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Dark Memes XIII: Tribal Festivities (with all-neutral minions!)

Alright, here’s another Dark Memes fer al u! I’m so funny I know

Anyone remember Rift Mode? The awesome but a bit too short-lived mode where you could build your cross-faction dream deck with cool salt-inducing combos? I for one miss the mode and my mega-dying wish deck which I never had time to build there…

What’s the next best thing, then? Play cross-faction cards on the Ladder, of course! This time we’ve got a deck with only neutral minions, so the concept can relatively easily be implemented for the general of your choice. Let’s see:

With Z0r, Blue Conjurer, Grincher and Grimes, we’ve got a total of 12 cards that give us cross-faction thingies, so you too can pull a surprise Death Knell, Calligrapher, Juggernaut, pre-built Gates and Ironcliffe Monuments, 2-mana Regalias and 1-mana Soul Grimwars regardless of the faction you play. Shout outs to Rawr (Does he even pull cross-faction pets? Kinda sad that I can’t even remember) and Khymera who didn’t make the cut, also Z0r is crap yes but it’s a 2-drop so doesn’t matter too much

Azure Herald, Sun Seer and Void Pulse provide much needed healing, we’ve got a maximum amount of dispel with Lightbender and EMP, Celebrant for some ramp, then some removal, and last but definitely not least we’ve got our burny boi Feralu who benefits almost all the minions in the deck. That +1/+1 can be surprisingly handy in many situations.

Deck plays quite differently each game (Sherlock!) so it’s hard to give exact game plans, but against burn decks we want to keep our healing cards, against Vet we want to summon minions near Cass to prevent Losts (with 6 dispel-cards Thorn isn’t so big a problem) and in general we want our curve out mid-game summoning threats each turn like Grincher - Blue Conjurer+bbs/Grimes - EMP.

Winrates were 7-3 Diamond last season, then 4-1 in Silver and 1-4 in Gold this season (so altogether 12-8 with a 60% winrate).


Where`s my Soburo???

Just one question.

Why Cass?

TBH, you should be running the 3/2 mech for extra Mechaz0r!s.

Well, Punish is better than Ritual :stuck_out_tongue: and swarm cards don’t really fit in the deck if wraithlings were a tribe though…


You can easily swap Z0r for Operant, I just run him for the Rift mode theme

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Or azure herald as he doesn’t have a tribe.

True, although I’ve found the healing to be pretty crucial

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Bruh that’s some next level thinking. He’s not even a tribal minion right?

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No, that is vs you, because every minion is neutral lel


No, I mean… Why Abyss at all?

'cause it’s what I do?

I think Lure, Punish and Void Pulse are a pretty good package, we need cheap spells for curve and Conjurers

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3 mana 2/4 deathdouch is not a good card.

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