Dark transformation interaction/death wish


The Abyssain card dark transformation has an interesting mechanic where it destroyes and enemy minion summons a wraithling on now unoccupied space.

There are, however, a number of Varnar cards have a fairly similar effect. A good example is Draugar Lord. It has a dying wish that summons an Ice Drake on the space.

Which card takes precedence? The death wish happens after death, but before or after the wraithling summon?

As a further question, what if say, the enemy Draugar Lord had one health remaining, and was standing on a friendly shadow creep. The space it occupied was adjacent to a friendly blood moon priestess that had all other spaces occupied by wraithlings? What would be summoned on the Draugar Lords space when I ended my turn? Would the resulting Ice drake take damage from the shadow creep? Would it be summoned at all?


When you cast dark transformation, the wraithling will block the ice drake spawn. I’m not certain about the priestess case, but I think the wraithling would summon, since dying wish triggers after the minion dies. T2K5 made a script (search the forum) that enables sandbox mode, you could test things like this there.


No clue on the priestess case either. Whatever does get summoned though should be unaffected by shadow creep since shadow creep should only activate and hurt once on the end of your turn.


Not sure about this. Dark transformation is a transform spell which negates the effect of dying wish cards from triggering. So for your question the answer should be a wraithling will remain in the tile because Draugar Lord’s effect isn’t triggered.


It doesn’t negate dying wishes. It just negates those that are 'summon sth. on this space, because the dark transformation effect of spawning a wraithling is resolved first.


But a transformed aymara doesn’t trigger the death wish right?


I am pretty sure that Transofmration triggers aymara.
It is named transformation but isn’t one. It says destroy and then summon.


Dark Transformation is NOT a transformation spell, it is a kill & summon an 1/1 on that tile spell.


I always thought that it cleanly removes my aymara. Have to test it out later.


Oh and as far as the Bloodmon Priestess question goes: I have no idea how priorities like these are handled, but i’d assume that the Bloodmon Priestesses goes first, i.e. there won’t be an ice drake.
(since death watch triggers the same time a death occurs, dying wish after). Just speculation though.


If I remember correctly, dark transformation USED to count as a transform spell. Now however it doesn’t so it will trigger Aymara, and other dying wish


Oh and btw. if you suicide a dying wish minion into anther one (e.g. dioltas into allomancer) it seems to be a 50/50 whos spawn comes through (assuming the allomancer is near the dioltas’ general, yes that can happen even if there are other spaces for tombstone to spawn). I might remember this slightly wrong, i just know that it happened to me once or twice while playing Vetruvian, that Pax or Allomancer either got fucked up by another Pax/dioltas/allomancer/whatever or fucked the other card up.

Could also depend on who attacks/counterattacks though.

Long story short: spawns can potentially override each other. Make sure that you avoid this.


It doesn’t. It definitely triggers Aymara.


So the order goes Deathwatch > Death Wish because deathwatch triggers as the minion is destroyed, where as Deathwish triggers after the minion is destroyed. That clears that up.

In regards to what Cassador is saying, about two death wish minions destroying each other, is there a priority? Or is it random? Sounds like something that can be niche but important to play around if it can be understood.


The counterattacking minion triggers first, because it dies first.


And you can happily combine Abyssal Scar (Cassy BBS) with Dark Transformation.
BBS first, then Transformation, and you have a fresh wraithling standing on a new shadow creep :wink: