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Dark Memes XIV: Adventures of the Devouring Fish (aka Double ramp Cass aka how to play Gate without playing Gate)

What’s the most dope turn 2 play you could think of? Dance of Memes? Fully surrounded Surgeforger? I’m sure there are a lot of good contenders out there, but here’s how you can have a chance to create a turn 2 Dagona (or technically turn 3 with pseudo-rush):

Step 1: Find Lurking Fear, preferably player 1. Play Lurking Fear.
Step 2: Your Unseven now costs 3. Find Unseven. Also find Dagona, although Vorpal Reaver and Klaxon are fine too.
Step 3: Play Unseven. Seduce your opponent to kill your Unseven with clever positioning. Don’t spam emotes until the magic happens. Luckily many players are more than happy to kill anything on the board that’s not theirs, so more often than you’d imagine you will succeed.
Step 4: You have now a Dagona ready to be utilized for turn 3 fishy fishiness.
Between Nether Summoning, Keeper and the Releaser you have 9 cards to bring your destroyed Dagonas back to life. Now you basically have an active Gate to the Undervault (or Fishvault?) without needing to build a single thing. Repeat for maximal memes.

Ok the dream scenario of turn 2/3 Dagona happened only once (wish I had made a screenshot of that!), but the deck is surprisingly effective in its plan. Turn 3 Vorpals/Klaxons happened more than enough, which is quite silly. This deck is a continuation to Dark Memes XI: Keeper of the Non-Seventh Fear, but the focus is totally on ramping and resummoning the beefiest of beefs instead of swarming the board. Cass was a natural choice with the best removal suite among Abyss generals.

While Dagonas are of course what makes the deck beautiful, Vorpals and Klaxons are the real power plays of the deck. A single Vorpal that pops out of the Releaser or Unseven destroyed by your opponent can easily create 12 face damage, while Klaxons really give a lot of pain to aggro/face decks with their provoke. Unseven and Keeper help to position those beefs in optimally annoying places and makes the bodyblocking plan in the late game quite consistent.

Another beautiful feature of the deck is that it punishes careless plays. Besides the already mentioned Unseven removal baiting, consider the following scenario:

You have a Releaser equipped in the lategame. You proceed to play Klaxon on curve in the p2 opponent’s face. Now, what’s the best out your opponent could possibly have on this situation? What do you play on 7 mana? Yep, EMP. Wrong. Klaxon gets dispelled and a beefy robot enters play, but the Releaser is destroyed as well, summoning a Vorpal Reaver next to your general, quite undispelled and ready to celerity the opponent into oblivion.

Remember to save your Void Pulses and Spectral Blades for the more aggressive opponents, and always leave 1 wraithling (if available) to the corner for Vellumscry use. There’s still some days to test this out for all of you who easily have all the 18 legendary cards used in the deck!

Winrate? 12-8 (60%). In Diamond. Yeah, go figure :snowchaser:


Have a like just for getting actual value out of the freaking releaser. Well done, sir.


Thanks! Yeah not always the easiest task heh

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looooooool dope list btw


I played against this boy on ladder and it surely is annoying. Good job, @miguelosz!


I dont understand the Dagona. Is it just meant to be a t3 8/8?

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Magmar has it a lot easier with Golem Metallurgist into Flash Dragonbone Golem…


Yes t3 8/8, and t4, t5, t6… You get the idea. But yeah, Vorpal is often the best choice, or Klax if you need the provoke. Devour counters Emp though, and 6 targets is not quite enough for Unseven. All in all it’s actually pretty good in this deck.

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Holymoly 15 likes :smiley: that’s easily the most I’ve ever had for my deck. Thanks guys!

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oh wow i should try this ou-
sweet blinglord


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