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Dark Memes X: To the Memevault!


Alright, it’s the tenth edition of Dark Memes already! Thank you for checking out my things so far.

This time we’re going for a trip to the Memevault, where the buildings are many, heals are plentiful, and badly tuned Gold-rank aggro-burn decks’ nightmares are born:

(also notice how it’s under 10000 spirit = Abyssian budget list am I doing it rite?)

Gate to the Undervault-memes are not exactly rare, but this list takes the build elements to the fullest. With 11 build minions, we always have a target for Timekeeper, although it’s usually best to save it for Gate. Turn 2 Gate is fine (either as player 2 or through Darkfire Sacrifice ramp), but two consecutive Gates is just nuts.

Cards we always want to hold on to: Gates (duh), Timekeeper (keep 1 even if Gate hasn’t showed up, replace the extra copies). Timekeeper should ALWAYS be played when Gate is at build (1), to not lose value. Once Gate is down, you just basically hide behind it and wait for the game to end.

Cards that protect Gate: Breath of the Unborn for full heal+aoe (really good with all the build cards). Void Talon and Thunderhorn for early zone control. In the best case your enemy steps behind after a p2t1 Talon. Ritual to clear beefy minions.

Cards to protect your general: Pretty much everything else. The deck has tons of healing as you can see, to actually get to the point when trip to the Memevault can begin. It also has the added effect of often outhealing the more aggressive face decks (besides the Mentor-Burn Faie variant which is just too effective sadly). Ah, that satisfaction when Burn loses steam. Actually about 50% of my wins were due to Gate and 50% due to infinite healing/Desolator-swag.

EMP is great in build lists, since buildings don’t give a darn about dispel. Gate+heal on 6 and EMP on 7 mana is a strong play.

Architect-T2K5 is a funky card which is honestly not very good, but works nicely as a body-block with draw and small pseudo-rush minion in the list. This is probably one of the only decks which would want to use the card though.

With 11/20 (55% winrate) in Gold, the deck is playable enough to occasionally bury your opponents in a stream of dankness and heals. And remember, when Klaxon rotates this could be the only way how you’ll summon him in ladder :stuck_out_tongue: Incoming Gate+Obliterate+new creep support memes?

Rate my xor'xuul deck and suggest change please
The Purification Crusade

Rememebered that Obliterate will of course also rotate out. I’m stupid :smiley: anyway there’s gotta be some cool way incoming to use the Klaxons summoned from a Gate. I hope they don’t remove him from Gate’s minion pool.



If void sticks and will go face give it a reflection and dude becomes 11/1.


That’s really good for an aggro deck, but this is definitely not one. Even if you manage to hit face for 11, you are so far behind on board that the last 14 damage will be almost impossible to create if your opponent is playing sensibly at all.

The reasons to play Talon in this deck are in order of importance zone control, diversion, bodyblock and rush with Timekeeper. Nothing more, nothing less :upside_down_face:


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