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Dark Memes IV: Flying Wish

Intensify your meme game, as you soar through the skies in a really deadly fashion!

The fourth edition of Dark Memes highlights the good ol’ king of rng, Reaper of the 9 Moons. This card, as you all know, can turn the game around or be borderline useless, depending on whether you pull a 1 or 6 mana minion from its dying wish. The real meme in the card, however, is not the rng part, but its combination of a couple of some of the memiest keywords in Duelyst: Dying Wish and Flying. When I realized that BOTH of these mechanics can be ramped, this lead me to an inevitable conclusion…

Card by card:

Reaper of the 9 Memes: The backbone of the deck. Getting a 2- or 3-mana Reaper is pretty nice, and it can be used in many ways: bodyblock, put out of reach for a flashy play next turn, summon in the corner next to Gor of Mini-Jax etc. Try to guess what the likelihood of getting for example a ranged or high-utility minion such as Ironcliffe are, and position the card accordingly. For example, against Songhai I typically place the card far away, since I don’t want the potential Ki Beholders go to waste.

Lurking Fear: Makes the memes real. 3-mana Dioltases and 5-mana Vorpals are always pretty nice to have, especially on curve.

Gor & Jaxi: Something to give you options for t1p1 play. Not the most useful bunch of guys, but work well with Punish and Gor especially helps you get those flying minions out of the enemy reach.

Void Hunter: This deck has horrible draw, so you should most of the time play on curve when you can. Void gives you the opportunity to play two cards on one turn without losing draw.

Dioltas: Tombstone. Seriously, like half of the games I won were partly due to the slowing effect that this minion’s dying wish can have on the game. The one card that makes Lurking Fear usable in the first place.

Vorpal Reaver: A big threat on itself, and its dying wish into Kelaino gives you a way to survive for some extra turns if you can make that happen.

Skywing: A really sh*tty card to be honest. Should be played early when you have one of your other flyguys to follow, then you can try to remove some small out-of-reach stuff with it while keeping it alive for one more turn.

Wings of Paradise: Early game atk and reach, not much to be said about this card. 5 mana Skywing+Wings can be pretty ok.

Dust Wailer: Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition! Can be nice or horrible depending on the board state, that’s why it’s a 2-of only.

Shroud & Punish: The only real removal/silence options here, use with good care.

Kelaino & Revenant: Abyssian staples which help to make this horrible deck at least partially playable. You know what to do with them :slight_smile:

As always, here are the stats: 20 games in Gold with 10 wins, so the desirable 50% winrate was achieved ok enough. The deck does pretty horribly against most of Songhai which can Phoenix Fire you to oblivion. Zir’An is another tough matchup obviously, since they can turn your Kelaino against you. I have no idea if this deck is actually strong against anything, probably not. Vaath and Vets seemed to be on the easier side of things though, since Plasma Storm doesn’t work on almost half of your minions and Kelaino + the out-of-reach flying minions can be a real pain in the Vetruvian’s butt.

A dank joke for the ending (placed on some real-game experience):
What seems out of place, is golden and disappears faster than the speed of light?

Reaper of the 9 Moons into Excelsious when you’ve had Kelaino out for a couple of turns before.



Meh, Dark Memes II: Consuming Rebirth had better acting


Too bad that Consuming does not work with Rot9M :confused:


True but he died like, ten minutes into the movie anyways

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Yeah you just wish he’d stay alive, but he’s just always dying so early on… They just make those sequels on the fly, it’s so stupid.

Ok I quit now with the puns :smiley:


Hey it’s better than Dark Memes III: Blacker Solus which was a sad attempt to reintroduce the star villain of Dark Memes: Black Solus back into the franchise


What if you swapped dioltas with unseven? Dioltas feels really stalley, tbh

Also, instead of void hunter, horror burster feels like value if you get what I’m sayin

Hi, thanks for your comments! Unseven might work, although that would make it a different deck altogether. You would likely have to switch out Jax and Gor because getting them from Unseven’s dying wish would be pretty useless.

Dioltas is one of the real heros of this deck as I noted: you can’t really play too aggro with it as you are likely to run out of cards. Instead, with the help of Tombstone, you aim for the 6-7 mana turn for a tasty play with Reavers and Revenants (or something like Reaper+Dioltas at 7 mana) and try to take the game from there.

Horror Burster has anti-synergy with all of the 4+ mana minions in this deck (except Wailer), you definitely don’t want to transform your Vorpals for example as that is actually a big tempo loss. Again, can be very good but in a different kind of deck. :slight_smile:

I’m browsing your deck series at the moment and like it very much! Please, keep up the good work. Cheers))

BTW, I tried hybrid swarm/flying Lilithe with skywing and black locust (before I disenchanted both copies of it to make smth more useful). It was really fun :slight_smile:

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Cheers, comments like that mean a lot :slight_smile:

Flying Swarm with Locusts sounds really fun indeed! If your opponent doesn’t have good removal or AoE he’s pretty screwed (well that’s pretty rare, but still).

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