shim’zar has iceblade dryads, which when pulled by Grimes are just bad. Now he not only has fewer total cards in his pool, making him more likely to vomit up a mechazor or juggernaut, but the few cards that were added include meltwater meese (meese is now the plural of moose) and worldcore golems.

So I’d say Grimes got a pretty huge power spike. He’s actually weaker in Unlimited because he can still grab bad-tle pets (see what I did there, I’m a funny guy), though I still use him in my Sixdie (carrion collector and lurking fear) decks.

@snowshot Myriads are bad. You probably shouldn’t run them.


Time Maelstrom in Ascension Sajj.

This deck has a couple flex spots and defensive cards beyond it’s core and I think Time Maelstorm is one of the best candidate because it’s useful at all stages of the game for Sajj.

Early game it acts like a wanna be Silhouette Tracer. One mana cheaper means you might squeeze in this other card you wanted to play. This makes the deck more consistent and let’s you adapt to the context with mobility at different costs.

When combined to Wildfire Ankh or Iris Barrier, it helps you control the board and protect your artifacts by killing more minions that otherwise could destroy your artifacts the following turn.

The deck is filled with conditional cards that might clog your hand while trying to finish the trial. I’m talking about Fliers and Neurolink when you only have one half of the combo… or Planar Foundry, Divine Spark (if you run it), Autarch’s Gift at 6 mana… Maybe you want to keep your defensive tech card such as Blood of Air, Lightbender, Star’s Fury for a later turn… Time Maelstrom is probably not as effective as these cards but it’s the most versatile.

Once you have accomplished the trial, you are either looking for artifacts or looking for Auroras Tears. Time Maelstrom helps you with this as well. It can temporarily replace a 3rd artifact by giving you celerity or act as an Auroras Tears by letting you attack 4 times.

Usually, I’d say a combo deck like this one needs to draw it’s combo pieces with something like Divine Spark but you don’t usually benefit from card draw when your hand size is capped at 5 and while you’re saving other combo pieces. At the same cost, Time Maelstrom can replace some of the cards you’re looking for while gaining tempo.


IMO the Neuro Package is actually what makes the deck good, randomly completing the quest in the first couple turns or when your back is against your wall using ankh is just to good to give up. Without it the deck just looses way to much consistency and just feels like to much of a gimmick. Plus I have often needed to use it post trial for emergencies.

While Time Maelstrom is a decent card its more suited for a more dedicated artifact verison. This version focuses more on the trial and survive-ability. I tested it out quite a bit and for the most part I just found it largely redudant due to our ability to get celerity. Its the worst mobility option, and in the early game pre trial you dont really need it for removal, and post trial its just overkill.

As I mentioned running foundry and gifts is strictly better then running more artifacts for this set up, A. I want to be able to consistently find the three core artifacts and foundry helps with that, where as adding more and or maelstorm reduces consistency, and B. foundry thins the deck to help you find other combo bits. And I just do not think spark is really much good.

The defensive tech is the most flexible parts of the deck, I like it because it lets me have a good chance versus anything I will come up against, even if it may lower my overall raw power. But that’s my personal playstyle, I have always hated auto loosing to something even if it means I can crush most other things. But many folks dont care about that, just its total winrate, and are happy to cheese out a bunch of wins with the occasional crippling loss.

Again I did have Maelstorm in the deck for a long time, but if you have your quest complete and two artifacts, that game is pretty much over and anything past that tends to be overkill and thus why I cut it.

You make some good points for maelstrom but I standby why I removed it. It can absolutely fit in the deck if that’s your playstyle, but IMO the only flexible slots are the defensive tools.


Oh I agree with you. I’m not cutting Neurolink nor Planar Foundry. I should have linked my list. I run Time Maelstrom over Star’s Fury.

I think Time Maelstrom is somewhat of a win-more card but I like that it’s still an ok turn 2 or turn 3 play that helps you finish your trial when you couldn’t draw neurolink + the flyer


Damn, that Dervish LITD deck is beastly! I’m missing the Khanuum-ka’s and a single LitD so I put in 2x Kinematic Projection and 2x Star’s Fury. Won the last 5 games in a row in Ranked gold :grin:

Very nice aggro rush deck that gets the job done fast.


Hmmm yep I just found my new favourite deck :joy:


Nooo I finally lost after an 8 win streak. Got out aggro’d by a Vanar deck :sob:


Well, after going 13/4 with that Vet deck I’m now Gold 6. Can’t wait to hit Diamond :grin::grin:


By the way, @deathsadvocate, do you have any recent budget deck lists? Every now and then I feel like playing a different faction but most of my crafted cards are Vet and most lists are outdated


I am working on updating my budget guide, you can see the old one from pre rotations linked at the bottom of the thread, to at least get a good idea of what to do.


Fair play, dude. Yea, I did look at that but there is a fair amount of rotated cards in those decks and as I’m still fairly new to the other factions I’m not knowledgeable on what substitutions I should make etc