DE and/for neutral crafting (newbie help)


i’ve been in this game for around 2 weeks. lately i feel annoyed because the cards that i got from spirit orbs mostly i rarely use. and today i DE some cards then crafted some rares to get neutral sister.
here the legendary cards that i want to DE but still not sure yet
*7 E’XUN (1)
*6 ZEN’RUI (1)
*4 UN’SEVEN (1)
*4 SPHYNX (1)

  • –> mana cost

my best deck right now is Vet deck because i have obelysk and pyromancer for early game and 1 aymarahealer for late game. the second deck i mostly use is lyonar, bcoz i got 2 holy immolation (icrafted 1), 2 ironcliffe guardians and 2 azurite lions (icrafted 1).
i wanna try songhai and magmar but i feel lacking and *1,2 cards (early cards).

my questions are, what cards that i should craft? hopefully neutral but any faction is ok (even legendary, i will DE lots of my cards later lol)
and which legendary that i probably won’t mind to DE?


You don’t need more than 3 copies of single card.
Don’t think i ever saw exun played in 4 months, might disenchant all 7 of them if you need spirit.


I think the person is referencing the mana cost.


i was so axcited at first when i got exun. forcefield and drawcard. but in game, haha it’s like just standing and move. maybe exun will be in my list.


I can inform you that it’s widely accepted to DE Alter Rexx and Sphynx (I personally haven’t, but that’s my choice).

You’ve been playing for 2 weeks means you’re new. Things change, cards get buffed/nerfed. If you’re this new, personally, I recommend keeping as much as possible, as you never know what interests you may find yourself drifted towards in the future.

Another suggestion is that I like to DE prismatics over non, as you get essentially full value.

If you really want to DE:
-Alter Rex

Next set after if still wanting to:
-Quartermaster Gauj

Next set after that:
-Lady Locke


NOTE: Get a 2nd and higher level player’s opinion. I am gold and only been around for 3 months, but I can assure you of the first 2 and the 2 keepers. Past the 1st two, I highly consider being patient with exception to prismatics (which if you do, probably look to DE a legendary to craft a legendary).


FYI: Once you DE, consider which factions interest you the most and ask people who know that faction as to what are core/staple/important cards for that faction that will help significantly.


im still at silver and wont go higher till couple days before end season. i asked some people in my friendlist and got some ideas. but still, to craft a legendary/epic costs a lot. i wanna focus on Lyonar and songhai, but still long way to go.


Woooah sparky. Lady Locke is actually a legit card. Definitely more legit than Unseven- and so are Zen’Rui and Gauj.

I’ve DE’d like 5 E’Xuns. It’s just outclassed by Ruby Rifter, Sojourner, Spelljammer. Definitely dust it. Hold onto Lockes, Zen’Rui and Sarlac (if you’re into that kindof thing.) Zen’Rui and Locke are solid tech because Zen’Rui just straight up lets you create tempo reversals, Locke lets you spam provoke guys to put the opponent behind by a turn or more, and Sarlac is the king of silly plays. Unseven is cool for some meme-ish decks in Vet or Abyssian- but never expect it to really get much value, since it has a huge target on it’s head. It’s sortof just a cool thing to play to bait dispels and morphs.

Dioltas is probably the safest craft. But generally check out this youtube channel and pay attention to the neutrals that people are playing. Primus Fist, Dancing Blades, Sojourner etc. are all super worth crafting. I’d also put Blistering Skorn somewhere at the top of my “early crafting” list.


This is why I put my note for a 2nd opinion :wink: (to be fair, i was 1 tier off :stuck_out_tongue:)

If you’re doing Lyonar, the only one I ever hear of as a “must buy” is Holy Immolation. Ironcliffe guardian is also solid. I don’t know much on Lyonar except how to get beaten by them haha.

As for Songhai, if you are talking about backstab, you need Mist Dragon Seals. Don’t get Shadow Waltz (it’s a noob trap).

Since it’s topical, have fun looking at what others like myself have goofed on. Fun read.


Pretty bad:
exun, alter rex
Bad but might be useful sometime in future, maybe:
Sphinx, quartermaster gauj
Situationally usefull:
Scarlac - cassiva deck maybe(?) Not used in this patch.
Lady lock - kara (?)
Unseven - sajj, optional. Maybe casisva or something as well.
Zenrui - used to be good but now mostly useless, maybe if they buff it sometime it could be good.

3 holly immolation - core
3 dioltas - optional
3 arclight regalia - optional/good
2 circle of life - situational good if you play heal deck needed.
3 ironcliff guardian - optional/good

3 falcius - core
3 pax - good
3 aymara - core

3 makantor warbeast - core
Everything else situational i guess. Depends on your play style

Primus fist, dancing blades, sojourner, spelljammer


i have 1 dioltas. i think i’ll put it in my deck now haha. i did use zen’rui in my vet deck, buy reducing enemy attak to 0 then steal it haha. but cant depend much on that combo so i dont use it now. about locke, still not using it because not abys user (yet) and expecet 3 mana then some for other minions (so dependable, wont risk the tempo).i think ill get dancing blades, wating it comes but still not yet.


You don’t need Blindscorch to play Zen’Rui. Often just taking a Bloodtear, L’Kian, Snowchaser, Slo etc. is good enough since the kind of decks that you play Zen’Rui to punish run low on cards by the time you push out ye olde Blightspawned. It just gives a raw material advantage that creates upsets.

Ofcourse it was better as a 5 drop, which is why it was nerfed lol. But Zen is still very good- it’s baseline play is till super serviceable, and right now, the number of nut-plays you get with it out of forcing your opponent to over-commit is relevant. As far as tech goes, it’s one you want to have. Locke just sortof works with any sort of minion spam. I like to play it in Zirix and Kara mostly, occasionally Lillithe if I’m feeling cheeky. It isn’t an all-star by any means, but it’s solid tech for buying time and screwing up your opponent’s positioning.

Gauj just sortof puts a clock on the opponent and trades up ridiculously well. I’m not sure it’ll ever be optimal, but it’s only bad in a situational sense. I’ve found that playing Gauj mostly involves stacking it with other “dispel this” or “chromatic this” cards- but haven’t found myself especially wanting to play it mostly because I just haven’t felt comfortable playing anything super weak to Grasp of Agony in the last couple of months.


Alter Rexx is bad so E’xun, I would disenchant them. I never used sphinx, but most people think it sucks, so do what you wish with it. Like @paralykeet said, zen’rui is worth keeping for sure. Gauj is a useable card. Sarlac is mainly for Abyssian decks, but I still kept mine even though I don’t use him for now since I main Vet. Unseven is worth keeping for later if you like memey decks. As for Lady Locke, I haven’t found her very useful in Vet decks, but she has her use in other factions (Abyssian).

Dioltas is definitely worth using.


just got another E’Xun. dont know what to say (another DE)


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