Dark Transformation - A Misnomer


So I’ve been tinkering with a Maehv deck for a while looking for a decent setup and have been using Dark Transformation in my trials. After taking a closer look it has come to my attention that it is not actually a transformation card like Aspects or BoA, rather it destroys then replaces the target minion with a Wraithling.

This is probably obvious to most of you but I hadn’t seen the card played in so long I had forgotten this. I then realised that Abyssian is literally the only faction without transformation-based removal or efficient dispel for cards like Aymara Healer (besides Echoing Shriek which is woefully situational and only works on 2-drops or less).

Magmar - Thumping Wave, Egg Morph.
Vetruvian - BoA.
Songhai - Bamboozle, Eternity Painter, Onyx Bear Seal.
Vanar - Aspect of the Ravager, Fox, Wyrm, Bear and Shimzar.
Lyonar - (Dispel) Sunstone Templar, Sun Bloom.

So I wanted your thoughts on this difference in loadout. Do you think Abyssian should get some decent in-house dispel or transformation or is it fine the way it is? Do you think there is any particular reason Abyssian currently lacks such tools, be it lore- or faction identity-based?

Personally I like the idea of Dark Transformation being changed to an actual transformation. It would be a worse form of BoA but it fills a significant gap in the Abyssians’ armour. It wouldn’t clash with the current removal options Abyssian has such as Ritual and Punish, which are both very efficient playstyle- and mana-wise.


Abyssian’s removal themes are strong single-target removal and soft removal, and weak AoE and no real transformation or dispel options (yeah Shrek doesn’t really count). I think this is really good, cause it helps define faction identity. However the Abyss minions are currently lacking power after all the nerfs, and I’d rather hope they improve our minion curve than add another Blood of Air thing which doesn’t belong to the faction (Siphon should be non-range restricted, but this has been discussed extensively before).


You forgot aspect of the mountain


It was never a transform.

Abyssian has a transform spell, just look at Echoing Shriek :slight_smile:


On one hand I agree that Dark transformation is a misnomer (and weak as far as abyssian removal goes), but on the other hand I do not think every faction should have access to the same tools. That said, I’m more than happy to see dark transformation do what the name would imply.


Yeah I don’t know why it works like that but it should work as a trasformation. Punish/ritual banishing would still be better but at least it would be better.


As someone that formerly played lots and lots of abyssian, it is insulting that blood to air is just a way better version of abyssian’s basic removal. I thought we were the removal faction together with Vanar. What happened?!?


Abyssian has efficient single target removal in the form of punish and ritual banishing and it even has breath of the unborn for AoE. Vetruvian has boa and nothing else


How dare you not take into measures Kinematic Horn and Lost in the Desert


Oooh oooh I want to take a stab at this really quick, and it’s something really simple (in my mind).

Abyssian as a faction wants things dead-> not transformed, not dispelled, dead. It wraps up their entire theme (Dying Wish, Deathwatch, necromancy effects etc) which isn’t supported if you’re transforming the original creature. This is probably why we see so many powerful kill effects in Abyssian (Punish, Choking Tendrils, Deathmark, Ritual Banishing etc)

Horror Burster and Echoing Shriek being the exceptions to the rule, so maybe I’m wrong? :thinking:

On a completely different note: Don’t take names as the holy grail for definitions. I know the game is originally written in English, but that doesn’t mean its inflexible (other languages may not portray “Dark Transformation” with the word “Transformation” at all!)

If we took all the spells in Duelyst to their literal interpretations… well I’d be worried that every single Vanar spell would have Stun!


You are right!
I looked back at the original one.

I guess I just felt that way since it prevented a lot of old dying wish effects, and only realized it wasn’t a transform when I tried to kill Desolator with it


Abyssian doesn’t have transform because a theme of theirs is death. Also proccing deathwatch.


Can we just make them all 2 mana and make them cantrip as well?


Echoing Shrek.
3 Mana spell
All enemy minions get outta your swamp.


The fact that you mentioned Sunstone Templar in Lyonar as a removal option is pretty questionable. If you consider even that as a solid removal tool, I suggest you start using Ephemeral Shroud and such. Obviously, every faction has its strength and weaknesses. Just look at the terrifying myriad of removal options Abyssian has. Punish, Ritual Banishing, Deathmark, Choking Tendrils, Dark Transformation, Necrotic Sphere… The list is long and hideous.


A certain group of green dinosaurs would like to have a word with you.


You must be talking about Primal Ballast, right? :upside_down_face:


Primal Ballast is the least of my salt, shall we say.


Then you must be talking about Metamorphosis!


I laugh at your innoncence, but a storm is coming, also a warbeast and a dinosaur made of lava as well as a lance made from the same beast’s skin and if you suffer these threats and yet live, natural selection will kill you anyways.

Also did I forget to mention a slimy gecko with lightning speed, tiny velociraptors, the wrath of nature incarnate making everyone hit themselves, a spell that turns anything into an egg and some dub-step that turns anything into a rabbit?.