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Death trial cassie. will it work?


i want to build towards this because it looks like fun. idk how it would work, but ill take any feed back you guys have. i have everything here except 1x sarlacc, 1x variax, 3x ironclad, and 3x ooz


Moggin played Cassy trial to S1 back then, don’t have any current decklists, but it definitely is viable. Mainly, Cassy has the advantage of not killing herself to finish the trial, whereas Maehv builds a more threatening board.

For the deck:
-3 Ironclad
-3 Grandmaster
-3 Kelaino
-2 Choking Tendrils
-3 Munch
-Creep package in general

Add Maehv trial netdeck



I thought Cass trial ran Prismatic Illusionist


:scream: that is a GREAT IDEA!!! THX


so, i been messing around with the concept a tad bit more, and have modified it to have an arcanyst/creep theme. if you can get xor out, then it makes the threats all the more dangerous, since you can cycle nightshroud with your bbs and your arcanysts just wont die. im gonna continue working on it until it is perfect. suggestions are appreciated


You aren’t going to consistently hit Xor unfortunately, and with a deck based off of him, that’s going to really hurt the consistency of your late game ambitions.

Caco is really slow without some sort of DW synergy such as Lurking/Carrion, and seems like a waste of space in this deck

Darkspine is just a bad card in general, because no one willingly steps on creep, and you don’t have a reliable way to put creep under enemies

Otherwise, the card picks are pretty good, but you really gotta dig for your Abyssal crawlers to get 1/2 of the deck to remotely function.


Ooz > Darkspine any day for this deck, also yep Caco is pretty bad. Add a third Sarlac if you can in its place and maybe some tech like Shroud.


this is my most recent iteration of the deck, if you guys can give any advice. it works pretty well, because if you get anything to stick the rest will just snowball, but it kinda sucks against mantra. anyway, here it is

should i try to tech in lightbender? and where would it go
(wrong link. supposed to have -1 munch, -1 punish,-1 depths and +3 pluck)


I would definitely run Bloodbound mentor here in place of Sage. These Owls are interchangeable here :grin:

Mentor allows you to ping your sarlacs/illusions twice, while progressing your trial or preserving hand, and if you do that nothing dies anymore - thus no reason for owlbeast.

And Nocturne could also fit this deck for more memes. It is an Arcanyst after all…


i like the way you think mister


finally, it worked. i have had several times where i could have won, but RNGesus didn’t want it to work. i had a guy down to 2 health, and he got me down to six. i forgot to go face to finish him, and he cast specrev. so in other words, i suck :sweat_smile:


Nightshrouds are really bad.


yea, the deck needs a finisher. and nightshroud sucking is what makes it a meme


hmm… maybe i should add a one of obliterate as an “oh-shit” button? otherwise, the shadow creep is kind useless. or maybe azalea? what do you guys think? (i don’t have any copies of either, so i would like to know what would be better, and how many i should craft)


I have 1 Obliterate in one of my Cassiva Trial decks, though all of them are so-so at this point.
Not much reason to have more than 1 Obliterate or any Azalea at all, IMO.

I disagree. I have seen them in action and it can be even better than Dancers. If you get it going, that is, but most of Trial decks are like that.


Shadowdancer wins you the game before Trial, Nightshroud only afterwards. Nightshroud doesn’t do much on its own.

If I want to go for greedy combo potential, then I’ll play Tiger in Xor’Xuul.


Tiger is much less reliant because it highly depends on the board. While Nightshroud you just need to ping off/sac a couple of times.


Yeah but you need to do the pinging. That takes some time. And before Trial the card doesn’t do anything. I don’t like Tiger in that deck but I like it more than Nightshroud because of Rush.

Cards only useable after fulfilled trial are not great in any trial deck imo. Same with Ash Mephyts in Strategos or Ebon Ox as an example. Maybe as 1 of but these decks are usually pretty tight.

You don’t lose that often after trial, you usually lose before trial.


so something like this guys?


The Xor and creep gameplan don’t synergize super well with each other, so Abyssal Crawler and Pluck seem to fit the deck poorly. I’d suggest Cryptographer and Alcuin Loremaster to fit with the Arcanyst theme better, although it does kinda lose the flavor of the deck…