Dear Kaleos enthusiasts - where you people at?


After a day of patch 1.74, i’m seeing a lot of people talking about Reva and how OP she is going to be.

But as a Kaleos main, i’m sad that not a lot of people are discussing Kaleos.

i personally don’t feel like the patch affected me that much. i had to make some adjustments to the spellhai i was running (lots of failures in the process) but overall i am not feeling that much of a difference:

the deck frequently runs out of cards waaaay more than before but its been serving me well so far.

zenrui is still a good tech card - less helpful against the aggro matchups but still an instant, significant game changer that doesn’t die to a single phoenix fire or general hit + ping

i subbed my 2 saberspine seals with kitaras, which messes up my HE turns and my overall draws quite a bit. took out my 2 battle pandos for a 1-of twin strike for a bit more draw and 1 more inner focus. the deck’s burst potential took quite a hit, but i’m liking how this deck is playing out so far.

How are you people doing? Did patch 1.74 have a big impact on your decks/playstyle? What decks are you running? i really want to see a lot more of my kaleos brothers on ladder and its sadly just not happening :frowning:

i just hope kaleos doesn’t get caught up too deep in the nerf crossfire later with all this reva hate…


Hello, mister kaleos user \o Now, I’m a fan of Kaleos myself, maybe not a more spell-heavy version like yours could be, but more of a Hamon, Onyx kinda thing (I’m also a horrible songhai deck builder >w<). I really like it, since it’s a really heavy hitting and rewarding play style if played correctly (I still haven’t recovered from the time I got hit by a Hamon and then my opponent spawned Zendo… ;w;) and lets not mention when onyx works just right. However, any archetype that benefits heavily from kaleos doesn’t match the consistency and effectiveness Reva can do, leaving close to no incentive whatsoever to build a deck with Kaleos, thing which really bothers me (also the reason why no one really cares about kaleos atm). So, in my eyes, don’t worry friend, Kaleos centered decks will probably not suffer at all. Maybe some changes to spellhai (the archetype as a whole) may have some hit on the spells Kaleos likes using (Jux and Saberspine -which has already had a hit- are good examples), but over all, I think Kaleos might be getting some more stuff to compete with our friendly female dragon-human thing :smiley:

As for the patch itself… I’m having fun with my good old Keeper Vaath, now that Kron doesn’t hard counter my OSfrog ass :stuck_out_tongue:


This patch buffed my Kaleos because Kron dies easier.


Haven’t played too much since the patch. I did manage to get two games in with my Kaleos Zoo deck but I don’t think the saberspine nerf hurt it too badly.


Kaleos fans of the world, unite!

I’ve run a few games post-patch with an Onyx Jag/Hamon deck. Overall I think the nerfs to Kron and Zen’Rui were a net gain for Kaleos, but since they also helped Reva we’re still overshadowed. Hopefully the next expansion will add more cards that care about movement - even if the style isn’t the strongest in the game, it’s one I enjoy the most!


I don’t really get why you’re playing Kaleos over Reva for this kind of deck. Outside of Katara and Chakri, which make up exactly 4 cards, theres nothing than you really need to be using your BBS on. Reva lets you keep board pressure while being a spellcaster.


dangghool, you are still here?! its good to see you didn’t leave when they introducted 1-draw :slight_smile:

I’m still playing this Arcanyst Songhai deck -

Although I have swapped out the 2x Jaxi for tusk boars. Nothing much from Shim’zar interests me for this deck…


for fun and sentimental value :slight_smile:


I’ve been looking for a arcanyst deck :smiley: thanks for sharing! good to see you too


yeah i think i lost to you and that keeper vaath once… i still have nightmares of chain-summoned makantors…


Ehh Grandmaster Zendo here aka resident Kaleos one trick pony XD.

patch changed my list since it ran Kron but overall I’m still running strong :smiley:


I like to play Jaguar-backstab. Tho win rate is nothing to brag about.


Don’t have any issue with Onyx Bear Seal versus “buffing” generals ?

I really don’t like this removal and considering a good portion of the meta is Reva-with-3xKilling-Edge … I’m really struggling in using it, 3 times out of 4, it’s ending with a buffed 4/4 (or 8/6) attacking me with … retaliation issues to get rid of it :frowning: