Dealing with Magmar


Ok, I’m seriously getting frustrated. I cannot for the life of me beat Magmar. I feel like they have great minions, great control; they seem completely overloaded and I just get pissed off everytime dealing with them.

I have no idea what I’m doing wrong or what to do.


So what faction are you playing? Are you playin to avoid their plays (makantor, egg morph, etc)? Are you making optimal plays? Give us some examples of what you’re facing and we can help, but it is undeniable that magmar is an extremely strong faction as is now.
Edit: oh and btw they do have great minions, control, and damage


I was wondering why this OP sounded so familiar. Then I remembered :stuck_out_tongue:


You ever find a solution for yourself?


Nope, I just kinda suck it up and deal with it


Simultaneously lifted and dropped my spirits. I’m impressed.


Thank you :smiley:

It feels that much more satisfying to utterly destroy one, not gonna lie


You never answered @mmf . In order to help out we need to know what faction you plan on running so you can deal with magmar


I would LIKE to play a backstab deck, but at the moment I’m using what I have with Lyonar to (attempt to) deal with it.


“If you can’t beat them, join them”

Just play Magmar too :wink:


What type of Magmar decks are you struggling most?
The control solo Vaath type? The super spikes, gaze, aggro type?
Mech? :stuck_out_tongue:
Or just all?


Vaath is super strong in Gauntlet now :smiley: can easily earn 7 wins w not much effort


As someone who’s played a good deal of Magmar, I’d recommend Night Watcher if you can get one. It is guaranteed to make Rush minions cry or your spirit back! Rush-spam Magmar is what I’ve seen the most of lately, which is why I suggested that.

I think you have the right idea to run a Backstab deck if you hate green lizards. Keep threats out of reach because Magmar usually has to use Rush to get to far-off minions (this is a reason why Nightwatcher would be handy aside from avoiding face damage), then using Mist Dragon Seal, Juxtaposition if you have it, and Blink if using Kaleos to cut the distance and get in heavy hits.

Understand that Magmar must choose between healing and placing threats in a single turn. They cannot do both due to the cost of Earth Sphere. And lastly, Hamon Bladeseeker. Big. Scary. Only removal is Thumping Wave if placed far away which Magmar wants for damage. I know I suggested a lot of epics, so I’m not sure if you can craft them all at the moment.


The most effective way to deal with Magmar is to complain about them on the forums with the knowledge that they will be hit by a nerf next patch. This will help with the frustration, since the frustrating cards will most likely be nerfed really soon.

After that, what decks do you play? What rank are you? High tier Magmar decks rarely run no hard removal outside of thumping wave, so answer or die is a good way to deal with them. Against mid range Vaath, anything hard to kill with damage works well. Things like Spellhai, Obelisk Vet (most of them do not run plasma storm at higher ranks), and Lyonar can play threats that are hard for Vaath to smack. Against Aggro Starhorn, other Aggro decks work really well. Spellhai, Obelisk Vet, and Tempo Lyonar can all out-speed it.

As for general tips, play around Makantor when near 6 mana. Position in an oblique line and try to prevent Makantor Value. Try to get the Magmar’s health low in the earlygame. Vaath needs it to gain value from BBS and Starhorn uses a lot of self hard cards as well. Remember that Vaath’s BBS can be dispelled, so sunbloom, ephemeral shroud, and chromatic cold can shut it down. Entropic Gaze is absurd. The best way to play around it is to complain about it and hope the Developers slam it with the nerf hammer.


Just broke into 13, but climbing at the moment with a scrub deck. I enjoy Songhai but after being fed up (and a daily) made a very effective 3k spirit Lyonar deck. I made it specifically to deal with obnoxious Abyssian and Magmar; only issue, it’s still a royal pain dealing with Magmar.


run more provoke minions like the 3/6 shieldmaster. It breaks the flow of magmar and more often than not, takes 2 attacks to kill. Also can’t be killed by elucidator so it might buy you a turn if the mag opponent is already trying to end the game :smiley:


Faster decks with scintilla and lightbenders seems to be the way to go for Lyonar against Vaath at higher ranks, at my rank though it’s hard to know what you’ll be up against as Magmar are so versatile now. I feel like greedier Lyonar decks will just get punished with natural selection/thumping wave.

I play Sajj and I generally only beat Magmar by baiting them into going ham and then hitting them with surprise Nosh-Rak lethal.


Actually, Songhai has the best matchup against Magmar. What’s Songhai’s biggest weakness? They run out of cards quickly. What does half of Magmar do? Draw both players cards. What does Songhai do best? Out of hand lethal. Magmar often hurts themselves, so you can get lethal even earlier with your higher odds of drawing combos thanks to their draw mechanics. Stick with Songhai, get better cards, win games. EZ.


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