Dark Transformation - A Misnomer


I’d trade both Deathmark and Choking Tendrils for Primal Ballast any day (maybe Tendrils could then affect enemy minions standing on Primal Flourish). Also Metamorphosis I would actually use in several of my Abyss decks, it would improve our removal options greatly.


Perhaps. But it is true that Ballast and Metamorphosis are some of Magmar’s weaker removal options. I think it’s a matter of Magmar having too effective removal in general compared to other factions. Lyonar has Martydom and Sunbloom, and I think that’s about it.


I’ve been wanting this change for a while. Instead of killing the minion and spitting out a friendly wraithling on the space, DT should just turn the target into a friendly wraithling. It probably still wouldn’t see play outside of Maehv, but it might give her a little bit of a shot in the arm. Might even get thrown in as a one-of in Lili and Cassy’s decks.

Edit: And yes, I’d base this change on the name alone. It flat-out states that it does something which it doesn’t do. I wouldn’t have the slightest problem with the name if transforming enemies into things as a form of removal wasn’t a thing in this game, but it is a thing, so the one removal actually called transformation not transforming the target is annoying.


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