Dear developer : Readjust Holly Immolation!


This card is really too forceful. Please readjust this card or limit them I don’t know. Holy Immolation RETURNS THE COURSE OF A BATTLE ON ITS OWN FOR ONLY 4 MANA !!!?!!! AND WE CAN HAVE 3 HOLLY IMMOLATION IN HIS DECK !!!?!!!
Ok every faction has killer card but OblIterate cost 8 , Circle of dessication 8, Makantor warbeast 6, … … and for me all these cards are even less strong than Holly Immolation !?! Please readjust this card or limit it to only one copy per deck I don’t know. Thx :kissing_heart:


The card is very strong but every faction has their own OP cards so it doesn’t really end up being unbalanced. It fits the Lyonar theme of needing a body on board beforehand(Bloodtear Alchemist and Slo get around this) so it is important to prioritize clearing the board. Make sure that you play around it as soon as your opponent has the ability to cast it. 4 Mana cast is possible with Slo, 5 with Bloodtear, and turn 6 they can use any 2 drop and cast it.

The card generates a ton of value, like 80% of the time the heal isn’t even cared about and it is still one of the best cards. Just play around it and it is less impactful.


One of my posts from a little while back seems appropriate here.

It’s a really strong card but the general consensus is that it isn’t over the top. Please let us know if you’d appreciate some advice on how to manage its impact.


why not 3 damage ? like frostburn or grasp of agony. bone swarm deal only 2 damage for 2 mana, it’s ok. but aspect of the mountains was too strong too i think, even if it cost 6.


I’m fine with people complaining about cards, and holy immo is certainly a strong card worth complaining about. But at least put some effort in your thread and name the reasons why you think it’s strong other than “IT CAN CHANGE THE COURSE OF THE GAME AND WE CAN HAVE 3 OF THEM IN OUR DEEEECK WOOOW”. Also consider making your own suggestions about how to fix the card (no, I don’t count limiting the number of them per deck as a viable option for obvious reasons).


Everytime i see one of this “Nerf Immo” threats i want to shoot myself with a 25 attack Ion battle pet (They can’t attack friendlies sadly, but I’m sure he is dumb enough to do so).

First off, immo is not the problem and I don’t want it change, at least for now. Immo, pre-shimzar, was not a 4 mana play. In fact, it was rarely even a 5 mana play. You want to know why? Because the strategy against them remained the same, remove their board ASAP so they can’t immo unless they waste mana to spawn a minion before hand. Therefor, most of the time it was just another 6 mana play, like makantor (leaves a body yada blah blah). However, with the inclusion of dear Slo, sh*t started to go down. Slo allows what you are saying right there, 4 mana immos, and what’s worse, a minion that block completely your movement, meaning not only do you get your board rekt (if you tell me a way to efficiently play around a T2 immo, I’ll show you a way to not get peakaboo’d by a revenant coming off of Reaper of nine moos) you have your movement blocked by a 0 mana 1/4 provoke. Hooray, balance!

Second, until they add a god damn win con to lyonar which is not “Oh look, DB on a 10 hp minion, you are dead. 10/10 Skill, topkek, such much lolz”, I’m okay by getting faced down by an 8 mana combo with tiger+holy immo.

I’ll probably add more as time goes on. But thats my view. Have a good day, persons \o


Restore 4 health to a friendly damaged minion.
Deal 4 damages to minions and Generals around it.

+ “damaged”
- “enemy”


I like your suggestion @nwardezir but will add my own.

Remove the ability to hit generals. Still an amazing control tool but doesn’t also kill the opponent in the process.


That are the key words right there. General consensus is that its a staple card and very strong but balanced in the current situation.


Usually in these types of threads, I try to provide answers to “play around” or “deal with” whatever card is being complained about. But those are usually talking about a minion, which sits on the board, allowing for you to play an answer. When it comes to spells, there is not a reliable way to respond to them.

Of those that affect spells which deal damage, I can only think of 3, and all 3 are mediocre at best.

  • Keshrai Fanblade (Songhai)
    A Single turn reprieve of pushing the opponents spells up 2 cost makes holy immolation cost 6 instead of 4. But for a single turn only. It might be enough, and could be used the turn before you have a lethal blow, but its situational at best.

  • Archon Spellbinder
    The cost of this minion is just prohibitive here. By the time you play it, the game is already in a state where its meager effect of making spells cost 1 extra is non impactful. The high crystal cost of this minion (6 cost 7/7) prevents it from being useful. Had it been more aggressively costed (say a 3 cost 2/4, or a 3 cost 3/3) it would be a more reliable counter-card.

  • Prophet of the White Palm
    I have been using this in my Magmar deck, but in practice the issue is less the crystal cost, as it is the effectiveness of the card slot. spending an entire slot to delay damage for a single turn has been generally underwhelming. I think I need to playtest it more, but since its body is negligible, you have to think of it more as a spell, than a minion.

