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DeathsAdvocate’s Master Thread: Rotating Trials of Mythron

I have a couple of questions.

  1. Ascension. Don’t you think that putting Staves in place of Foundries is actually better? It costs less mana to equip artifact that way.

Also, isn’t Blood of Air a bit too costly when you can actually remove most threats using Sajj herself? From my experience, you don’t want to waste all your mana on single target removal. You want to remove smth AND continue equipping your artifacts.

And also a hot question. Don’t you think Ascention Sajj is very close to Hai archetypes you hate? What do you think about it?

  1. About swarm Lilithe archetype in general. Did you try Wraithcrown? So much fun if you ask me! What do you think about this artifact?

In my case, i need BoA. Because few days ago i faced this Songhai player, and he was smart. He was not placing zendo close to my Sajj, he placed it far away and made me target another minion. In this case i cant use Siphon nor Lightbender.
I still put it in, just in case.


I use star’s fury in this case. Usually it is enough, but I understand that in some cases it won’t.

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I build almost the same deck but with razorback instead of crystal wisp and myraid instead of circulus.

The thing is - running razorback on untouchable luminous charge is a bye bye (20 dmg).
And myraid gives more walls to transform into threats and potentialy create stratigic adventage.

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Finding the mana to equip artifacts has really been a non issue for the most part, I would much rather have the ability to tutor for those three then include staff, so I find foundry strictly better, not to mention it thins your deck for your other combos.

BOA is absolutly worth it. A. For when you can’t complete your quest early, B. To many high priority threats that Sajj can not deal with reliably, most notably EMP and Zendo, both of which are quite common. The ability to equip an artifact and remove tends to be a moot point, as either you don’t really need artifacts cus you have not completed your quest and spending all your mana to stay alive is fine, or you have completed your quest and now you don’t need removal only artifacts. Plus with so many cheap artifacts that tends to just be your early turns anyways.

Yea, Sajj is borderline toxic. But unlike artifact hai it is not supplemented by burn, is board focused, and there is an excess of great artifact counters. But yea it is treading that line rather close, and I will be the first to admit it may not be very healthy.

I have not tried wraith crown, and it doesent look particularly appealing to me, (especially since baroness rotated) but I may be wrong and it could be great. It is on my list to mess with. That’s just a long list.

@reignzu not as good as it used to be, but it’s decent.

@unreason There is plenty of Songhai I do like, and I usualy at least keep a list for quest day, but it’s just at the very bottom of my priorities, and they keep coming out with expansions before I get around to it.

I still loath rotations and would love to play unlimited competitively. Unfortunately they have already stopped trying to balance it, and it’s only “unranked” I did not disenchant everything, just enough to make new decks. So we will see how things go, but for now I am unfortunately going to focus on standard.

@remoab hard to say. I have played enough competitive commander ( a magic the gathering singleton format that always has access to one particular card, the commander.) to have a firm grasp of how to build a consistent list of one ofs. But I played commander because commanders arguably made decks more consistent then non Singleton formats.

I dislike highlander in general, as while building with redundancy can largely solve consistency issues, while also making it hard to play around your deck, I just much prefer maximum consistency and a clear game plan, and I don’t think wanders effect is worth it. But I may be wrong as others have had success with it. It’s pretty low on my priorities but I may tinker with it eventually.

@snowshot I am assuming you are taking about Wallet Warrior Kara? I am on the fence about little wisp, but I would not trade it for anything but another globe contesting two/one drop, as opening plays are important, but particularly in Vanar decks as turn two hate wisps win games. Razor is nifty but feels like win more, seems more suited to a faie list looking for pay offs on walls since she lacks Kara’s bbs.


Thanks for this, really information reviews of the decks!


Well I haven’t played enough with Maev to know what the important cards are yet. I just prefer her BBS to Lilith’s to help make sure that the dying wish effect goes off if I need it, and get a 4/4 minion in the process.

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Just wanted to say thanks for making this thread, it looks like quite a lot of work.


Must say that i can,t understand you…realy
Songhai is toxic yet magmars no skill statstickmashing is lol

Still good work as always

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Skill, power, and toxicity are all different, often unrelated things.

Songhai is high skill high toxic, Magmar is low to medium skill but not toxic (other then decispikes, but at least that’s linear and has major DRAWbacks), and Lyonar is the stat stick faction.

Toxic=uninteractive, lack of counterplay, and or does not use the one thing that makes duelyst great, the board.

Skill=largely self explanatory, but a bit subjective. Magmar, while easy to pick up and beat folks that don’t know how to counter it, is very board/position focused and in high tier play there is quite a bit of skill involved, albeit perhaps more so for the opposing player to counter position, but outplaying someone who knows how to avoid Magmars stuff is tricky. Where as much of Songhai has many complex plays and puzzle piece lethals, but it’s all memorizing how to execute small combos and hand management and has almost nothing to do with the opponent or the board.

Overpowered: A significantantly higher win rate then the majority of decks, and can be both tied to or completely unrelated to the other points. And in general duelyst is pretty good at keeping things fair, I don’t often agree with how they go about making things fair, but they tend to get the job done.

I love Magmar because they are a fun flavorful faction with many deck types, with an emphasis on what makes duelyst great, the board, and lots of counterplay. I dislike most Songhai because it is uninteractive and avoids using the one thing that makes duelyst great, the board, and has little to no counterplay.


Whoa…maximum edits reached for the day? Guess I can’t keep improving things right now…

Any help @mods ?


Wanderer Songhai is pretty good actually and something that would appeal to your sensibilities regarding my faction.



In the Sajj list would you value the Wind Strikers over the Star’s Furies?

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I’d say Wind Striker is the deck’s core, while Star’s Fury is tech, but it’s for the author to decide.


Alpod is spot on. Windstriker is essential as its both artifact + a neuro combo tool. Stars is just anti brome tech which could get cut if brome goes out of style.



Hey Death, thought I’d let you know, I finally got around to making decimuses…es. And I went and put together that Aggrohorn deck you made me. And it smashes face. You should try it out yourself and see if you can refine it, it’s fun.


That did end up being my final draft after a decent amount of testing, it is in the IV master thread under Impale.

The only change I would make with the new expansion is trying to cram Haruspex in somewhere.


Wait, that deck made it in!? (runs off to check IV list) Incoming list-reading reaction post.

Man, there’s a lot of stuff here I don’t remember before. Anti-aggro Argeon looks interesting…cripes that’s a lot of Ragnora decks. Oh hey that one runs gigaloths. Vaath decks…Ooh, Novocaine. Reap, aggro creep, man I really missed out on a lot of decks, didn’t realize you posted all of these. Okay, Starhorn decks. Yep, there it is, Impale. Love the writeup you did on this one. Starhorn the seeker? More like SMOrchorn the SMOrcer.

Man, you ninja’d all those extra decks in there without throwing out a post letting us know. You gotta advertise, you know? Otherwise how are people going to know about the full line of high-quality decks you’re selling? Well, full line if you ignore Songhai. (sad music plays on Asian instruments)

Anyway, looking forward to what you do with the Immortal Vanguard decks in Trials of Mythron.


Continuing the discussion from DeathsAdvocate’s Master Thread: Immortal Vanguard:

Up until my thread locked I was posting a comment/reddit thread everytime I added a couple decks. Plus stream stuff.

Plus I keep a detailed/dated change log at the bottom as well for quick reference to see if you have missed anything, rather then trying to click through everything.


I thought I was following all that stuff pretty well. I must have missed the last round of updates somehow.

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