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Dark Memes XII: Arch Memesis (aka an epic journey in the realms of Playability)


DId you mean, “Danking Blades”


It’s not enough of a meme to be called that, the most memey thing is people taking the piss of the church of blades that was started by me a few months ago.


Memesis finally arrives to the place of his Grand Battle. But alas, there is no one there! “What is this, where did everyone disappear! Where is Frostfire mode!?” he shouts. No response is heard.

Memesis does not realize, that being a 7-drop, he was simply too slow to truly succeed in Playability. Memesis returns to the Memevault with his crew. Will we ever hear from him again? Only time will tell…


The sadness ! Frostfire is gone too soon. Or was it Memesis that arrived too late?


I think both are to be blamed here :-/

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