Deal with basilisk as midrange-kaleos?


You have to rush down vanar before they get to ghost seraphim-flawless
But how do i deal with them if i they play a early sentinel?Its 99% of the time basilisk yet i cant outplay it effectively (still saying that all sentinels should be 1/1 in their defeault form to be killable in all sorts of ways)…
If i dont cast spells i lose too much tempo
If i cast spells i risk a sister-otk
So how to deal with it without losing recources?


OBS early, Painter later.


MDS Katara backstab also works. I am running Ephemeral Shroud as a 2 off in my deck to deal with stuff like that. Tigers could also be an addition i guess. Or just hold on to your spells and try to get board presence and eventually clean him with minions/your general.


I’d say tiger is your best bet, then obs, I also used to run couple of 5 mana 4/6 deal 3 damage to anybody in front of this. (cant think of the name😃) in my Kaleos deck.


Dispel or even paragon

You could even shunt it off into a corner using juxta and hope they don’t have a hearth sister


Wild tahr early used to work for me. Then again, I don’t run into a lot of wall vanar for some reason :zipper_mouth_face:


Don’t forget Dancing Blades, it’s excellent against sentinels and a good card in general


I think it needs to be mentioned how the dispel should be -after- the sentinel transforms. the sentinel effect (sometimes?) doesn’t dispel.


This is only true pre transformation, as you cannot dispel a sentinel in it’s base form.


exactlyyyy. and that makes no sense to me since it’s an effect :frowning:


Sentinel works more as a tribe than as an effect. But it isn’t a tribe otherwise Ghoulie would be a sentinel too :slight_smile:


Arclyte Sentinel is weird then, because it’s in its true form right from the start. :stuck_out_tongue:


Nah it’s not, its just that nobody found out how to awaken it’s real form yet :sunglasses:


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