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Death knell deck idea


Take your own advice.


Uhm i was wondering about trinity wing and death knell interaction… If i play the latter on an empty board i wont get the trinity bond effect if he get resurrected as first right?


Opening Gambits usually happen before a minion hits the board, but I think in the case of those that depend on the minion’s position, they happen after it hits the board. That means Knell itself will always be there to proc Bond effects.


Maybe something like this could be more competitive :thinking:


Where list, my dude
I really like Nightshroud’s sprite, I’d play with it


Try Xor if you want some insanity for Nightshroud


Previously had -3 Araras, +3 Sphere, -3 Inkling, +1 Void Pulse and +2 of that 1/3 that lets you replace twice a turn. I believe this version will do better since there are new supporting cards.

Very fun deck, was pretty strong in the meta it was designed for if you could dodge a Vanar AoE or two. Having the alternate Deathwatch wincon often catches people off guard. Nether Summoning might not be as strong anymore idk. I played a match or two with it and even won against its counter, aggro, although I’m still in silver. It feels fine.

If you can figure out when to blow your hand it can be dangerous for sure. It has the Araras Loreweaver combo that I love so much as well now that I’ve put in some new cards.


Uhm, no owlbeast? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Also i was wondering, is it even worth to run 3x death knell?
Annnd i looked for some lists and i noticed that many doesn’t even run blue conjurer? I can imagine it being a brick in your hand in some cases but it seems quite amazing to me… Stats are ok (as anything not killed by plasmastorm and makantor/holy immo) and while i don’t like rng in general, the card draw is always welcome, especially if you run dfs to pull an easy proc the turn you summon it (even though the “combo” is very situational) :thinking:

  1. Owlbeast is one of the strongest Arcanyst cards in the game - but this is right after the Arcanyst expansion dropped. I was SICK of Owlbeast, wanted to do well without it. This is the result. Plus, Owlbeast isn’t thematic - this deck is about swarming with Arcanysts rather than building big bodies. Besides, Abyssian’s payoff for Owlbeast is… sitting in a corner and hitting them with a 4/28373 until the die. Quite boring.
  1. Yes, 100%. If it’s card you want to see every game, running 3x of it is a good idea. I know you don’t want to see it until lategame, but assuming you’ve had a Nightshroud or two die, your first Knell is likely game ending but your second most definitely is.

  2. What would Blue Conjurer do for my deck? It already has card draw (enough that something in my 6 slot isn’t necessary, much less more draw) and yes Conjurer is powerful but it doesn’t quite fit the theme or purpose of the deck. The only time it helps the deck’s Deathwatch/Nightshroud wincon is if it pulls a card already in the deck or that MDS Bond Songhai card, and Knell needs no help.

  3. Also, you said ‘if you run DFS’ - this deck doesn’t. Probably the first modification I would make if I could is adding DFS, but it doesn’t fit at the moment. It’s best after playing Knell anyways, and this deck usually wins by playing Knell rather than by using the board it provides.

Remember, we’re playing Nightshroud (a bad card) instead of Owlbeast (a great card). We need to swarm lots of little Arcanysts (or more with DFC) rather than play around big guys like Conjurer.


That is because you don’t run the world-famous Owlbeast Moebius Chakram combo. :wink:


Oh sorry, i was confusing, my bad.

Only the first line was related to the deck you posted, the others were generic, if that makes sense :thinking:


No problem! This definitely isn’t the best Abyssian Arcanyst deck out there - the best I’ve seen are Gailloune’s and TM’s back during the tournaments of that time (there are some wild clips out there) and of course they have Owlbeast and DFS. However I can say that my deck is the best Nightshroud deck I’ve ever seen. That card is bad :slight_smile:


Duelystconsistency ™ presents you the death knell nightshroud interaction

Works just like the similar effect of apex-except that it doesn,t


I swear my Lord Shroud deck is pretty good. But it is a Lord deck before it is a Shroud deck.


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