Dark Memes V: Healiax/Healdown


This time it’s two memes for the price of one! The premise of the deck is very simple: heal so much that either you or your opponent vomits, and put your big late-game threat to the table when the time is right.

The deck started as a Variax deck:

After some testing, I quickly realized that a) it’s darn hard to get to utilize Variax and b) man Aphotic Drain sucks (tells something about a card that in a most niche list there could be it’s still useless pretty much every time)

So, I switched Variax to Meltdown and added some Cryptographers for consistency.

Lo and behold, the Healdown:

To my disappointment, the Meltdown version has the same 50% winrate in gold as the Variax one (8 wins out of 16 for both. Yes I really played 32 full games with these, I’m not very sane when it comes to testing memes… :P)

No real reason to do card-by-card this time, so I’ll just add some random observations:

  • Your wincons include (in an increasing order of importance) the usual Kelaino/Revenant spam, Meltdowning the opponent to oblivion, multiple RNGsus miracles, and the opponent conceding due to the sweet’n’simple frustration.

  • It’s not rare that you waste more heals during a game than actually do damage to your enemy. Planning ahead helps though!

  • Faie is a pretty tough opponent, I wonder why that is :open_mouth: #sarcasm

  • Healyonar could obviously be an absolute nightmare to play against, but against the 4-5 Zir’An I played only 1 actually used any heal-based combos? Go figure.

  • 20 minutes per game does not feel that long anymore…

  • Facing Aggromar was pretty fun, incoming instaconcedes at 7-8 mana :grin:

As usual, leave your thoughts if you like!


Its actually not to far off from the Variax Decks I ran in S rank during the bloodborn xpac, so your definitely on to something. If your going to run crypto you should also run furosa. I think this has quite a bit of potential, here are the changes I would make to make it less memey while still keeping the spirit of the deck:


Thanks, I think I’ll test that one out when I have some time! :slight_smile:


The nerfs hit the deck pretty badly lol! I still tested your version with the latest boss, I got him down to 2 health before he simply overwhelmed me :confused: He couldn’t handle my Dying Wish spam deck though, I’m still waiting for a boss that doesn’t completely lose their sh*t when a Gor or two is dropped…


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