Dawn of the Duelysts S2 Finals - Tournament, Stream and Giveaway Info


It’s time for the Dawn of the Duelysts Season 2 FINALS!

The Dawn of the Duelysts finals is an invite only, single elimination, Senerai format event featuring the top 8 players from season 2! They will duke it out in best of 5 matchups for their share of our over $3,500 prize pool!

#Holy crap $3,500?
I know, right?!

Thanks to the incredible community we’ve raised the largest prize pool in Duelyst history outside of Grandmasters, and it could still grow - Just head over to our Matcherino page for this season. There’s plenty of backer rewards for sale (96% goes to the prize pool, 4% goes to fees), and everyone can donate $1 for free by clicking donate and using the code s2dawn.

#Who qualified?
This season, Sibon, Pylons, Briguy77, Shadet, Yukarin, Zezetel, Nowayitsj and Mrenderman made up our top 8.

#Where can I watch the stream?
You will be able to watch F8D and RGood on twitch starting at about 5:30pm PST.

#Will there be giveaways?
Of course there will be giveaways! For this seasons finals, we have the following up for grabs:

5 x 20 Core Orbs
2 x Duelyst Dog Tags
2 x Duelyst Penny Arcade Pins

We want to wish all of our competitors tonight luck, and hope to see as many of you as we can on twitch tonight!


Haven’t watched duelyst streams for a while actually, this might prove to be fun enough. Now just to decide who to root for…


Damn I’m not at home, hope to come back in time to see at last the final games!


In Germany it’s 2:30 in the morning. No way I can watch it… :sweat:


Our stream is now LIVE with F8D and RGood casting!