Which leads me to agree with @nwardezir or @specialsheep ; But we should look at the proposed changes, and their potential implications. In the end, the more “fair” the developers make the standout cards, the more board positioning will matter.

Having it require a damaged minion prevents it from being played on a newly summoned 0 or 1 cost minion, which would prevent it from being such a “surprise board swing” for the newer players who aren’t as good at positioning their armies. [Diagonal Line formation with 3 units allows only 2 to get hit.] I do fear that it would cause a “win more” situation. Where if you have a decent minion on the board they cant deal with, this card would maintain your advantage, and push the game into an unwinnable position for your opponent. (similar to what it does now). While removing the cards functionality of allowing a Lyonar player to “get back into the game”, after being swarmed by a bunch of 3 or 4 health minions, having lost the early game crystal fight.

Personally, I like the second option proposed better. If it just to dealt damage to minions only, it would still provide a good board clear, but it wouldn’t feel like such an unwinnable position to those on the receiving end. If the lyonar gets ahead on board, with holy immolation, not only do they maintain their board position, but they can burst you down with that holy immolation + minion attacks (healing up their unit that attacked your general, while dealing an extra 4 damage, plus clearing your minions.). Restricting the damage to just minions, would allow the enemy general an extra turn to draw an answer, and escape from the dire situation. While still maintaining the spell as a strong answer to swarms, punishing bad minion positioning.

Alternatively, instead of changing the spell itself, printing a minion that can “protect” another minion from spell damage would allow for some counter-play against this type of effect.

For example: 3 cost, 1/5, prevent all spell damage to the minion or general in front of this one. – makes for a simple spell protector, where positioning will govern the gameplay.


I’m biased af, but as far as I’m concerned they could remove this thing from the game altogether… And while on that, they could get rid of Argeon too and this endless pit of boredom that is the Lyonar meta.
I almost miss the Reva days…
Now seriously, I think the best we can ask from CPG is riddance of Immo + Slo; if they simply reworked the latter so that Lyonar needs to be atleast at 5 mana to Immolate from an empty board it would already be a win in my book. I already lost hope they’ll ever get rid of the 4 face damage…


The one thing about the card that has always irked me a little is that it doesn’t require a damaged minion to use. And more than a few of the less prestigious players like myself have been on the receiving end of the SLO+IMO combo. Can it be survived… yes it can, is it a game altering swing for Lyonar… pretty much every time.

The real pain normally isn’t the first one either. Its the second one that comes the turn after they basically wiped you out and your trying to recover and they just smack down another at which point your hand is probably exhausted, your down 8-12 life and have 0 board. I’m not part of the crowd rallying to see it changed but I completely understand why people complain about it being “too good” or “OP”.


Too weak. If you say damaged minion you have no choice where you want to exactly aoe. Which is very inconvenient and my see no play at all.

This card should be compared to “Aspects of the mountain”. Remind : 6 mana change minion to 5/5 and deal 5 damage to ‘ennemy minions’ around it.

Better to say:

Restore 4 health to a friendly minion.Deal 4 damages to minions around it.

the fact that it deals damage to Generals make it op. Else it’s an ok card.


I’ll support this thread because:

Cryogenesis was nerfed. Cryo was about 1/10th as good as Himmo. (okay exaggeration, but, IMO Himmo is the strongest spell in game, always has been, and it’s better than Cryo was pre-nerf).

Lyonar does have a problem with becoming kinda boring, both to play as or against. Himmo & DB just decide too many games, the rest of my deck feels pretty irrelevant in comparison.

Also, Himmo is an auto-include on the level of old lantern fox, so nerf is fair game.


Yes, that was exactly the point, because it’s not only an AoE, it’s also a solid heal.
If we want to consider it mainky as an AoE, let’s remove the healing part :wink:


İ remeber when i used it for the first few times, i was new in the game…i thought exactly this: That it deals damage only when you heal one of your damaged minios at the same time. So i used it that way:slight_smile:i was truly surprised when one Opponent ripped me apart with Holyimmo and UNDAMAGED minions…was a nice game…İ had never tried it out that way…İ clearly missread the Cardtext but it was Logical to me…Change it that way would be fine…would stay strong but not so f…unlogical and annoying…A nice heal that offers the possibility to cause damage…İF you heal something…


Ooooh, would be fun indeed to have something like :
Heal targeted minion to full health and deal healed amount in damage to minions around it :laughing:


Ooooh, would be fun indeed to have something like :
Heal targeted minion to full health and deal healed amount in damage to minions around it :laughing:
LOL…We finally found the solution :wink:


Absolutely, completely, wholeheartedly agree.

I’ve been waving my ‘please change holy immo’ banner since forever. It’s not about nerfing, but tweaking the interaction it currently has.


i think this card must work only when minion is healed